It Was Trouble For Points Leaders and Past Winners All Around
There were so many red flags thrown at the Summer Shootout the fans may have thought they were watching bull fighting more so than racing.  It came as somewhat surprising with the amount of red flags that were thrown that “toro” wasn’t being shouted among the competitors. 

Only four of eight features were able to finish their scheduled distance.  Fans knew it was going to be a long night when the CRASHCars put on some of the cleanest racing out on the track. 

Legends Car Masters: Spry Tastes Victory, Hair Tastes Trouble

The Masters race spelled trouble for the point leader Clay Hair.  Hair got caught up in an accident early in the race and ended up losing a tire.  The race was red flagged as the debris was cleaned up with tires rolling every which way.

Hair finished 20th and could only watch as George “Cotton” Spry closed in on Hair’s points lead.  Spry bought home his second win of the Summer Shootout Series in the 13 lap feature.

Race Results: 1. George "Cotton" Spry; 2. John Sossoman; 3. Brian Weimer; 4. Jan Ingram; 5. Tom Van Wingerden; 6. Todd Johnson; 7. Dennis White; 8. Eddie Harwell; 9. Keith Breasbois; 10. Phil Sharpe; 11. Bill Gardner; 12. Danny Williams; 13. Dr. Mark Moskowitz; 14. Chuck Dohm; 15. David Denham; 16. Bruce Sawicki; 17. James Stanton; 18. Jimmy Gurley; 19. Tony Carper; 20. Clay Hair; 21. John Barilka; 22. Bobby Pence; 23. Jeff Turner; 24. W. Gary Shannon.

Legends Car Pro: Pistone Teammates Take The Top Two

The Pro Division was able to complete all of its scheduled laps, one of the few features of the night that would accomplish that feat.  That feat then ended with former Legends National Champion Mark Whitley bringing home his second win of the Summer Shootout Series.
Cotton Spry  (51 Photos)
“I won the heat race and I started fifth in the main,” said Spry.  “We got to beating and banging a little bit and I finally got out front.  Overall it was pretty good.  We were beating and banging a whole lot, that’s how come so many cars got torn up.  Somebody behind me pushed me into the 15 and it turned him in front of everybody and I hate that it happened.  I don’t mind the beating and the banging, but I just hate to see cars get torn up.”

“It was pretty rough out there tonight,” added Spry.  “The track was a little bit slick from those CRASHCars running, so everybody was just running into each other.”
Mark Whitley
but the best car doesn’t always win the race.  So we will
thank the Lord for that one and look forward to next week.  I am just going to enjoy this; it’s pretty cool.  The car was good and Nick Pistone did a great job setting it up.  I am just happy to be here.”

Race Results: 1. Mark Whitley; 2. Kyle Fowler; 3. Tyler Green; 4. John Gottsacker; 5. Scott Knox; 6. Josh Gross; 7. Thomas Van Wingerden; 8. Michael Van Wingerden; 9. Duncan Molesworth; 10. Brandon Thomson; 11. Chris Eggleston; 12. Jordan Anderson; 13. Casey Roderick; 14. Ryan Lawler; 15. Cole Miktuk; 16. Chrissy Wallace; 17. Jordan Richardson; 18. Patrick McVay; 19. Brennan Poole; 20. Jeremy Kalina; 21. Jason Reisman; 22. Ben Stancill; 23. Patrick Molesworth; 24. Chris Buescher.

Thunder Roadster Feature: A Thomas Van Wingerden Replay

The Masters division topped off a great night for the Van Wingerden clan. It may have taken him nine years to finally do it, but father Tom Van Wingerden finally claimed his first-career win in the Masters Division at Lowe’s Motor Speedway. 

The Thunder Roadster race was more of the same old story.

Thomas Van Wingerden started on the back row and was able to take the lead by lap 13.  What made him taking the lead that much more significant was that he had to get by his own father to be able to bring home another victory.

Legends Car Semi-Pro:  Not So Fast, and Not So Long

The Semi Pro Legends could claim it had the shortest race of the night.  In fact, it was shorter than the heat races with only six green flag laps run before the time limit kicked in. 

In the end, it came down to a battle between teammates Austin Dillon and Paddy Rodenbeck.  It looked as though Dillon would be able to claim his first victory of the season, getting a great restart after the final caution.   His lead lasted until the third turn when Rodenbeck was able to get under him and take home the victory.

“It was a real good race until the last lap,” said Dillon.  “I got booted on the first lap and the last lap.  Paddy is my teammate, but that’s okay if he wants to race that way.  I had a good restart, he just out-motored me and beat me in the corner.  Hopefully I can get the win next week.”
Rodenbeck was pretty happy in victory lane.

“It was between me and my teammate,” said Rodenbeck.  “I hope he is not mad at me, but racing is racing, especially on the white flag lap.  I started fifth, so if I had to start in the back like I normally do, I wouldn’t have been able to do that because it wasn’t a very long feature.  I don’t know why we were wrecking so much, I guess it is just the Semi-Pro class.  We have been pretty good about it but we are just getting worse as each race goes on.”

Paddy Rodenbeck beat his teammate.
Race Results: 1. Paddy Rodenbeck; 2. Austin Dillon;
3. Justin Lloyd; 4. Darrell Wallace Jr.; 5. Matt Bowers; 6. Parker Hammons; 7. J.R. Allen; 8. Thomas Hartensveld Jr.; 9. Andrew Carlsen; 10. Daniel Hemric; 11. Josh Williams; 12. Casey Dohm; 13. Matt Walraven; 14. Garrett Lancaster; 15. Max Gresham; 16. Kara Clarke; 17. Jake Crum; 18. Brett Butler; 19. Dennis Kiser; 20. Casey Callaway; 21. Scott Ward; 22. John Stancill; 23. Mitchell Coble; 24. Jake Dallenbach.

Bandolero Young Guns:  No Jumping The Gun With The Young Guns

Daniel Hemric was able to bring home his first victory at Lowe’s Motor Speedway after getting the lead on lap 12 of the feature event. 

It wasn’t an easy win though.  He had to race Kendall Sellers the last few laps in order to preserve his victory.  They put on a good, clean show of racing as they got all 20 laps of racing in, one of the few clean shows of the night.

Hemric (03) leads the field.
“It was amazing,” said Hemric.  “Last week, we led 16 laps and finished second.  This week we were able to lead everything and them come home with the win.  I wasn’t scared, just relaxed and brought it home.  It’s my first win at Lowe’s Motor Speedway and my second win ever.  I have been doing this for four years and I am also racing legends cars.  It’s just challenging getting back into these, but it is great to bring home the win.”

Race Results: 1. Daniel Hemric; 2. Ryan Glenski; 3. Kendall Sellers; 4. Cameron Collins; 5. Matthew Stover;
“Yeah I didn’t think I was going to be able to get up there,” said Turner. “At one of the cautions I took the choose and got up to fourth.  Honeycutt and Benson were leading and then on the back stretch they got together.  I don’t know what Honeycutt did but he just turned down on Bruce and put him in the wall.

“I hate to win it like that, but take em’ like you can get em’ and it was a good run for our team.” 

Josh Turner.
“There were a lot of cautions,” said Bell.  “This is my first win of the season and I am really excited.

After starting on the pole, Bell would have to defend his first position on every single restart.  And there were lots of restarts as there were plenty of cautions and red flags in this race for cars spinning and crashing everywhere.

“I had a lot of people behind us,” added Bell. “I was kind of panicking a little bit, because they were all there but I had a really good run and it is so cool to bring home my first win of the summer shootout.”
“Every week it gets tougher and tougher,” said Van Wingerden.  “I had to move my dad out of the way this time.  But it was a good race.  It’s fun to try and pass all those people and it’s fun to win, but sometimes you just gotta go.”

Race Results: 1. Thomas Van Wingerden; 2. Ryan Zeck; 3. Jim Gresham; 4. Tom Van Wingerden; 5. Kyle Beattie; 6. Michael Van Wingerden; 7. Roger Simons; 8. Eric Harrington; 9. Ed Evans; 10. Dana White.
Cody Bell brought home his first SS win.
Race Results: 1. Josh Turner; 2. Dawn Eagans; 3. Amanda Harrell; 4. Marcus Limehouse; 5. Jake Morris; 6. Chris Morgan; 7. Charles Long Jr.; 8. Bailey Freeman; 9. Benny Mingo; 10. Nathan Rodgers; 11. T.J. Hicks; 12. Bruce Benson II; 13. Ashleigh Wilkins; 14. Chris Honeycutt; 15. Kara Clarke; 16. Duke Furr; 17. Trevor Cauble; 18. Tim Keener.

Bandolero Bandits: Bell Brings Home the Bacon

Laying claim to the second shortest feature of the night, was the Bandolero Bandits race.  And when the eight lap feature was over after it reached time it’s time limit, it had Cody Bell bringing home his first win of the Summer Shootout.  He was able to dodge the numerous cautions and red flags and bring home his car unscathed.
John Gottsacker led early, with plenty of good, clean racing between he and teammate Whitley as the laps begin to wind down.  Whitley got by Gottsacker on lap eight and never looked back. 

“I don’t know; I tell you I didn’t think we had the car to do it,” said Whitley.  “Without a teammate like Gottsacker up there racing me clean, but racing me hard, we probably would have messed up each other hard.  (Kyle) Fowler was coming hard.  I think he probably had the best car,

6. Zac Kittle; 7. Sam McAulay; 8. Trevor Farbo; 9. Austin Hill; 10. Dylan Pack; 11. Ryan Blaney; 12. Sloan Henderson; 13. Timmy Hill; 14. Ty Dillon; 15. Christopher Moore; 16. Kenny Brown; 17. Ryan Rust; 18. Jordan Coker; 19. Jimmy Heavlow; 20. Tyler Fedrizzi; 21. Brett Pepicelli; 22. John Stancill; 23. William Cunningham; 24. Kyle Pierce.

Bandolero Outlaws:  Turner Cuts Through Accident and Takes Home Trophy

While there was plenty of action all throughout the Bandolero Outlaws race, including a red flag after Duke Furr spun in front of the field, collected some cars and lost his tire, the main action happened in the very last lap.

Bruce Benson and Chris Honeycutt were fighting for the lead side-by-side.  On the backstretch, contact was made between the two competitors and both ended up damaged.  That allowed Josh Turner to get by and bring home his first win of the Summer Shootout Series.

Thomas won, again.
Race Results: 1. Evan Bell; 2. Stephanie Beane; 3. Stephen Bergh Jr.; 4. Kyle Benjamin; 5. Corey Gordon; 6. Cody Blackburn; 7. Clint King; 8. Ronnie Bassett Jr.; 9. Maxx Bennett; 10. Andrew Lloyd; 11. Mason Massey; 12. Dylan Presnell; 13. Bodie Bellinger; 14. Tyler Hill; 15. Blake Jones; 16. Jacob Harrell; 17. Joshua Langley; 18. Landon Bullock; 19. Grayson York; 20. Brock Newsom; 21. Hayden Reeves; 22. Corey LaJoie; 23. Layne Clifton; 24. Noah Clark.


The CRASHCars put on some of the cleanest racing of the night.  A strong improvement for these guys.  Barrels were rolling and past winners were spinning.  In the end it was NITEMARE who finished on top, over multiple time winner INVADER, with Jeremy Troiano in AREA 51 coming in third.
“Darryl is the usual driver but he’s on vacation,” said substitute driver Randy Burris.  “I’m just the guy that works on them usually.  It’s a good feeling to win.  It’s been a long time since I was in a car that won a race.  I’ve been driving for about 25 years, asphalt and dirt but I haven’t done this in a long time.”

Final Results pending at time of story.

Nitemare stole the show.