“There was a lot of lapped traffic tonight and sometimes they got in the way but it was all in how you got around them,” said Caudill.

Jamie Yelton started on the outside pole and jumped out to the lead at the green flag.  The lead was short-lived, however, as Caudill quickly pounced to the lead on lap-13 after a two-lap side-by-side battle.  Yelton settled back into second and relied on lapped cars to keep close to the leader in the early stages of the race but the traffic was not cooperating.

UARA Field No Match for Series' All-Time Leading Winner
Jamey Caudill has the route his home in Four Oaks, NC to the Southern National Speedway Park in nearby Kenly down pat.  It’s only about 25 miles and it’s one that Caudill has been making for years.  It seems that every time he makes the trip he winds up driving back to Four Oaks with a trophy.
“I had a good car all day in practice but I just kind of stepped on my toes in qualifying,” said Furr.    We had our work cut out for us in the feature but this is the best racecar I’ve ever had.  The thing could just turn like I’ve never felt before and I could put it anywhere I wanted to.”

Furr’s car could go anywhere he wanted it to but it wasn’t as good as those of Caudill and Yelton at the fall of the checkers.  If he had a few more laps, Furr is confident that the result could’ve been different.

“The car was better on long runs.  If we could’ve had a 175 or 200 lapper we would’ve been just fine.”

Caudill picked up another one to add to his collection Saturday night as he beat out the best of the UARA-STARS Series at his home track.  It was the second-straight UARA race at Southern National that Caudill dominated, much like he’s been doing in Late Model Stocks at the 4/10-mile track for years.

“I really like racing here and I’ve been lucky enough to win a lot of races,” said Caudill, the 2002 NASCAR Southeast Coastal Regional Champion.  “I’m happy to win another one.  We had a real strong car and I knew we had a car that could win the race but we had to work hard to get the car here tonight.”

Caudill and team celebrate their win.   (51 Photos)
Furr's #25 was on a tear through the field at Kenly
Caudill's winning #58
“We worked a lot of hours to get the car ready to come here tonight.  We tore the car up in our last race at South Boston and we spent all week getting the car ready for tonight’s race.  I’m really happy to be able to win with all that we had to go through.”

He may have thrashed to get the car to the racetrack Saturday night, but there was no panic behind the wheel for Caudill.  The only thing keeping Caudill from increasing his all-time win total to eight was lapped traffic. 

“Everybody gets lapped.  I get lapped.  Jamey gets lapped.  It happens,” said Yelton, ”but these guys really need to learn some respect.  They cost me a win last week.  They didn’t quite cost me a win this week but they could’ve cost me second place and it’s really frustrating.”

While the two leaders battled the traffic and each other, Ross Furr was busy putting on a show from the back of the pack.  Furr had to transfer through the consolation race in order to earn a starting spot in Saturday night’s race but was determined to make his way to the front of the field.

Long green flag runs allowed Furr to maintain his march to the front and the youngster from Concord used every lap he could to get up to third from his 24th starting spot.
The race was only 150 lap, however, and it was Caudill that was up front for 133 of them.  Caudill has won his fair share of Late Model Stock races at Southern National Speedway, and the UARA race on Saturday was another one to add to the mantle.

“We didn’t have to change much on the car from a regular race here,” said Caudill.  “I’m happy that we were able to win tonight and it was a great run after a couple of tough weeks.”

Caudill was followed to the stripe by Yelton, Furr, Tony Grady, and the winner of the season-opening UARA race at Hickory, Kyle Grissom.

1.  58 Jamey Caudill
2.   8 Jamie Yelton
3. 25 Ross Furr
4.   1 Tony Grady
5.  31 Kyle Grissom
6.  08 Deac McCaskill
7.  98 Brandon Ward
8.  52 Kirk Leone
9.  83 Ryan Rhodes
10.  79 Randy Pierce
11.  07 Danny O'Quinn
12.  27 Ryan Gray
13.  61 K.C. Cunningham
14.  11 Barry Andrews
15.  55 Alex Yontz
16.  99 Corey Strickland
17.  44 Mark King
18.  57 Zeke Shell
19.  60 RA Brown
20.  50 Clay Jones
21.  68 Mike Giessen
22.  48 Mark Setzer
23.  19 Joey Miller
24.  47 John Staton
25.  92 Jake Crum
26.  33 Roger Lee Newton
27.  46 Lucas Ransone
28.  16 Brandon Head