Several Drivers Try, But No One Can Beat Hot Young Shoe
Lanier National Speedway in Georgia is one of the fastest short tracks that Legends Cars will race on each year.  The high-banks at Lanier on a chilly night made it extremely difficult to pass.  Those who were successful in passing did it mostly with the aid of the car’s front bumper. 
Fowler quickly regrouped and chased the front two down.  As if he was pretending he was racing at Talladega Superspeedway like the Nextel Cup drivers were the same weekend, Fowler bump drafted Buescher to the lead on lap 19.  Roderick was kicked back to second, as Fowler couldn’t complete the pass.  Just a few laps later, however, Roderick was back on top.  Buescher, Fowler and Doug Stevens raced bumper-to-bumper for the remainder of the race, with each taking peeks high and low to pass one another. 

None of the top-four were able to make a pass of each other, however, as Roderick hung for the win.  He was no stranger to Lanier’s victory lane, but to win on such a big stage was a thrill for the young driver.
On a night where passing by bumping was the norm, the top-four drivers in the Legends Pro division at Lanier during the Asphalt National showed that racing is possible and a whole lot of fun.  In the end, though, nobody had enough to overtake young Casey Roderick.  The 2006 Legends Pro champion at Lowe’s Motor Speedway’s Summer Shootout Series showed that even months after the end of the Shootout, he still was the guy to beat in the division.

Roderick started fourth, but quickly made his way to the lead.  Texas-native Chris Buescher was stuck to Roderick’s bumper early in the race, allowing the two to check out a bit from third-place Kyle Fowler. 
The trophy for most of the drivers was bigger than the driver themselves, much like it was for Roderick. (51 photo)
Casey Roderick (#47) takes the checkers in the Pro Division at Lanier. (Future Pros Photos)
“This is my fourth win here, but I’ve never won a National deal and it feels awesome.  I was in tears on that last lap.  I almost lost it, but I came through.”

Roderick knew that Fowler, Buescher and Stevens were ready to take advantage if he slipped up, so he stayed focus on the task at hand and captured the biggest win of his still-young career.

“I just stayed focused and on the restart I just did all I could.  A couple of them almost got me.  A little slip and I would’ve lost the win, but I stayed out front and sealed the deal.”

Fowler did everything he could to pass Roderick, but came up just a bit short in second.  Buescher, Stevens and Brandon Thomson rounded out the top-five.
1. Casey Roderick
2. Kyle Fowler
3. Chris Buscher
4. Doug Stevens
5. Brandon Thomson
6. Johnny Gottsacker
7. Scott Moseley
8. Mark Marino
9. JC Unscheid
10 .Jeremy Kalina
11. T. Van Wingerden
12. JD Trenary
13. Chris Eggleston
14. Andrew Smith
15. Jeremy Cook
16. Connor Cantrell
17. Nick Pistone
18. Jason Reisman
19. Brennan Poole
20. Casey Tate
21. Ryan Meldrum
22. Ryan Paul
23. Chris Wilson
24. Roger Austin
25. Dirk Henry
26. Tony Steffen
27. Chris Seavey
28. Gene Cannon
29. Chris Bakaj
30. Mark Bakaj
31. Michael Van Wingerden
32. JR Goess
33. Brian McArdel
34. Patrick Molesworth
35. Scott Marino