“These guys do not give you any road like my home track,” said Hersey, comparing Seekonk to his home turf at Monadnock Speedway (NH).  “They pound on you.”

At the end of the race, only 12 of the 24 cars had survived to take the night to take the checked flag. Most of the cars’ bodies showed the signs of a long tough race.
Monadnock Regular Takes DAV Memorial Victory
It was a fun weekend to be Russ Hersey.
“I knew the characteristics of some of the cars that got by me. Some were tight and some were loose.
“The track was about the same as the slide cars,” said Hersey.  “I showed up here on Friday and I was slipping and sliding. The Annarummos helped me with the whole car and actually gave me a couple of driving lessons.  You don’t use a lot of brake here, it is all about momentum.

"The last 10 laps the guys on the radio said  that I was pulling away and I used absolutely no brake. I did not feel like I was going fast at all but they kept saying that Dave Dion was getting five, seven, ten car lengths behind.

"Before I knew, I was a straight away ahead. You hear on TV sometimes slower is faster.  I just let off the brake and coasted it in. I tried not to upset it with the brake. The guys told me to try to take care of the right rear tire and do not tear the fenders off. It was a long night here. It has taken all night to get the races in. The guys all treated me well. They all raced hard. Nobody raced dirty. The guys that raced dirty did not finish the race, so they took care of themselves.”

”This was a great win for me, my team, Distance Race Cars and New England Competition Engines. That combination of this chassis and their power is great."

Towing home from Seekonk wasn't going to be a chore this time.

"Now we have to load it all up and go the three hour ride home," said Hersey.  "It is a nice way to go. I had a lot of fun. I had a great time at the go cart track and here at Seekonk Speedway. It has been a great weekend.”

Midrace when Russ was racing with the leaders, he spun and had to start at the rear of the pack.  Did he think that he might have lost the race right then?

“I knew I had a really good car, a car that could then win. I did not know if I would win though because Charlie Rose was pretty stout. He has been here a long time and has won a lot of races.”

Rose had led the first 80 laps.

What was the strategy that Hersey used for the win?
After a fun night at the Seekonk Grand Prix Slide Track, the Swanzey, New Hampshire driver won Sunday’s Miller Lite Pro Stock 100 open race at Seekonk Speedway (MA) – the quarter mile oval track across the street.  Hersey  took the lead with a lap 81 pass of Charlie Rose who had led the first 80 laps. Hersey would finish ahead of veteran Dave Dion and Rose.

The victory was worth $5,000 along with lap bonus money.

It was a challenging two hour caution filled 100-lap race where the track was a slick as the local bumper car track.
Russ Hersey (R) gets interviewed by Speed51.com's Denise DuPont in victory lane at Seekonk.  (Jim DuPont Photo)
"I also knew that I was good up on the outside. A lot of guys like the bottom here and they won’t get off the bottom. Once I tried it up to a couple of times, I let the right rear cool down and on the last restart I did not give Charlie an inch. I pushed him off and got him a little bit free and he was driving and driving.

"I knew then it was not going to be ‘follow the leader’. I had confidence in the car. You just have to be patience.  It was a long race and we made it to the front in a few number of laps so that I did not abuse the car. So I had a lot to use when I got there. It was a nice time.”

Not everyone had fun at Seekonk.  (Jamie Williams Photos)
Hersey's #88  (Jim DuPont Photo)