It Hasn't Been the Week of Dream...So Far
Coming to New Smyrna Speedweeks for Speedweeks is always one of the highlights of Ted Christopher’s racing season.  He’s usually good for at least a couple of wins and some memorable moments during the nine nights of action at the New Smyrna half-mile. 

This year’s Speedweeks has hardly been one of Christopher’s best.  TC has struggled so far in both his #29 Cushman Engineering Super Late Model and the #14 Bear Motorsports Tour Type Modified.  Here’s his view on what’s going on this year…

It’s not really going that great I’d have to say.  A lot of it’s not of my doing.  It’s just being in the wrong place at the wrong time.  It started with night one and getting wrecked there.  The other night we were banging something else.  Then the other night they wrecked and we went from 16th to fifth and I thought we’d finally be able to have a good finish here.  Then the guy gets
Ted Christopher   (51 Photo)
sideways and blocks the other guy.  I’m full throttle and get into it.  The same thing happened tonight I’m full throttle and the other guy tries to kill his car or whatever and I’m in it.  That sorta sucked.  I went from 16th to sixth in like six laps.  What are you going to do?

Sometimes you don’t own Speedweeks, man.  I’ve been sick since Monday night and I just can’t get rid of this thing.  But that’s no excuse.  Once you get in the car you don’t pay attention to that s--t. 

We had a good run in the Super Late Model tonight.  We got that going better.   We started 14th and we only finished 10th but we passed cars.  Instead of going backwards it’s going forward.  So we’re in the right direction with that car.  When we came in the sway bar was really loose and that’s a big key as far as bite up off.  That’s nice to know so we have something to work off for tomorrow.  That car’s usually really, really good in 50 lap races.  Those guys up front start to come back to us in 25 lap races.  Not all of them, I mean the good guys will run up front for the rest of the week, but I think we can get to the top five with it in the bigger races coming up.

The tour car, the Dodge power was supposed to be the key, but I’m not really convinced on that deal.  But we’re stuck with what we’ve got. 

I still have fun because you can’t get to the point where you’re gonna just be depressed like my car owner.  I tell everybody all the time that there are way more lows in this game than there will ever be highs.  There will always be low points.  I’m fortunate enough to have won a lot of races and stuff.  I’ve been fortunate to win a lot down here, too.  This is my year when New Smyrna is a little tough for me.  A lot of it could be the direction I went in to come down here with in the Modified.  

It hasn't been easy to be TC ithis week in either the #29 Super Late Model (above) or #14 Modified.  (51 Photos)