Gary St. Amant's Audio Snowball Derby Journal
(Editor’s Note:  Gary St. Amant is always one of the fan favorites, everywhere he goes.  Every year, St. Amant has shared his Snowball Derby thoughts with us.  This year, the former Snowball Derby winner and ASA National Champion will share his thoughts with us in a new way.  This year, Gary's journal will be in audio form.  Here, you can listen to Gary himself speak.  All you need is Windows Media Player to listen.  Just click on the file and download it or to open it and play it on your computer.)

FRIDAY, DECEMBER 1  (click on name to listen)

Gary Talks Missing The Top-30 In Qualifying

THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 30  (click on name to listen)

Gary Talks About Practice Day At The Derby

Gary St. Amant  (51 photos)