Kevlar/Composite Body Will Be Made Mandatory In 2008
Everybody knows that racing is an expensive venture, regardless if you’re racing a Mini-Stock or a Pro Cup car. But, over the last several years, the Hooters Pro Cup Series has tried to minimize the escalating costs of the sport for its competitors, introducing one-day shows, race-ready qualifying, a new testing policy, an RPM limit and an eight-tire rule. Today, the Hooters Pro Cup Series took the next step in keeping its racer-friendly mentality.
to not only provide cost control but also reduced the labor needed for weekly upkeep on the bodies currently used by USAR teams.”

While the new Five Star RaceCar Bodies will be allowed in competition in 2007, the series will not mandate them until 2008.

“We didn’t want to obsolete the use of any spare body parts our teams may have already,” said Cox. “Over the next 18 months, the teams can plan accordingly to phase out their old bodies.”
Starting in 2007, the Hooters Pro Cup Series will allow a new Five Star Kevlar/Composite body in competition. The bodies, produced by Five Star RaceCar Bodies, will provide series teams a low-maintenance, durable and affordable body that can be easily installed at the racers’ shops or repaired at the track by simply replacing a damaged panel.

“Being a competitive short-track series, inevitably, there is going to be a lot of beating and banging,” said Tony Cox, USAR Series Director. “And, with the escalating prices of hanging steel bodies and time required to maintain them, we felt like something needed to be done
But from the naked eye, fans won’t be able to tell the difference in an old-style body versus the new one. The Five Star Kelvar/Composite body will mimic the current configuration of a Hooters Pro Cup Series car while keeping the brand identity of each make.

“We are very excited for the opportunity to provide bodies for the Hooters Pro Cup Series,” said Fran Prestay, co-owner of Five Star. “We look forward in assisting the series and its teams with these new bodies.”

The Five Star Kevlar/Composite bodies are not one-piece, allowing teams to restore their car to race-ready condition without mounting a full body.
“The new bodies will be of a ‘common template’ design that will provide aerodynamic parity for all body styles,” said Carl Schultz, co-owner of Five Star. “The bodies will be easy to install with many flange fitted panels and will have pre-fitted polycarbonate windows. The use of advanced composites like Kevlar will make the bodies more durable than the existing bodies, and the modular design of each panel will allow shipping to be easy and inexpensive. Also available will be installation tools, templates, instructions and a large assortment of body related accessories.”

In addition to being the “Official Body Manufacturer” of the Hooters Pro Cup Series, Five Star will join the series as an “Official Contingency” sponsor as well.

Through its contingency program, the stalwart body company will award two bodies to select competitors after the 2007 season and sponsor the “Five Star Hard Luck Award.”

Steel bodies take much more time to fix when wrecked than do "bolt on" composite bodies.
Composite bodies can just be replaced section by section when damaged.