Aaron’s Pro Challenge Series to Begin 2006 Season at Orlando
Before any NASCAR stars take to the track for competition at Daytona or any short track aces strap in to do battle at New Smyrna Speedway, Florida Speedweeks in February will actually get started a little further inland, at Orlando Speedworld, when the Pro Challenge Series kicks off their 2006 Aaron’s National Tour on February 7th-10th.
some competitors coming from as far north as Canada for some stiff competition and fun in the sun.

“We will have some folks from north of the border to race with us,” added Litzinger.  “We actually have a very good dealer and regional Pro Challenge series competing up in Canada.  We probably have about 15 cars up there right now with a combination of ovals and road courses.  Their cars are gorgeous.  Pro Challenge cars are unique on their own, but they run the program up there with a little more pressure on the car owners to keep their cars looking good.  If they wreck them, they fix them, put new parts on them and paint them right away.”

With the influx of several Canadian teams, the competition level with the National Touring and Florida regional cars will make for some of the best racing anywhere during Speedweeks.

“We expect to have between 30 and 40 cars.  I think that we had 34 or 35 cars last year and it was a blast,” said Litzinger with a smile.  “I know we are going to have some competitive races with veteran drivers and young aspiring drivers trying to climb their way through the racing ranks.”
Racing in Florida to begin the season is nothing new for ¾-scale racecar series, but until now, it’s been one of the best kept secrets of Speedweeks.

“This is something that has been going on for a while,” said Pro Challenge Series owner John Litzinger.  “It’s our version of kicking off Speedweeks and we’ll be finished by the time that the first weekend of Speedweeks starts.  We’ve done it before at New Smyrna and Volusia County and now we’ve found a home at Orlando Speedworld.  It will be good for some guys because they like to go down there and race and then hang around for everything else that is going on during Speedweeks.”

This year’s event will have an international flair to it, with
The Orlando Speedworld season-kickoff will also serve as the debut of several new body styles in the Pro Challenge Series this year.

“And they look really cool too,” exclaimed Litzinger.  “We’ll have the Dodge Charger and the new Ford Fusion.  Hopefully, we’ll have the new Monte Carlo; it might not be ready for the Florida race, but we will have it this year in addition to the current body styles.”

Several other announcements for the Orlando races are expected in the coming weeks, yet Litzinger is keeping those a secret for the time being.
Pro Challenge cars might be small in size, but they don't lack anything when it comes to the show they put on. (51 Photos)
“We’ve got some announcements that we are very close to being able to speak about, and they will be good for the competitors and the series alike.  We have some new contingency sponsors and we are putting forth a new promotional campaign for the series this year.”

The Aaron’s Pro Challenge Series will begin its 2006 season at Orlando Speedworld on February 9th & 10th.  Practice will be held on February 8th.  February 7th is reserved for tech.  For more information, please contact Matt Kentfield at 704-785-4013 or check out and stay tuned for a new series website coming soon.