Top-51 Picks from Short Track World by Panel of 15
32) Doug Coby (NASCAR Modifieds)
Strength: Just proved he can win the big one by capturing the historic Spring Sizzler at Stafford Motor Speedway in CT.  He’s young and marketable.
Weakness: Has been involved in controversial incidents on the racetrack and is competing on the tough NASCAR Modified world where it’s hard to shine.

33) Jeff Fultz (Hooters Pro Cup Series)
Strength: One of the best pure racers in the country.  He’s a Pro Cup rookie but the all-time winningest driver on NASCAR’s Southeast Series.
Weakness: Too old.

34) Jamie Caudill (UARA)
Strength: He can win at any track he shows up at in a Late Model stock, which proves something.
Weakness: At age 35, he’s past his “NASCAR” prime.

35) Tim Schendel (NASCAR Midwest Series & Super Late Models) 
Strength: Fits the Matt Kenseth mold.  Hands-on racer who matured in Wisconsin’s ultra-competitive Late Model world.
Weakness: His age – 27.

36) Benny Gordon (Hooters Pro Cup Series)
Strength: One of the top-team / driver combinations in Pro Cup.  He’s savvy and doesn’t take any BS on the racetrack.  Last year’s Hooters Pro Cup champion.
Weakness: Has been noted as too cocky for his own good.

37) Eddie MacDonald (NASCAR Busch East Series) 
Strength: Has shined on a limited budget in NASCAR’s Busch North Series.  He’s got the potential.
Weakness: Needs to win more often to shed the title of a driver with potential.

38) Corey Williams (PASS North)
Strength: He’s got a great personality, has a strong Yankee work ethic and raw talent. 
Weaknesses: As of now, he’s got no big steel-bodied car or big track experience. 

39) Frank Deiny Jr. (Late Model Stock Cars)
Strength: He’s one of the guys to beat in the Mid-Atlantic Late Model Stock Car world and the successes of both Hamlin and Almirola have helped pick his stock back up again.
Weakness: He’s been higher on the board in past years.  Needs to break out of LMSC.
Doug Coby recently won the Spring Sizzler at Stafford and that made his stock jump.  (Ken Spring Photo)
Here is a list of the remainder of the top-51 drivers selected in this year's Short Track Draft.

27) Jeff Choquette (FASCAR)
Strength: He reminds us of the other USC running back, Lendell White – a late round steal from the tough Florida Super Late Model world.
Weakness: He reminds us of Lendell White, out of shape and kind of cocky.
40) Brad Coleman (ARCA)
Strength: Already on the BREWCO Motorsports program, but another open-wheel standout that is showing some prowess in full-bodied stock cars.
Weakness: Needs more full-bodied experience.  Who is he?

41) Chuck Hossfeld (NASCAR Modifieds)
Strength: Brute-strength.  He can wheel a Modified with the best of them.
Weakness: He’s already had a shot, with Roush in the Craftsman Truck Series.

42) Andrew Rogers (Hooters Pro Cup Series) –
Strength: Great personality and strong adaptation to any racecar.  Great long-term project for any team.  He can make it big.
Weakness: He still acts young and needs to win in Pro Cup this year with Shane Huffman’s former team.
Brad Coleman (left) has made a splash in just two race in ARCA this year.
43) Darren Hagen (USAC)
Strength: Versatile driver has won both USAC Spring and Midget Rookie of the Year titles in the same season
Weakness:  The Sprint Car world has a lot of young stars… what sets him apart?

44) Casey Smith (USRA)
Strength: Blue-collared racer, who is young and understands his machines.
Weakness: Disappeared off the racing charts for a while after the demise of the ASA Nat’l Tour.

45) Jeff Lane (CRA Super Series)
Strength: In the Midwest, he might be the very best there is in Super Late Models
Weakness:  His age – he’s a might young 42 years old.
46) Josh Hamner (NASCAR Southeast Series & Super Late Models)
Strength: Pure racing talent.  Comes from a racing family with a lot of history from Alabama.  Speaks very well.  BAMA Super Series champ last year.
Weakness: Just needs more seat-time and more races.

47) Kelly Bires (ASA Late Models)
Strength: He’s with the potent WalTom Racing team which could lead to a lot of wins.
Weakness:  He’s got to live up to the high expectations of Stephen Leicht. 

48) Jeremy Pate (Super Late Models)
Strength: Goes for broke any time he hits the racetrack.  100% determined.
Josh Hamner has a lot of potential, but more seat time could help.
Weakness: Needs to get more serious about his racing commitment and cut back on having too much fun away from the track.

49) Jimmy Blewett (NASCAR Modifieds) 
Strength: There’s nobody tougher in this entire draft.  He’s still learning, but getting better by the minute.
Weakness: New Jersey “Sopranos” demeanor.

50) Brad Rogers (Hooters Pro Cup Series) 
Strength: Brother of Clay Rogers is a hard-nosed, go-for-broke style racer.
Weakness: Needs to follow in his brothers footsteps and learn from his mistakes.

51) Matt Jaskol (ASA Trucks)
Strength: He drives anything and wins…only driver to ever win ASA Speed Truck ROY and Championship in same season.
Weakness: He’s another West Coaster and his time on the “Driver X” TV show made him look cocky.

30) Sean Caisse (NASCAR Busch East Series)
Strength: Drive and determination.  He won’t let anything stand in his way to accomplishing his mission.  ’05 Busch North Rookie of the Year.
Weakness: Has got a reputation for being too arrogant.

31) Andrew Morrissey (NASCAR Midwest Series)
Strength: Young and unbridled racing talent, plus he’ll get plenty of lessons while racing against Steve Carlson.  See Justin Diercks.
Weakness: Needs some PR help and racing in the Midwest Series, not as much talent as there used to be. 
28) Chase Pistone (Hooters Pro Cup Series & Legends Cars)
Strength: Comes from a big racing background and has all three of the CSLs – confidence, speed and looks.
Weakness: Too wrapped up in the Legends Car racing world and a little rough on the track from time to time.

29) Jeff Jefferson (NASCAR Northwest Series)
Strength: A tough guy with a good personality.  You wouldn’t want to mess with him on the racetrack or the pit area afterwards.  Two-time NASCAR Northwest champ.
Weakness: He’s also victim of the “West Coast” new crunch.  Even worse… the Northwest.

Chase Pistone  (51 Photos)
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