Indiana Youngster Now Holds Two USAC Records
Most 16 year olds are all excited about just getting their driver’s license and cruising around with their friends.  Bryan Clauson has it a little bit different.  He’s been cruising around one of the fastest tracks in the country, Winchester Speedway.
Hagen was coming and even got under Clauson late in the race, but couldn’t make the pass.  He slid up and near got into the side of his Kunz Motorsports teammate.

“I got in really hot, just trying to get by him,” said Hagen of the move.  “The car got loose, then pushed tight.  That is all we had and all I had to give.
Clauson (#67) had to hold off challenges from Darren Hagen (#71, top) and Levi Jones (#21, bottom) .  (James MacDonald Photos)
“You really gotta race him clean; especially when they are a teammate. They are always going to repay you when you do something stupid. 

“I’m really proud of this team and proud of Bryan Clauson.  It is a great victory for him.  This is his first National win.  He is a great racer and a great teammate.  It couldn’t happen to a better guy.”

And the win came at the wildest tracks of them all.

“It is awesome with all of the history here at Winchester.  Coming here, I would have been happy with just a top 10.  This place is still intimidating.  I was pretty nervous going out there and starting up front.  You just have to be smart about it.

“Luckily, it all worked out well in the end.”
Hagen (right) was the first over to congratulate Clauson (left) on his first National win.  (51 Photo)
Clauson won Sunday’s 30-lap “Rich Vogler Memorial” USAC National Sprint Car event at Winchester Speedway in Indiana.  By doing so, Clauson became the youngest winner in the history of the USAC National Sprint Car Series.

Ironically, Clauson already owns the records for the youngest winner in the USAC National Midget Series, which he earned at the end of last season.

“It is pretty awesome,” said Clauson in Victory Lane.  “At the end of last year, we became the youngest winner in the National Midgets too.  So to hold both records leaves me speechless.  There is a lot of history with USAC and so many drivers that have come through here.   It is pretty awesome to be able to stand out in that way.”

Clauson led all 30 laps, holding off challenges from Levi Jones and Kunz Motorsports teammate Darren Hagen.   At one point, Jones made a pass for the lead, but the caution came out before the lap was completed, which put Clauson back out front.

“We started getting tight.  I was a little worried if I could get back by him (Jones).  We had a yellow and it worked out well for us.  It is better to be lucky than good sometimes.  I’ll take it and go on and try and win some more.”
Winchester Speedway, IN
1. Bryan Clauson
2. Darren Hagen
3. Dave Steele
4. Tracy Hines
5. Levi Jones
6. Josh Wise
7. Eric Gordon
8. Bud Kaeding
9. Marc Jessup
10. Jay Drake
11. Bobby Santos III
12. Brady Short
13. Mat Neely
14. Jerry Coons Jr.
15. Scotty Weir,
16. Rex Norris III
17. Lee Boss
18. Troy DeCaire
19. Dave Darland
20. Brian Gerster
21, Aaron Pierce