The race was put under a red flag before the first lap was completed as the track was cleaned up and the order sorted out.  Several cars, including Day, Josh Hale and Roger Powell headed to the house and stayed there after the first incident.  Lack of tow trucks and the large amount of cars involved in the accident, led to a lengthy red flag before the race could get restarted.

Just when the fans thought the race was finally going to get underway, the lunar pull had some different plans.

Right after the green flag on lap eight, contact was made between Barry Andrews and Ross Furr on the backstretch and the end result was yet another pileup as nine more cars were collected in the mayhem.  The red
Cautions Dominate UARA at Greenville-Pickens
Superstition is huge in motorsports.  Some drivers won’t go near a green car, others such as Wade Day tape Lynyrd Skynyrd paraphernalia on the dash board of their racecar for a little luck, and full moons are notorious for creating caution-filled races.  This past weekend at Greenville-Pickens Speedway the UARA Late Models gave some credibility to that last claim.  As the fans found out, full moons and Saturday night short track racing go together about as well as a bull in a china shop.  A lot of things might get broken, but it’s a whole lot of fun to watch.
McCarson was pretty sure that he had this race.  Yontz was able to move up and he took away the third spot from Porter as Porter began to slide backwards through the field.  It was just the battle McCarson wanted to see as he was able to increase his lead.  Then, with ten laps to go, bad luck struck again for the local guys as McCarson fell back to the third position as his brakes began to fail.

Ward then took the lead and, while not leading the most laps, he led the most important one as he took the checkered flag with Yontz finishing second.  McCarson nursed his car to a third-place finish.

“I lost my brakes,” said McCarson.  “If we hadn’t had that last caution, we would have won this race.  I’m just
When the UARA-Stars headed to Greenville-Pickens, drivers probably thought they were heading to a 150-lap shootout on the half-mile track.  But when sun started to fall and the red full moon started to rise, they ended up finding something more like a demolition derby.

“We tore up a lot of racecars tonight,” said R A Brown.  “I don’t know if it was experience or what, but it is the 13th and a full moon, and it felt like it.  I’m glad we were up front and stayed out of it.

Others were not so lucky, and after the smoke had cleared, former track champion Marty Ward was the last man standing.
Marty Ward won Saturday night's UARA race at Greenville-Pickens.   (51 Photos)
Brandon McCarson
Several cars got invovled in accidents as the night went on and ended the night on the wreckers.
Most of the action in this race happened early on.  There were two red flags within the first ten laps and by lap 60 there had been 10 cautions.  Eleven cautions and an hour and forty-five minutes later, the race was over as Marty Ward claimed his fifth-straight victory at the track. 

While Ward took the trophy, the full moon was the ultimate winner in the race.  And it didn’t take too long before the effects of it began to wreak havoc on the field.  Going into turn one on lap one, a massive pileup occurred on the frontstretch as cars began making contact with each other toward the back of the field.  The end result of the first attempt at a demolition derby was 11 cars caught up in the accident, including Day and Jake Crum.
flag was thrown yet again in order to get the track cleaned.

The guys in the front of the pack were the ones who were able to stay clean.  Brandon McCarson started from the pole position and kept it through most of the race.  Marty Ward stayed close as third-place competitor Randy Porter and fourth-place Alex Yontz paced the field and picked their way through the lapped-car carnage. 
disappointed because the brakes got hot and cold, hot and cold and they finally gave up.”

Greenville-Pickens is known as a tough track to tame.  It’s not easy to get around and the rough, old pavement tends to eat tires.  Going into this race many thought that the veterans and the local guys had the advantage, and for the most part it was true.  A track champion did walk away with the UARA trophy, but out of the four track champions that started the race, only Marty Ward was able to walk away with a smile.  Blair Addis, Randy Porter and Kenneth Headon bit the bad-luck bug as they finished 16th, 20th and 25th respectively.  Ward was able to make his way through the accidents and save his stuff for when it really counted.

“I had a couple of runs on McCarson early in the race,” said Ward.  “I just didn’t think that I needed to be leading that early because I knew that I’d be bonsaing.  As long as there wasn’t pressure from behind, I was alright.

“I just really tried to take care of it and save the tires, and then we got pretty good toward the end.  My crew kept telling me that if I just didn’t burn the tires up, that I would be alright.  This place is really rough on tires and you can burn them up pretty easily, pretty much like what McCarson did.  That was our game plan when we started and that is what we stayed with, and we got our fifth win in a row.”

Thirty-three cars started the race, the most of any UARA-Stars race this year.  Out of those 33, only 14 finished on the lead lap while the rest of the field resembled a modified car more so than a Late Model.  Second and third in points Brandon Ward and Ross Furr struggled early on after getting caught up in on-track incidents while Yontz was the highest finishing UARA regular in second place.  And while he did gain ground on the points’ leader, he wasn’t able to pass Marty Ward and Ward was able to prove, yet again, why he is a multi-time champion at Greenville-Pickens.
Greenville-Pickens Speedway, SC
1. Marty Ward
2. Alex Yontz
3. Brandon McCarson
4. R.A. Brown
5. Kyle Grissom
6. Lucas Ransone
7. Ryan Gray
8. Scooter Hillis
9. Barry Andrews
10. K.C. Cunningham
11. Jamey Yelton
12. Rob Horton
13. Jeff Meyers
14. Brandon Weber
15. Justin Hill
16. Blair Addis
17. Mike Giessen
18. Jake Crum
19. Brian Weber
20. Randy Porter
21. Mark Setzer
22. Shotgun Miller
23. Mark King
24. Brandon Ward
25. Roger Lee Newton
26. Clay Jones
27. Kenneth Headon
28. Ross Furr
29. Zeke Shell
30. Matt Lassiter
31. Roger Powell
32. Josh Hale
33. Wade Day