Buckshot Jones’ Snowball Journal
(Editor’s Note: Former NASCAR Busch Series driver Buckshot Jones is making his return to racing at the 39th Annual Snowball Derby.  Buckshot has compteted in two Snowball Derbies, finishing 38th in 1994 and 34th in 1993. He will be sharing his weekend with Speed51.com by filing a daily journal entry.)

"My two boys keep aggravating me about racing. A friend of mine said that he knew someone who had a good car that would run the Snowball. I found out that the people working on the car used to be people that I raced with back when I first started. So I said, hey I am not going to pass that opportunity up.

"It was kind of different for me to get back in a late model car. I am really glad we got to test. Being out of a car that long you get rusty. It’s easy to run two laps but once you start racing it’s another story.

"I think our car is pretty good. We got to come down here
Buckshot Jones at speed.  (51 photos)
twice before we unloaded today. Eddie Mercer helped us out a lot with the set up down here. He won here last year. The car was pretty good as soon as we hit the track today so I am pretty happy."

“I’m kind of getting butterflies.  It’s been a long time since I’ve raced.

“This racing is a lot of fun.  I’ve really enjoyed coming back down here.  I just hope that we can come out of today with a good finish.  That would make my weekend.

“This is the first time that my sons will see me race.  They love racing.  For them to get to come down here and watch is really special.


[Note – Buckshot qualified 26th and is locked into the starting field for this year’s Snowball Derby]
“I’m just glad to get the qualifying over with and not be in that last
chance race.  We came down here after this deal got put together real quick and it’s been a lot of fun so far.  I’ve seen a lot of guys that I used to race with.  There are a lot of guys on this team who used to be with me when I first started.  That’s a lot of fun.

“Eddie Mercer and his guys have helped us out a lot.  They gave us their set-up and got us better than if we had been down here by ourselves.

“It’s scary out there with all of those cars.  You really have to be on your toes and that’s what makes it the Snowball Derby.”