Rogers Goes First “Overall,” Logano Top “Underclassman” Pick
FIRST ROUND (Picks 1-6)
- With the 1st pick of the 2006 Short Track Draft, Team One selects Clay Rogers from the USAR Hooters Pro Cup Series.  Team Owner’s Outlook: “He’s been there before and we think he can get there again.  He’s worthy of our number one pick.”

- With the 2nd pick of the 2006 Short Track Draft, Team Two selects Jason Hogan from the NASCAR Southeast Series.  Team Owner’s Outlook: “He has all of the traits needed to hit it big; the attitude, the respect, the patience tempered with aggression when needed and a boatload of talent.  He’s ready now.”

- With the 3rd pick of the 2006 Short Track Draft, Team Three selects Jimmy Blewett from the Modified
ranks.  Team Owner’s Outlook: “In the Modifieds, he’s a bull in a china shop and we like that kind of attitude on the racetrack.”

- With the 4th pick of the 2006 Short Track Draft, Team Four selects Shane Huffman from the USAR Hooters Pro Cup Series.  Team Owner’s Outlook: “We feel he’s the best there is in the short track world and he’s a steal as the fourth overall pick.”
- With pick 11, Team Five selects Tim McCreadie from the WoO Late Model Series.  “The kid has proved he can win in just about every kind of car he gets in and he’s and hell of a nice guy to boot.”

- With pick 12, Team Six selects Chase Pistone from the USAR Pro Cup world.  “Talented in everything he gets behind the wheel of, whether a legends car or a Pro Cup car.”

ROUND THREE (Picks 13-18)
- With pick 13, Team One selects Peyton Sellers from the NASCAR West Series.  “He was so good in Late Models, we can’t pass him up.  He’s doing it again in big cars.  We think he’s a steal.”

- With pick 14, Team Two selects Corey Williams
- With pick 8, Team Two selects Chuck Barnes Jr. from the Super Late Model & CRA ranks.  “He’s smooth, quiet and gets the job done.  He’s another driver with the right attitude and he doesn’t tear up equipment.”

- With pick 9, Team Three selects Charlie Bradberry from the Super Late Model ranks.  “He’s a proven winner who’s been on the verge and ready to bust out.”

- With pick 10, Team Four selects Eddie MacDonald from the Busch East Series. “Another case of too much talent, not enough money.  We’ll give him his shot.
Justin Diercks went as the fifth pick in the first round.
Clay Rogers is the first overall pick in the "NFL Style" Speed51.com draft.  (51 Photos)
from PASS North.  “He might be under the radar of many talent scouts so far, but he won’t be for long.  The kid has all of the potential in the world.”

- With pick 15, Team Three selects Tim Russell from Super Late Models and ARCA.  “He’s on his way up and this is going to be the biggest year of his career.”
- With pick 16, Team Four selects Johnny Clark from PASS North.  “We think anyone that can come to Concord and scare Freddie Query to death is worth of a big league shot.”

- With pick 17, Team Five selects Chase Miller from the ARCA RE/MAX Series.  “A coupe of years ago, when we first heard of him, we didn’t know what he could do.  Now, he’s proven in either good equipment or sub-par equipment, he can run up front.”

- With pick 18, Team Six selects Matt Hirschman from the Modified ranks.  “It’s in the genes baby.  Who can beat a championship driver and championship crew chief?”

ROUND FOUR (Picks 19-24)
- With pick 19, Team One selects Josh Wise from USAC Sprint Cars.  “This kid really has the raw talent.  Anyone looking for the next big Sprint Car driver needs to look no further than this one.”

- With pick 20, Team Two selects Cassius Clark from PASS North. “He might be a little rough around the edges, but lacks nothing went it comes to ability.  A good coach/mentor will take him far.”
- With pick 21, Team Three selects Jeremy Pate from the Super Late Model & Pro Cup ranks.  “We see a lot of raw talent in him, we just need to harness it to our style.”

- With pick 22, Team Four selects Woody Howard from the USAR Hooters Pro Cup Series.  “Woody might be quiet and to himself out of the car, but in the car, everyone knows he on the track.”

- With pick 23, Team Five selects Andy Seuss from the Modified ranks.  “One word; grittiness.  This kid has it.  And the old school family operation does what it takes to get the best finish on a limited budget.”
Tim McCreadie can win in anything and goes with the 11th pick in our second round.
Johnny Clark is smart both behind the wheel and on the pit box.
- With the 5th pick of the 2006 Short Track Draft, Team Five selects Justin Diercks from the NASCAR Midwest & ARCA Series.  Team Owner’s Outlook: “Looks, talent, drive; he’s got it all.  And anyone that can beat Steve Carlson has to be able to make it big.”

- With the 6th pick of the 2006 Short Track Draft, Team Six selects Donny Lia from the ARCA and Modified ranks.  Team Owner’s Outlook: “He’s proved he’s a real wheel man.  He’s our number one guy.”

ROUND TWO (Picks 7-12)
- With pick 7, Team One selects Travis Kittleson from the Super Late Model ranks.  “We don’t care about his age.  This guy has the talent.”
- With pick 24, Team Six selects Levi Jones from USAC.  “One of the more talented open wheel guys out there.  Look out for those Sprint Car guys.”

ROUND FIVE (Picks 25-30)
- With pick 25, Team One selects Darren Hagen from USAC.  “Only driver ever to win two Rookie of the Year titles in one season?  And he can speak well and has the looks.  He’s a great pickup for any team.”

- With pick 26, Team Two selects Jay Middleton from the Super Late Model ranks.  “He is possibly the best young driver out there when it comes to adapting to new tracks and different types of car quickly.”
- With pick 27, Team Three selects Auggie Vidovich from the NASCAR Southwest and West Divisions.  “He’s a victim of the East Coast bias.  He’s show a lot of ability out west.”

- With pick 28, Team Four selects Pete Sheppard from Super Late Models, ARCA, CASCAR and others.  “They say they want diversity?  Well, we’ll give this hotshot Canadian a big shot in the future.”

- With pick 29, Team Five selects Jeremy Clements from ARCA.  “He’s another Tim McCreadie.”

- With pick 30, Team Six selects Mike Andrews Jr. from the Modifieds.  “He’s our dark horse, surprise pick.”
Two-time Pro Cup winner Joey Logano was the top pick in the Underclassmen draft.
The NFL Draft is annual the biggest of all professional sports drafts.  Just like years in the past here at Speed51.com, we’ve announced our annual “Short Track Draft” to coincide with NFL version.  The top 25 picks, as selected by a panel of experts, will be announced on Monday. 

First, check out a new features for 2006: the Prelim Draft.

This year, in addition to our regular “Short Track Draft,” we were inspired by the NFL version to do a “real” draft.  Six members of the Speed51.com draft gathered in a room and drafted their teams.  Like a real draft, when one driver was gone, he was gone.  Each person had their own idea of what they wanted and who they wanted.

The theme behind the draft was simple.  You are the owner of a NASCAR team (either Cup, Busch or Truck).  You get five drivers, plus one “underclassman” (a development driver under the age of 18), to start out your team with.   Who will you choose?

A random “draft order” was determined, and Team One was one the clock.
- With the 1st pick in the underclassmen round, Team Six selects Joey Logano (15 years old) from the USAR Hooters Pro Cup Series.  “The only way he won’t make it is if he quits.”

- With the 2nd pick in the underclassmen round, Team Four selects Landon Cassill (16 years old) from the ASA Late Model & Super Late Model ranks.  “He might be flamboyant, but we think this Iowa teen is one of the best whenever he gets on any track, anywhere.”

- With the 3rd pick in the underclassmen round, Team Three selects Trevor Bayne (15 years old) from the USAR Hooters Pro Cup Series.  “He’s the next big thing ”
Levi Jones was the second USAC driver taken.
in Pro Cup and there are plenty of big things in Pro Cup that have made it.

- With the 4th pick in the underclassmen round, Team One selects Bryan Clauson (16 years old) from the USAC Sprint Cars.  “This youngster has a lot of talent at a very young age.  And he proves it by earning record after record in whatever he drives.”

- With the 5th pick in the underclassmen round, Team Five selects Zach Stroupe (13 years old) from Pro Challenge and Legend Car ranks. “He’s got the aggression and patience of a seasoned veteran.  He’s very mature for his age.”
- With the 6th pick in the underclassmen round, Team Two selects Will Kimmel (17 years old) from the Late Model ranks.  “He comes from the bloodline of a champion and has already shown signs of inheriting that talent.  Worth taking a gamble on.”


Team One
Clay Rogers
Travis Kittleson
Peyton Sellers
Josh Wise
Darren Hagen
Bryan Clauson   (underclassman)

Team Two
Jason Hogan
Chuck Barnes Jr.
Corey Williams
Cassius Clark
Jay Middleton
Will Kimmel   (underclassman)

Team Three
Jimmy Blewett
Charlie Bradberry
Tim Russell 
Jeremy Pate 
Auggie Vidovich
Trevor Bayne   (underclassman)

Team Four
Shane Huffman
Eddie MacDonald
Johnny Clark 
Woody Howard
Pete Sheppard 
Landon Cassill   (underclassman)

Team Five
Justin Diercks
Tim McCreadie
Chase Miller 
Andy Seuss
Jeremy Clements
Zach Stroupe   (underclassman)

Team Six
Donny Lia
Chase Pistone
Matt Hirschman
Levi Jones
Mike Andrews Jr.
Joey Logano   (underclassman)

Will Kimmel (top), Jeremy Clements (center) and Chase Miller (bottom) are on people's lists.