Hunter Encourages Teams to Explore Their Options for 2007 and Beyond
“We’re looking forward to a dignified and respectful ending to NASCAR’s involvement with the Elite Division,” said Hunter. “As we have stated previously on Dec. 28, 2005, NASCAR will focus its efforts on the Dodge Weekly Series, Modified Tours and the Grand National Division in 2007 and beyond, under the leadership of Don Hawk, NASCAR’s Director of Regional Racing Development.

“When this change occurs, NASCAR realizes that many Elite Division competitors will choose not to step up into the Grand National Division, but will be looking for opportunities to race. For our competitors on the West Coast, we encourage our tracks, teams and drivers to participate in the Stockcar Racing League (SRL) in the future.”
The Wilton, Calif.-based SRL operates the Wild West Late Model Shootout series, using a rules package that is similar to the current Elite Division rules. Competitors seeking more information about this series can log on to

Hunter said NASCAR has always worked to maintain good relationships with other sanctioning bodies, pointing out that many current and former Elite Division drivers have raced in the SRL over the years.

“We fully support other touring series such as the SRL,” said Hunter. “For Elite Division competitors looking for a place to race after 2007, the SRL offers a good opportunity to race an Elite Division-type car on the West Coast.”

Hunter also emphasized the role of Hawk, a veteran motorsports executive who has managed all aspects of NASCAR’s weekly and regional racing divisions since coming to NASCAR in 2004.

“As NASCAR moves forward with its future plans, Don Hawk will set NASCAR’s agenda on all matters concerning the Weekly Series and regional tours. Hawk is handling these programs and we hope our teams, tracks and drivers will continue to follow his guidance, passion and experience."

As the Southwest Series winds down, NASCAR is encouraging teams to explore other options to race their cars.   (51 Photos)
NASCAR is encouraging competitors in the NASCAR Elite Division to participate in other similar touring series, when the Elite Division is discontinued in 2007, according to a statement released by NASCAR Vice President of Corporate Communications Jim Hunter.