Bob: I understand your point on little Hirchy, plus he's still got plenty of eligibility ahead of him.

Jeremy: I'm outing Rowe... he's just too old to be our 51-eisman.  He couldn't mimic the pose even if he wanted to!

Duke: I think it'd be great to have the 51-eisman take Mike Rowe's shape...that'd be unique

Jeremy: I'm going to agree on Hirschy.  He's a goner.  He's good, but still maybe a year away from being a 51-eisman winner.  Thanks for coming Hirschy.

Bob: Anyone second Cassill?

Duke: I will...he's got plenty of time ahead of him too

Bob: Norris has got to go, he played in the MAC too this year.  And heck, he's based in ACC territory and that league isn't all that strong this year either.

Duke: Norris has talent, but only played about a half-season compared to everyone else. 

Jeremy: Norris is sent home again!   

Bob: Somebody shot JR again!
Where College Football and Short Track Racing Meet Head-On
Jeremy Troiano:  Well, we need to come up with our finalists.  I'll throw my first candidate in the hat... Tim Schendel

Matt “Duke” Kentfield: Tim had a good season, no doubt.  A couple of big wins and championships.  I just don't know if he had the real impact that Heisman-caliber players need to have

Bob: Not bad Herbstreet - Tim won the Toyota Showdown at Irwindale and the NASCAR Midwest Series this year, but how much competition did he have in the Midwest this year?

Duke: Winning in pretty much any of NASCAR's Elite Divisions this year is like being the champion of the Western Athletic Conference.  One or two good teams...and a bunch of "I didn't know that was even a school" kind of guys

Jeremy: When you race against Steve Carlson... and beat him... you've beat some stout competition.  That's like beating Notre Dame though.

Bob: But the Elite Series in NASCAR just wasn't super strong this year.  I agree I think Schendel should be a nominee though.

Bob: How 'bout the UCONN football fan - does he have a nominee?  Have they ever had a Heisman candidate?
Duke: Yeah...Ray Allen, Rip Hamilton and Emeka Okafor...oh wait, that's basketball.  Well our best-ever QB backs up whatever schmo is QB for the Detroit Lions now.  Anyways, I’ll represent for the Northerners, even though I relocated to the South now...kinda like my nominee Mike Rowe

Bob: I like Rowe - but is he eligible?  He's too old to be in college, isn't he?

Duke: He took college-aged kids like Ryan Lawler to school this year.

Jeremy: Yes, but he’s got to be the equivalent of a 18th-year senior.  Remember Chris Weinke???  Not bad, but maybe not 51-eisman worthy.  I don't think Mike could strike the pose!
Duke: Remember one of the last outside-stock car driver RCR signed?  How is Sarah Fisher’s career these days?

Jeremy: Can anyone say "Charlie Ward????"

Bob: Shane Clanton (yes, it's Joey Clanton's little bro) almost stole the spotlight from him at the end of the year, but he still won the WoO Dirt Late Model title. Kind of like the whole Chris Leak/Tim Tebow thing at Florida.

Bob: Does the soliciting of outside help violate the 51-eisman eligibility rules? I want a ruling here

Jeremy: Depends who the outside help is coming from.  If he's signed, he loses eligibility!  That's my ruling.
Duke: He's good...but no Barefoot Bob.  With that said, he had a year unlike any other.  A lot of people knew the name, but with his Chili Bowl win and a bunch of other big-time wins on dirt, the kid has got a shot at something big.

Jeremy: A shot?  Isn't he already signed by Richard Childress Racing?  In the college world, that's a way to get thrown out... signing with an agent before the year is out.
Mike Rowe as a college player???  We're also not sure if appearing in victory lane with judge Bob Dillner helped or hurt him in this exercise.
Tim Schendel was the first name mentioned by the 51 panel.
Jeremy: Yeah.. I don't think it would be great for Carson Palmer to come back and play again in college.

Duke: Not many people remember it because he didn't meet much success... Clay proved this year that he's legit, it's just too bad he's about four or five years too late.

Bob: Hell, if we're going to nominate Clay, let's throw Mike Stefanik's name in the mix.  I mean, that guy is "The Man."  He's a nine-time NASCAR Touring division champ.  That ties legend Richie Evans.

Jeremy: But Stefanik doesn't do anything to impress the voters.  He wins championships, but who ever pays attention to him.  He's the quiet one.  If he had TC's mouth, he'd be on the map for sure.

Duke: how many wins did he have this year?  Nobody remembers the 1-11 teams in football.

Bob: TC is like Keyshawn Johnson, except TC doesn't drop balls.  He's got plenty of them though.

Jeremy: I'll throw in another name.  He's not pretty, but he gets the job done.... Donny Schatz.

Bob: Forget that, he's a boring as watching grass grow on a football field, plus he's only good now that the yearly Heisman-lock (Steve Kinser) is not running with him now.

Jeremy: But, does that matter when the Heisman winners play teams with no one good?  Schatz won 17 WoO races this year.  The next closes guy won 6.

Bob: Schatz went from competing in the SEC to the MAC in one year - thanks to everyone arguing in the open-wheel world.

Jeremy: Hey.. I graduated from a MAC school.  I resent that statement.

Bob: So you are not a true Buckeye, eh?

Jeremy: My education is in a MAC school.  My heart always is with the Buckeyes.

Duke: I say no to Schatz...he didn't beat anybody...that's like winning a bunch of games in Conference USA.
Bob: How 'bout Matt Hirschman - he's been on top of the Modified world in that late part of the year.  He came on strong like Florida did to steal the spotlight off of Michigan.

Duke: Key word...late in the year.  He had an okay season in the Mods, but he didn't even win Mod Tour Rookie of the Year.  How can he get a Heisman vote?

Jeremy: Good looking kid and has some heritage!    He could be an invite for sure!  Voters like that kind of stuff.

Bob: Leak didn't win any big honors, but he's the QB for Florida in the Nat'l Championship game.  (Matt Hirschman’s) dad has won, I think, five NASCAR
Duke: Since there's so many rumors swirling about signing, let's leave him out.  Don’t want to tarnish the 51-eisman

Jeremy: There's the door Timmy!!

Bob: Ok, we hear a lot about two-sport stars in college and the pros, how 'bout three-division star Landon Cassill?   He's an underclassman, but he's good in ASA.  He's the next Bo Jackson.  Landon Knows ASA

Jeremy: He’s the only cat (that's for you Bob) to win in the ASA North, ASA South and ASA Challenge.    And he won multiple times in those!

Duke: If he came down to Snowball to defend what could've been a win there last year, he'd be a I’m not so sure.

Jeremy: Yeah.  Who doesn't show up to the final game of the year when they are winning?  That's not good toward the voters.
Tim McCreadie sure knows how to ham it up in the end zone, ur...victory lane.
Landon Casill started 2006 winning at Speedweeks in Florida.  He never really looked back from there.
Bob: But he could kick anybody else's butt that would be nominated on or off the track.  Hey, can't argue with a guy who the PASS South title and nearly won the PASS North one as well.  I second his nomination.

Jeremy: Ok, ok..  So the 18th-year senior makes the cut!   So #3 in the nation fan... Give us your ideas.

Bob: Ok, enough Michigan jokes here.  After all, even you agree they should be in the national championship game.  Don't you Buckeye?

Jeremy: Maybe, maybe not.  I love the one-time a year rivalry.  You couldn't have two Snowball Derbies...

Bob: But there were two different winners in that race.  Thanks Ricky Brooks

Duke: Johnny Brazier got hosed like your Wolverines

Bob: Ok here it goes... with the third selection in the 51-eisman election, I nominate Timmy McCreadie.
Bob: Come on, the kid went everywhere else this year, so what if he didn't show up to Florida's bad to the bone Super Late Model world.  I might be afraid of referee Ricky Brooks too!

Jeremy: I think he might get an invite, but be more of a front runner for the 2007 voting!  Kind of like Darren McFadden

Duke: I want Landon in, personally.  He's got talent and the right attitude, that can go a long way.  Plus he's from Iowa, the Hawkeyes need help from a winner like him

Bob: It's good - the Patriots win the Super Bowl - sorry having a flashback.
Jeremy: How many invites we taking???

Bob: Alright, we have the Final Four, but we could go for the Elite 8 or the Big 10 or Big 12 for that matter.  Wait a second, I can't add, we mentioned four guys, but only have three.

Jeremy: Typical Michigan fan... can't count.  That's 42-39....    OSU 42, Michigan 39

Bob: You darn Buckeye!  You and Russ Tuttle, remember him?  Don't worry I am not nominating Tuttle.

Jeremy: I'd vote for ole' Russ!  He was the man!  He sped me through the streets of Indy. 
We need another vote!  Anyone? 

Duke: There's more than four drivers who should be eligible...there's a couple that need to be in Kelly Bires. 

Bob: Bires is ok - but he's a one dimensional player
Jeremy: Kelly is a wrestler... he might kick our butts if we don't invite him!  But isn't he ineligible per the criteria yet??

Bob: Yeah, if you kicked McCreadie out, then Bires is out with his Wood Brothers association

Jeremy: I'm saying a big fat no to Bires. 

Bob: Wide-right

Duke: On second thought, I don't like him because I question how good he'd be without's like having a good running back and offensive line and defense that makes a quarterback look good.

Jeremy: Clay Rogers?  Maybe a fifth-year senior, but came on strong at the end!!!    In two different cars too!

Bob: No way; he's a former Heisman winner who went to the pros and has come back to play in college again.  Remember his stint in Matt Kenseth's Busch car?
Clay Rogers knows how to hoist the hardware, but can he hoist the Heisman?
Some of us here at are huge college football fans, just like we are short track racing fans.  This year, three of our biggest college football fans, Bob Dillner (who roots for Michigan), Jeremy Troiano (who is a huge Ohio State fan) and Matt Kentfield (who's alma mater doesn't even have a college football team) decided to talk it out and come up with who should win's version of the Heisman Trophy... the 51-eisman.    So here is how they talked it out.

Bob Dillner: Alright boys, if the NCAA can give the Heisman each year to the best college football athlete, why can't 51 offer a similar award for the best short track driver of the year?  Let's call it the
Modified Tour titles.  Kinda like an Archie Manning, Peyton Manning type of deal.

Duke: Coming on big and late?  like Rudy?  Did Rudy ever win a Heisman?  No, he got one sack in one game.  Woopty-freakin-doo.  We'll never see a Little Hirschy movie like Rudy.

Bob: Hey I watched that movie the other day and cried again

Duke: Dude, you cry when Nemo finds his dad too

Bob: That's an emotional moment in that film.

Jeremy: And when Ricky Bobby found his.

Bob: Now there's a nomination... Ricky Bobby.

Jeremy: I've seen Bob cry at the movies.  Hell, I cried when I saw Bob IN the movies (Herbie: Fully Loaded)

Duke: Bob, I’m still waiting on Lindsey Lohan's number

Bob: She was pretty hot when I was getting my make-up done next to her.
The jersey says Hirschman, but it doesn't belong to a five-time Modified champion - yet.
Duke: There are just so many cruel things I can say about you and make-up right now

Jeremy: Got to hide the age...

Jeremy: I say send out the invite to Hirschy!  Mailing it out!  I need to go watch Herbie again.

Bob: J.R. Norris?

Jeremy: Hard to show what you can do in about six total races!

Duke: I think the Heisman trophy is bigger than him...doesn't that disqualify him?

Jeremy: Could he do it without his team around him?   
Bob: True, he really didn't compete in a full-season, did he?  Nobody did that competed in the Southeast Series this year.  Victim of the circumstances.

Duke: I kid because I care...I’d almost rather see his sometime-teammate Ryan Lawler in there...ran SES, PASS South and more and won or competed for wins all year long.  His PASS South Hickory performance and near-championship winning effort in that series alone should get him in, I'd say.
Which Orangeman should get the nod?  Ryan Lawler (Top), JR Norris (Bottom) or none of the above.
Jeremy: I'm all for JR... thinking Lawler is focusing on next year.

Bob: Lawler is good, but a year away.  What about Cassius Clark?  Five wins in PASS North and the Mason-Dixon Meltdown title.

Bob: We could nominate Jimmy Blewett, just so he could let the fans know he doesn't need them like he did at the Turkey Derby?

Jeremy: "I don't need the fans, the 51 guys or anyone."

Duke: Jimmy's been my guy all year long...winning the Martinsville Mod race against both SMT and WMT, plus the Turkey Derby, that's darn good.  Plus he's built like a linebacker, you don't want to piss him off, just ask the fans at Wall.
Jeremy: But does he pass all of his classes???

Bob: I like the linebacker attitude.  Seriously though, what about Cassius?  He's cocky, but aren't all good athletes?

Jeremy: I like Cassius... he gets it done on the field. I mean on the track.  He’s invited.

Bob: Let's not forget about Sean Caisse.  He's from the Big East that often gets overlooked.

Duke: Did he win the championship?  That's like Rutgers from the Big East.  Had a good year, almost made it to the title, but one little hiccup messed it all up.  And by hiccup, I mean Matt Kobyluck.

Bob: Matt Kobyluck was the linebacker that sacked him.

Jeremy: Caisse had a chance to step up and break out... and he did... but he fell by the way side.  The pressure got to him.  He's like USC.  He's like Michigan.  He's like Brady Quinn.
Duke: Caisse has the stuff, just needs one more year to show it.  In the depleted Big East, er Busch East, if he wins the title next year, he's a nominee.

Bob: Ok, what about PAC-10 player Eric Holmes?  A graduate of the Southwest Series wins the PAC-WEST title this year in the NASCAR ranks.

Jeremy: I was just going for the West Coast love.

Bob: They have really nice sunsets out there.

Jeremy: And hot women

Duke: Who's got hot women, the West Coast or Eric Holmes? 

Jeremy: The West Coast
Duke: We've gotta include him, don't want to be called out on our East Coast bias.

Jeremy: Holmes nearly picked up the two-fer by winning both the West and Southwest titles. Missed Southwest by one or two points if I remember right. 

Holmes is a great guy, he's got a personality, he's talented on the track... he definitely gets my vote

Duke: Before we turn into a tabloid, let's let Holmes in

Bob: Duke, I mean, UCONN, boy you are association with two crappy football teams, I appreciate your vote on Holmes.

Duke: Well my alma mater, Quinnipiac University in lovely Hamden, Connecticut is undefeated in football since 1929.

Bob: In what league?  Or do they not even have a football team?

Duke: Never had one, but that's not the point
Jeremy: Here's what we got!    Schendel, Cassill, Rowe, Hirschman, Norris, Cassius Clark and Holmes.

Bob: So how are we deciding Heisman judges?  Are you sitting down sipping wine at the New York Athletic Club right now?

Jeremy: What’s the Heisman?  I thought this was the 51-eisman.  Am I in the wrong place???

Bob: Sorry, just watching ESPN talk about how Michigan got screwed.

Duke: Jeez, it's almost a full week later...GET OVER IT

Bob: I think we, since we are the racing college football fans of the 51 bunch that is, we should hash it out.  Do you think Twisty knows who is in the National Championship game this year?

Duke: "Red Sox versus the 49'ers" said Mike Twist
Jeremy: Okay…here's the deal.    Nominate someone to kick off of the list.. and a 2/3rds vote gets them gone

Bob: I think Cassill should be given the boot, much like Leak should be given the boot for Tebow.

Duke: I like the kid and all, but no-go on Matty Hirschman for me...big wins, but too little too late.  He didn't even finish in top-10 in Mod Tour Points...I know he won a RoC title, but that's not impressive enough to make it in.
Jeremy: And I’m saying Clark is right behind Norris on his way home.  Clark won at home... but when Clark played on the road, he was an average team.  That doesn't win titles or championships... right Michigan fan??

Bob: No way, he won a big bowl, the Mason-Dixon Meltdown.  And he spun a Big 10 player (Brian Campbell) to get the job done.

Duke: We want someone who can represent the 51-eisman well...I just don't think Cassius has the attitude that will make us all proud to call him our guy just yet.

Jeremy: Sorry Bobby D, but Clark is slowly driving back to Maine.  Left with Holmes, Rowe and Schendel.

Duke: That's parity, kids...all regions represented

Bob: I'd say Schendel and his Badgers aren't the strongest pick this year.  He should have been ousted like Florida.

Jeremy:  I can agree on that.  So it’s now old vs. young... Holmes vs. Rowe.   And I’ve already gotten a vote against Rowe!

Bob: Sounds like an old boxing match

Duke: Wasn't that a heavyweight boxing match?

Bob: Can't think any faster on you feet Duke?  You wouldn't make it in the boxing world.  Float like a butterfly sting like a bee.

Duke: I float like a tugboat and sting like Tinkerbelle.

Jeremy: I'm giving my vote for the 51-eisman to Holmes.  I'll let you guys "duke" it out... no pun intended.

Bob: I ditto Holmes.  He should be the 51-eisman.

Duke: Holmes...he's at least a better photograph.

Bob: It's official, send it out to the presses.

Jeremy: And he can "strike the pose!" 

Bob: Another big award for the PAC-10.

Jeremy: Congrats Eric!   Now bring all of those hot west coast women to the east coast!

Bob: Eric Holmes, the inaugural 51-eisman award winner!

Duke: Thanks for watching the 51-eisman...coming up next on ESPN, the dog show!

Jeremy: Followed by the World Series of Strip Poker

Bob: I'll watch that one.  Depends on who is playing though.  Definitely not if it's Mike Rowe.

Eric Holmes played ball in the West (Top) and Southwest (Bottom) this season.
Cassius Clark
Mike Rowe (#24) and Cassius Clark (#8) were neck and neck in this competition...could either one take the top spot?
Eric Holmes' yearbook shot....oops...we meant his NASCAR headshot.