The Championship Race Heats Up As The Shootout Winds Down
It was a crazy night at the Lowe's Summer Shootout.  There were plenty of first time winners, black flags and spins.  Cars even caught on fire or ended up upside down after all was said and done.  Fortunately all of the drivers were okay, although some of their hopes for championships may have gone up in flames.

Legends Car Pro: Last Lap Spins and Black Flags

Controversy was the name of the game with the Legends Pro race. And it all happened on the last lap

Brennan Poole was in the lead going into turn four when Tyler Green got into him.  Green then proceeded to take the checkered flag and go to the post-race festivities.  After Green’s interview on stage, Jordan Anderson who crossed the finish line in the second position then pulled up and was also interviewed for being a winner.  This left many of the fans wondering just who won the race, and what exactly happened.

After all the post-race festivities were complete, it was concluded that Green was black-flagged for rough driving and second-place Anderson had been awarded the win.

but the 117 (Poole) blocked us all the way down the straightaway three or four times and he did it to other people too.  I touched him one time in the corner and they black flag us and take away the win.  But oh well, we will be back next week.”

The victim in all of this was Brennan Poole, who placed no blame on anyone and said it was just a racing incident.

“I fell back to seventh and was able to come back up to the lead,” said Poole. “Going into the last corner, Tyler Green just got into me way too hard and spun me out.  It’s just one of those deals.  You can’t do nothing about it, but I am sure he didn’t mean to spin me out.  He was going for the win too, but if he wouldn’t have spun me out and just taken second he would have had an even bigger points night.  Now he gets zero points and he is probably done.  I hate that for him. He is a real nice guy but it’s just one of those deals.” 

Race Results: 1. Jordan Anderson; 2. Casey Roderick; 3. Keith Ciccone; 4. Kyle Fowler; 5. Jeremy Kalina; 6. Thomas Van Wingerden; 7. Cole Miktuk; 8. Dean Abbey; 9. Mark Whitley; 10. Steven Abbey; 11. Ben Stancill; 12. Patrick Molesworth; 13. Brennan Poole; 14. Chris Eggleston; 15. Jason Riesman; 16. Brandon Thomson; 17. Jordan Richardson; 18. Tyler Green; 19. Chris Buescher; 20. Michael Dabney Jr.; 21. Scott Knox; 22. Patrick McVay; 23. Duncan Molesworth; 24. Todd Adams
Anderson was able to get by the accident that claimed Brennan Poole.  (Harold Hinson Photo)
“I think I started ninth in the race and just worked my way back up,” said Anderson.  “I fell back to about 12th or 13th place after getting involved with somebody, I took the right opportunities working my way up and got the win. 

Tyler Green’s view of the race was not so pleasant.

“We started in eighth,” said Green, son of former NASCAR driver Mark Green.  “I was racing my way up through the field. Some people run you clean and that is who you like to race with.  Some other people don’t and unfortunately some of those people are buddy-buddy and that doesn’t work out too well when you are out on the track.  They are reviewing it now

Kyle Beattie (51 Photo)
Beattie was able to get the lead on lap 10, and it was a fight to hold the car down and keep the field behind him in a race that featured two cautions, an unusual occurrence in the Thunder Roadsters event.

“The car got pretty loose on the long run but it was still decent and it is pretty cool to bring home the win.”

Race Results: 1. Kyle Beattie; 2. Thomas Van Wingerden; 3. Dana White; 4. Michael Van Wingerden; 5. Ed Clark; 6. Ed Evans; 7. Jim Gresham; 8. Tom Van Wingerden; 9. Roger Simons; 10. Ryan Zeck.

Legends Car Masters: Spry Springs Again

The Masters event found Cotton Spry in victory lane again as he works toward the points lead.  At the end of the race, he had to fight off the expecting father, Clay Hair, for the win.  While Clay was fighting for the win, his wife was at a local hospital in labor with their soon to be born child.

“It was a fun race,” said Spry.  “I had to work hard to fend Clay off.  Clay Hair is a tough competitor.  He is one of the best, no doubt about it.  But you know his wife is laying up there in the hospital having a baby and I was hoping it had his mind occupied a little bit.  He is still at the track and is a dedicated racer.”

am a race car driver.  I am truck driver, race car driver and a baby sitter.  This is Clay Hair Daycare.”

Race Results: 1. George 'Cotton' Spry; 2. Clay Hair; 3. John Sossoman; 4. Dennis White; 5. John Barilka; 6. Brian Weimer; 7. Tom Van Wingerden; 8. Phil Sharpe; 9. James Stanton; 10. Eddie Harwell; 11. Ronnie Laney; 12. W. Gary Shannon; 13. Keith Breasbois; 14. Bruce Sawicki; 15. Bill Gardner; 16. Dr. Mark Moskowitz; 17. Tony Carper; 18. Dave Winston; 19. Bobby Pence; 20. Bruce Little; 21. Dean Lyons; 22. Terry Cochran; 23. Danny Williams; 24. Carlos Moore; 25. Jimmy Gurley; 26. Jan Ingram; 27. Chuck Dohm; 28. Todd Johnson.

Bandolero Bandits: Stroupe Steals The Summer Shootout

The Bandits feature was the shortest event of the night, and in the end it, was Nicholas Stroupe who was able to hunt down and pass Ronnie Bassett on the last corner with one lap to go.

It has been a few weeks since Stroupe had raced at the Summer Shootout, but fans could never have guessed that as they watched him out on the track.

“It means a lot because it has been a rough couple of weeks,” said Stroupe.  “But we had a nice vacation and to be able to not drive for two weeks and come back and win like that says a lot about our whole team.

“The whole night was a lot of good, clean racing up front.  There were some cautions but they weren’t up front with the leaders they were all in the back of the pack.  Ronnie gave me a lot of room coming off of that last corner and I was able to get by him for the win.

Bassett graciously accepted defeat and the fact that Stroupe raced him clean.

“The car was tight off of the get go,” said Bassett.  “That messed me off a little bit. I think I might have been able to hold Stroupe off if I hadn’t been so tight, but I don’t know.  He had a fast car.  I’m kind of disappointed, but I know that I have won on the last lap before too so congratulations to Nick.”

Nick Stroupe. (51 Photos)
Race Results: 1. Nicholas Stroupe; 2. Ronnie Bassett Jr.; 3. Landon Bullock; 4. Corey Gordon; 5. Clayton King; 6. Cody Blackburn; 7. Maxx Bennett; 8. Dylan Presnell; 9. Steven Bergh Jr.; 10. Kyle Benjamin; 11. Noah Clark; 12. Tyler Hill; 13. Dillon Bassett; 14. Joshua Langley; 15. Bayley Currey; 16. Layne Clifton; 17. Judson Kittle; 18. Jacob Harrell; 19. Blake Leuth; 20. Blake Jones; 21. Andrew Lloyd; 22. Justin Crider; 23. Evan Bell; 24. Mason Massey.

CRASHCars: CHOWDERHEAD Steals Second, Takes Home First Prize

While the CRASHCars race is usually pretty crazy, this past Tuesday that craziness was taken to a whole new level.   On the last lap, the dominating INVADER, who has won multiple times this year, started slowing down as he crossed the finish line.  He still crossed it first, and was followed by CHOWDERHEAD. 

But then, as the field circled around, it was CHOWDERHEAD who pulled in victory lane and accepted the win; with his second-place finish.

CHOWDERHEAD (black) finished second, but won.
It was announced on the Raceceivers and to the competitors that the second-place finished would actually win the race, to give it a little bit of a twist for the fans.  This message was not conveyed to the entire garage area and left many fans wondering just what was going on. 

The INVADER of Paul Sparrow was a little disappointed that he was the first to cross the finish line, but not able to bring home the victory.

Bandolero Young Guns: Short But Sweet for Austin Hill

The Young Guns race was again one that was shortened because of the amount and time of cautions.  A 12-lap feature had cars sliding and spinning and in some cases even rolling.   Ryan Blaney’s car ended up upside down on the front stretch and he was able to get out and wave to the crowd after the incident.

Austin Hill.
While Thomas was the winner, the star of the show was Darrell Wallace Jr., who was able to finish third despite the fact that the hood of his car was flying up blocking a majority of the view the entire night.

“That was pretty crazy,” laughed Wallace.  “I didn’t even know it was going to happen, It just flew up and the first two or three laps it kept getting in my way.  I knew I was holding Jake Crum up, and he did good all night long and he eventually got by me.  But we worked our way up through the field all night long and were able to finish third.  It was just a great race. 

Although a win would have been a nice gift to take his pregnant wife, Clay was still hanging around the track after the race and was somewhat satisfied with a second-place finish.

“I ain’t the one having the baby,” laughed Hair.  “She is never happy with a second place finish.  She went to the hospital this afternoon and she told me to go ahead and race, and then after we got everyone’s stuff loaded up we could come to the hospital. 

“So it’s like a party.  I don’t know when we will have the baby, hopefully within the next few hours, but I am not a doctor, I

Bruce Benson..
“They did the second place is the winner this race,” said Sparrow.  “I figured it was better to stay up front and out of trouble.  I got way down low out of the way and tried to slow down at the end, but I didn’t slow way down.

“I’ve never come out of these deals on the right end, but I am happy, We came home in one piece.”

CHOWDERHEAD, with Mike Scarborough driving, was the real winner.  While he brought home the victory he was not able to bring home his car as the race officials impounded several cars after the race, including the cars BIG SHOW and NITEMARE.

“It was a pretty crazy race,” said Scarborough, who’s CHOWDERHEAD car is owned and operated by several members of Martin Truex Jr’s DEI NASCAR Nextel Cup team.  “I had never been involved in something like that.  Now my car is impounded; it is crazy.  I guess they are just picking on us ‘cause of who we are.’  These three cars sit here run good every week, but there are cars that win every week that aren’t over here.  We have a 305 motor we bought for a hundred bucks that sat for nine years.  I can’t take my car home and work on. Tonight I am just going to leave with my trophy, trailer, tools and no car.  It’s crazy.”
Thunder Roadster: A Different Yet Familiar Face

For the first time in weeks, it wasn’t a Van Wingerden in victory lane.  Kyle Beattie was able to hold off all three Van Wingerdens (father Tom and sons Michael and Thomas) in order to take his first win of the Summer Shootout since his victory in the first week.

“It’s pretty tough trying to run with those three cars (the Van Wingerdens),” said Beattie.  “There were a lot of Van Wingerden’s behind me and it was pretty scary especially when I knew that there were only two to go.”

Marcus Limehouse; 8. Duke Furr; 9. Bailey Freeman; 10. Jake Morris; 11. Nathan Rodgers; 12. Tim Keener; 13. Chris Morgan; 14. Kara Clarke; 15. Chrissy Wallace 16. T.J. Hicks; 17. Charles Long Jr.; 18. James Parson.

Legends Semi-Pro: Hartensveld Smokes Shootout Field

The Semi-Pro feature may have been one of the biggest surprises of the night as it went entirely caution free.  Thomas Hartensveld Jr., checked out on the field and was able to bring home his second win of the Summer Shootout Series.

“This is awesome,” said Hartensveld.  “We won a couple of weeks ago and we just wanted to come back out here and get some wins.  And we did tonight, and this is just awesome.  It was an awesome race and we had it from the beginning.  It was just awesome.”

Spry (#16) beat out Hair (#29) for the win. (Harold Hinson Photos)
When all the smoke had cleared, it was Austin Hill who
was able to get through and claim his first victory of the
Summer Shootout Series.

“It was a good race,” said Hill.   “In the beginning (John) Stancill, (Trevor) Farbo and I were battling it out for first, but then I got up there and we just started checking out on the field.” 

Hill was able to take the win with a banged up elbow and a twisted wrist.  One might think that a racecar driver would have injured himself these ways in some type of racing accident, but that wasn’t the case.

“I hurt my hand and elbow riding a gas scooter,” laughed Hill.  “It slid out from under me after hitting the brakes pretty hard.  But it makes it pretty cool to be able to win all banged up.”

Race Results: 1. Austin Hill; 2. John Stancill; 3. Trevor Farbo; 4. Cameron Collins; 5. Dylan Pack; 6. Ryan Glenski; 7. Ryan Rust; 8. John Myers; 9. Daniel Hemric; 10. Jordan Coker; 11. Timmy Hill; 12. Sloan Henderson; 13. William Cunningham; 14. Bryce Walker; 15. Ty Dillon; 16. Robert Poole; 17. Jimmy Heavlow; 18. Zac Kittle; 19. Ryan Blaney; 20. Kenny Brown; 21. Matthew Stover; 22. Sam McAulay; 23. Kendall Sellers; 24. Christopher Moore.

Bandolero Outlaws: Benson Wins Again As Outlaws Play Nice

Usually the Bandolero Outlaws events can be counted on for a crazy race.  It wasn’t so this past Tuesday evening as the Outlaws strayed from their stereotypical event and put on a good clean show of racing.

And the winner of that race was determined on the last lap.  Bruce Benson was able to squeeze by Trevor Cauble and claim another victory of the Summer Shootout.

“Yeah we did wait to the last minute to do that one,” said Benson.  “If we had been cut short due to time I would never have caught him.  He just messed up a couple of times out on the track and I was able to get up there and get by him.”

“We started seventh and worked our way up.  The lapped cars are harder to pass than anybody else and the lapped cars got him a little bit more than they bothered me.  But it was a good run and it was a clean race for us, it surprised me.”

Race Results: 1. Bruce Benson II; 2. Trevor Cauble; 3. Benny Mingo; 4. Amanda Harrell; 5. Josh Turner; 6. Dawn Eagens; 7.
Thomas Hartensveld Jr.
“I still don’t know what happened.  I didn’t get into anybody, it just flopped up, It was crazy.  I will be back next week to try again.”

Race Results: 1. Thomas Hartensveld Jr.; 2. Jake Crum; 3. Darrell Wallace Jr.; 4. J.R. Allen; 5. Drew Denham; 6. Paddy Rodenbeck; 7. Zach Stroupe; 8. Josh Williams; 9. Mitchell Coble; 10. Austin Dillon; 11. Andrew Carlsen; 12. Max Gresham; 13. Michael Brown; 14. Parker Hammons; 15. Bryan Silas; 16. Matt Bowers; 17. Daniel Hemric; 18. Tyler Crisinger; 19. Justin Lloyd; 20. Toni McCrary; 21. Kara Clarke; 22. Dennis Kiser; 23. Matthew Bailey; 24. Steve Daniels.