TD Banknorth 250 Entry List Rich With Champions
Nearly 150 Titles Are Represented on Entry List
Much has been written and said about Oxford Plains Speedway’s record number of 177 entries for the TD Banknorth 250 Presented By New England Dodge Dealers this Sunday, July 22.

When weighed together, those drivers produce what is arguably an even more amazing number.

The entrants in this year’s TD Banknorth 250 have combined for 145 series championships, track headline division championships or wins in the Oxford summer classic. Fifty of the drivers on the entry list (28.6 percent) have contributed at least one title to that incredible collection of hardware.

“I was astonished when I saw the list," said OPS owner Bill Ryan. “The stars are clearly flocking to the TD Banknorth 250 this year."

Mike Rowe of Turner contributed 14 crowns to the roundup, including TD Banknorth 250 titles in 1984, 1997 and 2005. Rowe is also a seven-time Oxford champion, a Wiscasset Raceway champion and the conqueror of three different Pro Stock touring divisions.

Holding up more than his end of the bargain is Rowe’s son, Ben, who boasts two TD Banknorth 250 triumphs among his nine elite championships.

Robbie Crouch, Jean-Paul Cyr and Brian Hoar each have scored seven top-shelf titles. Tom Fearn chips in six titles to the take, with Karl Allard, Jamie Aube, Claude Leclerc and Phil Scott owning five apiece.

The complete rundown:

Adams, Travis
2003 OPS Late Model
2006 OPS Late Model

Allard, Karl
1999 Serie ADL Tobacco
2000 Serie ADL Tobacco
2001 Serie ADL Tobacco
2001 Chicoutimi Late Model
2003 Serie ADL Tobacco

Aube, Jamie
1987 TD Banknorth 250
1988 NASCAR Busch East
1989 NASCAR Busch East
1989 TD Banknorth 250
1990 NASCAR Busch East

Avery, David
2000 PRO Truck

Baird, Ken
1995 Capital City Pro Stock

Baril, J.R.
2006 Lee USA Late Model

Bedard, Yvon
1995 QASCAR Sportsman

Bellerose, Tracie
2000 Thunder Road Late Model

Brackett, Tim
2005 OPS Pro Stock

Cahoon, Stacy
1991 Riverside Late Model
1992 Riverside Late Model
1998 Riverside Late Model
2005 White Mountain Late Model

Colby, Chuck
2005 OPS Late Model

Crouch, Robbie
1983 NASCAR North
1984 NASCAR North
1986 ACT Pro Stock
1986 Oxford Open
1987 ACT Pro Stock
1988 ACT Pro Stock
1990 ACT Pro Stock

Cyr, Jean Paul
1994 ACT Late Model
1996 ACT Late Model
1996 Am/Can Challenge
2003 ACT Late Model
2004 ACT Late Model
2005 ACT Late Model
2006 ACT Late Model

Dragon, Brent
1995 Airborne Late Model
1996 Airborne Late Model
2000 Airborne Late Model

Dufour, Ken
2006 Riverside Late Model

Fearn, Tom
3 Stafford Pro Stock titles
3 Riverside Park Pro Stock titles

Fecteau, Pete
1997 Thunder Road Late Model
2001 ACT Late Model

Fisher, Jamie
2003 Thunder Road Late Model

Geno, Zig
2004 Canaan Fair Pro Stock
2005 Canaan Fair Pro Stock

Gosselin, Mario
1993 USA Triple Crown, Volusia County Speedway
1994 USA Champion, Pensacola
1995 USAR Hooters Pro Cup
1997 USAR Hooters Pro Cup

Hoar, Brian
1993 ACT Late Model
1997 ACT Late Model
1998 ACT Late Model
1999 ACT Late Model
1999 Airborne Late Model
1999 Thunder Road Late Model
2000 ACT Late Model

Jordan, Tim
2006 Waterford Late Model

Kennington, D.J.
1995 Delaware Speedway Sportsman
1998 Quebec Sportsman Series

Labonte, Terry
1984 NASCAR Nextel Cup
1996 NASCAR Nextel Cup

Lamberton, Mark
2001 Airborne Late Model

Laquerre, Joey
1982 Vermont State Champion

Leclerc, Claude
1979 ACT Canadian
1981 ACT Canadian
1985 ACT Canadian
1986 ACT Canadian
1987 ACT Canadian

Leighton, Brad
1995 ACT Pro Stock
1999 NASCAR Busch East
2000 NASCAR Busch East

Martel, Glenn
1994 White Mountain Late Model
2004 White Mountain Late Model

Martin, Shawn
2004 OPS Late Model

Michaud, Cris
2001 Thunder Road Late Model
2004 Thunder Road Late Model
2005 Thunder Road Late Model

Munro, Stephen
1994 Capital City Late Model
1996 Capital City Late Model

Phippen, John
1999 Wiscasset Pro Stock

Potter, Randy
1987 Riverside Late Model
1994 Riverside Late Model
2002 NEDA Tour

Robbins, Scott
1997 OPS Late Model
2002 TD Banknorth 250
2004 OPS Pro Stock

Rolfe, Ricky
2002 OPS Late Model
2003 OPS Pro Stock

Rowe, Ben
1995 OPS Late Model
2000 International Pro Stock Challenge
2000 Northeast Pro Stock Association
2000 Oxford Open
2002 PASS North
2003 PASS North
2003 TD Banknorth 250
2004 TD Banknorth 250
2005 PASS North

Rowe, Mike
1976 OPS Sportsman
1978 OPS Sportsman
1979 OPS Sportsman
1980 OPS Sportsman
1981 OPS Sportsman
1984 TD Banknorth 250
1989 OPS Sportsman
1990 OPS Pro Stock
1991 Wiscasset Pro Stock
1994 ACT Pro Stock
1997 TD Banknorth 250
1999 Northeast Pro Stock Association
2005 TD Banknorth 250
2006 PASS South

Scott, Phil
1996 Thunder Road Late Model
1998 Thunder Road Late Model
2002 ACT Late Model
2002 Airborne Late Model
2002 Thunder Road Late Model

Sessions, Sam
2001 PASS North

Shaw, Dale
1993 Maine Late Model State Championship
1994 NASCAR Busch East

Shaw, D.J.
2006 White Mountain Late Model

Spencer, Dennis Jr.
1999 OPS Late Model
2000 OPS Late Model

Theetge, Donald
2004 Serie IMAX Late Model
2006 Serie ACT Castrol

Thompson, Robbie

Turner, Randy
2004 Unity Pro Stock
2005 Unity Pro Stock

Whitcomb, Dave
1992 ACT Late Model
1994 Airborne Late Model
1995 Thunder Road Late Model

Whitlock, Dave
1991 CASCAR National Super Series
1995 TD Banknorth 250
1997 CASCAR National Super Series
1998 CASCAR National Super Series

Whorff, Jeremie
2006 TD Banknorth 250

Wimble, Owen Jr.
2004 Riverside Late Model


Gosselin, Mario
Labonte, Terry
Lepage, Kevin

Aube, Jamie
Crouch, Robbie
Gosselin, Mario
Kennington, D.J.
Labonte, Terry
Leighton, Brad
Lepage, Kevin
MacDonald, Eddie
Rowe, Mike
Sessions, Sam
Shaw, Dale
Verrill, Dale

Aube, Jamie
Labonte, Terry
Lepage, Kevin
Shaw, Dale

Aube, Jamie
Benjamin, Travis
Brackett, Tim
Crouch, Robbie
Hoar, Brian
Labonte, Terry
Leighton, Brad
Lepage, Kevin
MacDonald, Eddie
Rowe, Ben
Rowe, Mike
Sessions, Sam
Shaw, Dale
Swanson, John

Jean Paul Cyr  (51 Photo)
Ben Rowe (#4) and Mike Rowe (#24)    (51 Photo)
Brad Leighton  (Rick Ibsen Photo)
Eddie MacDoanald  (OPS Photo)
Randy Potter  (Alan Ward Photo)
Brian Hoar   (51 Photo)
Ricky Rolfe   (Jamie Williams Photo)
Brent Dragon
Jamie Aube
DJ Shaw   (Wiscasset Raceway Photo)
Terry Labonte (Left).   (NASCAR Photo)
Donald Theetge
Jeremie Whorff (L) and Mike Rowe (R).  (Norm Marx Photo)
Kevin Lepage (R).  (NASCAR Photo)
David Avery  (51 Photo)
Travis Adams   (51 Photo)