TD Banknorth 250 Predictions
Who The Competitors Think Will Be Tough To Beat
Every year Oxford Plains Speedway (ME) holds a press conference to promote the TD Banknorth 250 and every year, the competitors in the room are asked for their predictions on who will win the race.  They are not allowed to pick themselves and they aren't always too close in their predictions either.  In 2006, not one person forsaw Jeremie Whorff's victory.  Could this year's winner be another darkhorse, or will an odds-on favorite take the crown?  We'll have to wait until Sunday to see, but here is what the "experts" think:

According to Travis Adams, who has won the last three weekly Late Model features at Oxford, the #4 of Ben Rowe and the #24 of Mike Rowe will be tough to be in the 250.  But if you ask the Rowes, Travis Adams (#03)  is the favorite this year.  (51 Sports)
Travis Adams: Mike or Ben Rowe.

Joey Polewarczyk: Jean-Paul Cyr.

Tommy Ricker: "That is a good question. I know I'm going to be right in the front, anyway. No, I'm going to be sitting there drinking and watching the race with the rest of 'em. I'll pick Travis Adams."

Shawn Martin: Ben Rowe.

Doug Coombs: Mike Rowe.

Marc Curtis Jr.: Jean-Paul Cyr.

Jamie Aube: "A lot of years ago I was pretty cocky and would have said 'I can't think of anybody else who can win, so I can't answer that.' I know better than that now. I'd have to put my money on Mike Rowe."

Jeremie Whorff: "I'd probably go with Travis Adams. He's the weekly racer who's going the best, and being on his home track, he's got to have a little bit of an advantage."

Ben Rowe: "I went over on the Fourth of July and sat in the grandstands and watched everybody else. And what Travis Adams did there passing everyone two and three-wide, he's definitely hooked up. Barring any troubles getting into the race, he's going to be the one to beat."

Mike Rowe: "I think Benji's hit it right on the head. I think Travis [Adams], Doug (Coombs), Shawn (Martin), all of them are going good. But I've got to go with Travis."
Tim Brackett: "Usually Saturday night guys don't go that good. So I'd probably have to go with an ACT guy, probably Jean-Paul [Cyr]."

D.J. Shaw: "I'll pick Mike Rowe. He's been running pretty good the last few times he's been there, and he's won it before. I think he can do it again."

Kevin Lepage: "It's a tough choice out of 178 people. I'm going to go with Mike [Rowe], just because he's a veteran and it's a hard race. You've got to be there at the end."