Driver Development and PR Company to Lend Marketing Hand to Series
The Aaron’s Pro Challenge Series is one of the most promising divisions for young, aspiring racers to get the experience on big tracks in scaled-down stock cars.  There has been plenty of buzz surrounding the series over the last few months, but now thanks to DSG, the Aaron’s Pro Challenge Series is on its way to the upper echelon of short track series for up-and-coming racing stars. 
Driver development and public relations company DSG of Concord, NC, will be creating a promotional campaign for the Aaron’s Pro Challenge Series throughout the 2006 racing season to better enhance the visibility of the series.  Zach Drager, President of DSG, knows the importance of a series like Pro Challenge when it comes to developing a driver to make it to the big leagues.

“The Aaron’s Pro Challenge Series offers a lot of opportunities on both a marketing and a driver development standpoint,” said Drager.  “A lot of the future drivers in NASCAR will come from the Pro Challenge Series.
“The series goes to a lot of different racetracks all around the country and that gives young drivers a chance to learn different setups and how to drive different tracks.  That experience goes a long way towards developing into a big-time driver.  Plus, from a marketing standpoint, the series allows for a company who maybe doesn’t have the dollars to be involved in big-time NASCAR racing to partner up with a young driver and be able to cross-promote the driver’s youth and talent with their product as his or her career develops.”

John Litzinger, owner of the Aaron’s Pro Challenge Series, also sees the benefits that can come from the partnership between the series and a company like DSG when it comes to the promotion of its races and drivers.
“I think the major thing that our association with the DSG family will provide is exposure for us nationally,” said John Litzinger, owner of the Aaron’s Pro Challenge Series.  “They will be able to report on the races and promote our series in a professional and unique way.  It goes beyond just race reporting; it’s a promotional tool that will promote not just our races, but the drivers and teams involved in Pro Challenge racing.”

To get the Aaron’s Pro Challenge Series more visibility, Litzinger has brought on motorsports broadcasting personality and owner of, Bob Dillner, as a consultant to the series. 
Buescher ran the #21 car for Turner Motorsports in the Snowflake 100.
“I went to my first Pro Challenge race last year at Hickory Motor Speedway in North Carolina and was completely impressed,” said Dillner.  “The structure, professionalism and competition that they provide are just what young racers need to help develop their talents.  Yet, it also provides the perfect opportunity for veterans who don’t want to go the Late Model route, a chance to race in a highly-competitive world.

The Aaron’s Pro Challenge Series features a six-race National Championship Series that will attract the best drivers from the series’ regional tours.  The first two races of the championship series take place the weekend of February 9th and 10th at the Orlando Speedworld in Florida.  Starting the season during the busiest part of the Florida Speedweeks schedule, along with the promotional tools DSG will provide, has the Aaron’s Pro Challenge Series off to a flying start in its 2006 season.

“The Pro Challenge Series allows for aspiring racers to get time in the seat that they can use to make their way up the racing ladder,” said Litzinger.  “There are several success stories already.  The series has quickly gone from a relatively unknown entity to a place that drivers can really get the experience and the exposure that can take them a long way.