Northern Race Tire Will Be The Official Supplier Of Both PASS Series
Continuing a longstanding partnership, the Pro All Stars Series (PASS) will be utilizing the services of Northern Race Tires of Ossipee, NH, as its exclusive tire distributor for both the Northeastern PASS Series and the PASS South Series that kicks off with the Easter Bunny 150 at the historic Hickory Motor Speedway on April 15th. 
“We’re extremely excited to get the new PASS South Series started with the Easter Bunny 150 and we’re proud to be doing it with the folks from Northern Race Tires,” said PASS owner Tom Mayberry.  “Northern Race Tires have supplied our Northeastern Series for many years and they’ve provided the tires that have helped make PASS racing so exciting.  I’m happy that they’ll be a big part in the success of the PASS South Series as well.”

“We’ve developed a set of rules that will not only keep the cost down for the competitors but will also ensure that the competition on the racetrack is some of the closest and most fair that fans will see anywhere in the country.”

To level the playing field for all PASS South competitors,
In racing, tires mean everything.  The PASS South Series will use American Racer tires.
Mayberry and Jack Gerbrands of Northern Race Tire have mandated that teams only be allowed to purchase six American Racer tires per PASS South event.  Any tires that are purchased and picked up before the racing event begins can only be used in pre-race practice. 

“Each American Racer tire is numbered and we will record each number and assign it to the car that purchased it,” said Gerbrands.  “Any tire that someone orders from us in advance is branded with a branding iron ‘practice’ and spray painted white so that there’s no way that those tires can show up in a race.  I know how drivers and crew chiefs think and sometimes a soaked tire shows up to tracks, but this system completely eliminates that chance.”

Of the six tires that a team purchases each event, the four that are put on the racecar before qualifying heats are the four that must stay on the car during the race.  Tires can only be changed if they become flat.
“At the end of the race, the two sticker tires that they didn’t use can be returned to and they can use them at the next event.  We won’t credit the tires, but we’ll hold them and they can use them for practice tires next time.  Any tires that are given back are only practice tires whenever they want to use them.”

All of these rules are made to guarantee close and competitive racing for the new PASS South Series that both competitors and fans alike will enjoy.

“All the people who have given us any kind of feedback on the tires and on the series as a whole have all given us plenty of great words,” said Mayberry.  “There’s been no issue with the tires or how we’re distributing the tires whatsoever.  Drivers understand that we’re only doing this to make sure that everyone’s on a level playing field out there and they’ve given us A-1 feedback so far.
Mike Rowe is one of the Northern starts that will head to Hickory.
PASS officials had been considering a new-generation American Racer tire, but after a recent test of the new compound, the decision was made to continue using the EC83 (left side) and EC84 (right side) tires for the 2006 PASS South season.

“There’s a little more work to be done to the sidewalls of the new-generation tire,” said Mayberry.  “We won’t use them until they’re good enough for everybody when we get to the racetrack.  We’ve been on the same great tire all along and rather than go out there first time out and not be 100% confident that we’re putting the best product on the track, we’ll stick with our original tire. 

“I just felt that the new generation tire, while it is a little less expensive because of its construction, wasn’t ready to go on the track.  I didn’t want guys going out there and wrecking race cars in the first race of the series.  We’re going to test the new tire at a couple of weekly tracks and on our Outlaw Late Models up North.  If everything goes fine there, then we could probably make a change for 2007.”

The American Racer tires will be on the Super Late Models of the PASS South Series when it starts the 2006 season on April 15th in the Easter Bunny 150 at Hickory.  For more information on the PASS South Series, contact Matt Kentfield at DSG by calling (704) 455 – 2051 and be sure to visit the official website of PASS,