Butch Miller’s Snowball Derby Journal
(Editor’s Note: Veteran short tracker and former ASA Champion Butch Miller is returning to the Snowball Derby in 2006, driving a retro-looking #52 for SS Racing.  Miller has competed in 11 derbies and is the 1987 Snowball Derby Champion.  He has six career top-five finishes, along with eight top 10s.  Miller will share his Snowball Derby experiences with us here on all weekend long.)

"So far, things have been good.  it is like jumping back on the bicycle.  Everything is working good.  I worry a little bit, but I’m still not afraid to step on the button.  I guess that is good.  The car doesn’t scare me.  I guess I am pretty happy with that part of it.   As the car rolled off the trailer though, I was really disappointed.  We made significant changes to the car though and by the end, I think we’ve got a pretty good piece. 

"There is a lot of guys here that remember Butch back when he used to come here in the late 80s and early 90s.   That might have been the last time I was here.  A  lot of people and a lot of old racers are still coming here.  Dave Mader III, Junior Neidecken and Eddie Mercer are all guys I used to race with.  This is like a coming home
Butch Miller  (51 photos)
deal.  It’s been really fun so far.  I’m just a little worried that tomorrow will get a little more serious.