Modified Derby Winner Finishes Car In Parking Lot
Jason Boyd’s #9 team wanted to be at the track so bad they brought an unfinished car all the way from Houston to at least try and make the field.  After qualifying mid-pack, he weaved his way to the front and fended off a charging Billy Melvin for the win.

The win was especially admirable because of where the team was only a day earlier.

“We were still working on this car, and come Thursday evening we weren’t quite finished but we had to make our way down here from Houston,” said Boyd excitedly. “So when we got here at three o’clock in the morning we unloaded in the parking lot of the hotel and finished it.
Modified winner Jason Boyd.  (51 Photos)
Across the country, Saturday night racers and their crews survive week to week by fixing up their equipment in their shops.  Often the more financially-challenged of the teams use their own garages.  However, a new chapter in determination may have been written in the 24 hours prior to Saturday evening’s modified feature at Five Flags Speedway.
We brought it here not knowing what was going to happen, and sure enough, this car worked.”

Billy Melvin tried hard to catch Boyd, but maybe too hard. 

“That guy drove a good smart race, stayed low, which is what you have to do here,” said Melvin.  “I raced Wesley so hard and I was trying to maneuver myself up to get by the guy leading it that I left the door open, cost myself 2nd and had to race back there.  It’s all my fault and I take the blame for it, because I cost these kids that work on this car real hard a win tonight.”