SHORT TRACKERS PICK THE SUPER BOWL WINNERS  by Jeremy Troiano, Matt Kentfield & Mike Twist
Pittsburgh An Overwhelming Favorite Among Drivers
Pick: Pittsburgh. 
“I hate to say it.  This year, it isn’t that bad.  Jerome Bettis and Ben Roethlisberger and the rest of them aren’t that bad.  It’s a good story.  Overall I’ve never liked the Steelers.  I’ve never been a Browns or Bengals fan, but I just never liked the Steelers.  Growing up, I never liked the Steelers or Cowboys.  But I think Pittsburgh will win it.

JOHNNY BRAZIER, Super Late Models
Pick: Pittsburgh
“I’d like to see Seattle win, but Pittsburgh looks awful tough.  The way they’ve played the last three games, they look too god.  I’d love to see Seattle win because I’m a big Shaun Alexander fan from his days in Alabama.
Then, Seattle had never been there and they are kind of the underdog.  I like to pull for the underdog.” 

Pick: Pittsburgh
“I could really kind of care less, being that the Panthers and Patriots are out.  I work with a bunch of Pittsburgh Steelers fans at Speed Channel.  I went through the Pittsburgh airport this morning and I was really impressed with the passion of the Pittsburgh Steelers fans compared to a lot of other areas of the country, so I’m taking the Steelers because the Seahawks are one of the most hated teams in all football.”

CHARLIE MENARD, Super Late Models
Pick: Seattle
“Mike Holmgren is their coach.  He used to be the Packers coach.  That is my Wisconsin tie.  Enough said.”
JACK LANDIS, Super Late Models
Pick: Pittsburgh
“I don’t know.  I’m sure someone will win.  No, just kidding.  If I say anyone other than the Steelers, I will have family issues.  I better be cheering for the Steelers, but I’ll want the underdog to win.”

BURT MYERS, Whelen Southern Modified Tour
Pick: Steelers
“I’m a Redskins fan, but my momma is a big Steelers fan, so we’re going to be wearing the black and yellow this weekend.  Heck, if I didn’t cheer for the Steelers I’d be in some kind of trouble with momma.”

CHUCK BARNES, Super Late Models
Pick: Louisville?
believe they played the best of those four teams that were in those playoffs.  I’m not really rooting for either one of them since the Panthers are out.  I’ll pick one of them when the game starts because someone will be the underdog and I’ll root for them.  Talent wise, I think the Seahawks will win.

FAIN SKINNER, Super Late Models
Pick: Pittsburgh
“I don’t even know who is in it.  I’d like to see Pittsburgh.  It has been a while since they’ve won it.  I know, Settle has never won it, but I like Pittsburgh.”

Pick: Steelers
“I think I’ll go for the Steelers.  They’re a pretty tough team and they’re due.  They’ve been pretty good for the last four or five years so I think they’re the ones to beat.”

Pick: Seattle
“Oh man.  I don’t really have a pick because I’m not really into football.  If it has four wheels…or any wheels at all…and a motor, I’ll be watching it.  But, I’m not big on watching any other sports.  I don’t even know who is in it.  The Seahawks and who?  I’ll say the Seahawks because that is the only team that I know.” 

Wayne Willard (left) is pulling for
Gary St. Amant is going to pull for Pittsburgh, despite not liking them.
“I don’t really know who I like in the Super Bowl.  Unless the Louisville basketball team shows up I really don’t care.”

Pick: Pittsburgh
“You mean someone other than the New England Patriots will win this year?  I honestly don’t know a thing about football, but I’ll go with Pittsburgh.  The state of Pennsylvania has two native Modified champions this year in Tony and Matt Hirschman, so they might as well ad a Super Bowl win for the trifecta.”

Pick: Pittsburgh
“I’ll pull for the Seahawks, but I think Pittsburgh will win it.  I’d like to see the Seahawks win it.  But the only reason I care about that is because they beat the Panthers, so I’d like to see them beat the Steelers.  I think the damn coach Pittsburgh is so mean, if he has to get in there and make a touchdown himself, he will.  No one wants to mess with him.”

TIM BRYANT, Five Flags Speedway
Pick: Pittsburgh
“Because of Roethlisberger… the guy is on a roll.  He just came out of the box smoking and things are going his way.  I’m a sports buff.  I follow everything.  I am so excited about the Super Bowl.  On Monday, we’ll start issuing press releases for racing.  Our website has been purposely stagnant because there is so much emphasis on the Super Bowl. Society in general goes from one sport to the next.  Daytona typically kicks off racing and four weeks later, we’ll be racing.”
JOSH HAMNER, Super Late Models
Pick: Seattle
“I am going to stick with them because of our Alabama connection, with Shaun Alexander.  We gotta stick with our Alabama boys.”

KEVIN HAMLIN, Former Northwest Series Champion
Pick: Seattle
“Because I say so.  I think they have a strong team.  I am defiantly no football expert, but they have won the last two Super Bowls on my Madden game.  So they have to do it in real life.”

DOUG COBY, NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour
Pick: Pittsburgh
“I think the Steelers are going to win.  Anyone who would pick against a team that just won at Cincinnati, at Indy,
and at Denver is either crazy or stupid.  It's like picking against Tony Hirschman to win the Mod Tour title, you just don't do it, and if someone else manages to pull it off then good for them, but you still pick Tony Hirschman. I also like the Steelers this year because my friend from college and her husband grew up and live in Pittsburgh, so they're huge Steelers fans.  I've never seen people so dedicated to one freakin’ football team as Steelers fans are...even when they suck.”

TYLER HAYDT, NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour
Pick: Pittsburgh
“Because I’m from Pennsylvania, man.”

BRENDAN BENDELE, Super Late Models
Pick: Pittsburgh
“I want Seattle to win, but I think Pittsburgh’s going to win.  I’ll be cheering for Seattle though.  I just think they’re the underdogs and it’d be cool to see the underdog win.  I don’t really even have a favorite team.  I keep it straight, I’m a fair-weather fan.”

CHARLIE BRADBERRY, Southeast Series, Super Late Models
Pick: Toss up
“Who’s playin’?  Man, I keep up with racing.  I don’t know who’s in the Super Bowl.  Is Carolina playing?  Then I’ll go with Carolina.  Pittsburgh and Seattle?  Neither one of them are from the South.  I don’t really know.  I guess I’ll just flip a coin.”
Jack Landis is going to Pittsburgh as well.
Josh Hamner is one of the few drivers pulling for the Seahawks.
WAYNE WILLARD, Hooters Pro Cup
Pick: Pittsburgh
“I’m going for Pittsburgh.  I just think their defense right now is playing so good that they’re going to be so tough on the Seattle quarterback.  I think that is going to leave it up to the Seattle running game, leaving it up to Alexander.  He’s been so good all year but he’ll have to step it up even more in the Super Bowl.  I’m thinking Pittsburgh will win by two touchdowns.”

FREDDIE QUERY, Super Late Models
Pick: Seattle
“Well, it isn’t going to be the (Carolina) Panthers.  Actually, from what I saw in the two playoff games, I would tend to be a Pittsburg fan.  My son is a big Pittsburgh fan, but I believe the Seahawks are going to win it.  Because of what I saw in those two games, I
Pick: Seahawks
“I’m gonna go with the Seahawks because they kicked the Panthers’ ass.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m actually a Panthers fan because I live there now.  I thought the Panthers were doing pretty well so if the Seahawks can whoop them then they have to be pretty stout.”

Pick: Pittsburgh
“I’d like to see the Seahawks win but I think the Steelers are going to be tough to beat.  It should be a good game but I always like the underdog story.  I’m a San Diego Chargers fan and they did a little bit better this year, but hopefully someday they’ll get back there.”

RYAN TEDESCO, Super Late Models
Pick: Pittsburgh
“I’m going with Pittsburgh.  It’s close to home (New Philadelphia, Ohio), probably only two hours away.  I’m a much bigger race fan than football fan.  If there’s football on and racing on at the same time I’m going to be watching racing.  I’ll be watching the Super Bowl, though and rooting for the Steelers.” 
Pick: Pittsburgh
“Who do I like in the what?  Oh, the Super Bowl.  Who’s playing?  Well, I guess I’ll go for Pittsburgh.  I’m not a really big football fan.  I think my grandparents knew Terry Bradshaw so that can be why I say Pittsburgh.   I know I’m scraping at the bottom of the barrel to find a reason to cheer for one over the other.”

Pick: Pittsburgh
“I don’t watch football, man.  Pittsburgh.  It’s just the one I want.  I don’t care.  I care about racing.”

EDDIE VAN METER, Super Late Models
Pick: Pittsburgh
”I’d have to say Pittsburgh simply because they beat the Colts.  I almost have to be an anti-Colts fan.  I’m from Indiana and most people I work with are Colts fans.  The secretary is a huge Colts fan.  I don’t watch much football but I will watch the Colts just so I can rub it in their face when they lose.”

Pick: Pittsburgh
“I’m a New Englander and a big Patriots fan, so I’m going to root for the Steelers for the sole fact that they’re never able to beat the Patriots in the playoffs.  They perennially choke against my boys in the playoffs.  In a way I feel bad for the Steelers so I’d like them to win one.  Plus since I’ve been living in the Charlotte area for a year now and the Seahawks killed the Panthers, there’s no way I could show my face around my friends that are Panther fans if I was to cheer for the Seahawks.”

Travis Kittleson is also pulling for the Seahawks.
It's that time again.  The biggest “unofficial” holiday of the year.  Yep... Super Bowl Sunday.  And for the non-football fans out there, you know what that means?  That means racing season is just around the corner and they can finally come out of their shells after a winter's hibernation.

But to a lot of people, football and racing mix well.  Their biggest leagues share Sunday afternoons and its participants are regarded as some of the best and most well-trained athletes in all of sports.  Plus, they may be two of the most dangerous sports in the country.

But as the big game approaches (Pittsburgh Steelers vs. Seattle Seahawks this Sunday), we thought we'd get a feel of who the racers are looking to win, why and what some of them are going to be doing.