The end of the race was a battle between Yelton and Setzer.  They races side-by-side and traded plenty of paint.  Somehow, neither managed to spin out.  Not to say that there weren’t some close calls though, as Yelton had to save a very squirrelly car on the backstretch after finally taking the lead from Setzer. 

Setzer seemed to be about one of the only guys who didn’t run into any trouble out on the racetrack, aside from losing the lead towards the end of the race.

“It was a great race,” said Setzer.  “I just want to thank all of the great fans here at Lanier.  To sit on the pole and lead the most laps was great.  We had a great car, but we just got moved out of the way there at the end.  I could have taken it back the same way but I am not the same person that I used to be.

Yelton Survives Rough Night For UARA Win
There wasn’t a full moon in the sky, but from the looks of the UARA-Stars racecars after Saturday’s race at Lanier National Speedway, you would have guessed that there might have been.

Twenty three Late Model Stocks took the green flag for Saturday night’s Memorial Blowwout Saturday evening, and not one of those cars finished without looking like it had spent a night at Bristol.
From the very beginning of the race, aggression was the name of the game as the drivers made Lanier their own personal bullring.  There were 150 laps in the race, but most of the drivers drove the entire race as if there were only ten-laps to go.

The first half of the race was dominated by Mark Setzer.   While the rest of the pack was beating and banging, Setzer was able to just ride along and keep his nose clean while enjoying the view in his rear view.

The swiftest move of the race went to Jamie Yelton.  He was riding in the top five when, early in the race, he made contact with a lapped car and spun out in turn four.  He was able to rebound and at the end of the race give Setzer a run for his money and the trophy.  
Yelton was the aggressor who came out on top at Lanier.  (51 Photos)
Yelton's #8 was fast but hard to handle at the end of the race.
“We got taken out at about lap 20,” said Yelton.  “A lapped car just ran right over us.  I knew we had a good car and we were just riding there in third until he wrecked us.  Then we had to go to the back.  I just started taking my time and trying to work my way back up to the front

“It was ridiculous the way the guys were driving this race.  I tore the body off my car. 

“But we got the big trophy and these guys worked hard for it and that is all that really matters.”
Brandon Ward, who was third in points, also managed to finish third in the race and he was one of the few guys that left the track a little bit grateful for what he had.

“This race was a lot better for us than Greenville,” said Ward.  “The last two weekends have been really good for us.  Getting a win last week and third this week has really helped us out in the points.    Honestly third is probably a little better of car than we really had, we were really tight all night long.”

The race looked like it was going to be a bad day as well for points leaders Kyle Grissom and Alex Yontz as the two made contact with each other while running for the fifth position, but both drivers still managed to bring home a top-10 despite the trouble.

“It was a long race,” said Yontz.  “We were pretty good on the start, I guess about 40 or 50 in we were up to sixth or seventh and we were racing Grissom pretty hard for about five or 10 laps.  I guess he got in the corner a little harder than us and pushed up and we just both spun.

“It wasn't a bad points night for us.  Yelton wasn’t running too far behind us and I think Grissom will stay in the lead.  We might have lost a little ground, but I think it just tightened up the points race a lot.”

Next up for the UARA-Stars is Shenandoah Speedway on June 3rd and it will be yet another new track for the series, which means anything could happen.