Double-File Restarts Stay, “Lucky Dog” Rule Introduced Among New Rules for Southern Nat’l
The Pro All Stars Series South has announced a couple of new rule changes beginning with its event at Southern National Raceway Park on May 21st that will be a benefit to both its fans and competitors.  PASS South held its inaugural event at Hickory Motor Speedway in April and afterwards listened to the many positives and a few suggestions for the future of the Virginia/North Carolina/South Carolina/Georgia-based Super Late Model Series.  After much evaluation, PASS has enacted a couple rule changes, effective for the next event, the BIG DAWG 98.5 Southern Sizzler in Kenly, North Carolina.
The first rule change involves what NASCAR Nextel Cup Racing calls, “The Lucky Dog Rule.”  During each caution, the first car a lap down will be given a free pass during that time to rejoin the front-runners on the lead lap.

While PASS South intends to keep its double-file restarts, with the “Lucky Dog rule” in place, all lapped cars will now be moved to the rear of the field during those restarts.  Lapped cars will be able to fight for the “Lucky Dog” amongst themselves without interfering with those racing for the top spot and giving fans something else to watch for.  An explanation for how this will occur during the race will be given during the drivers’ meeting at Southern Nat’l at 11:15am on Sunday.
The new "double file" rule will help make racing better and more exciting.
“We believe in double-file restarts,” said co-promoter Bob Dillner.  “However, we saw some things at Hickory and listened to the competitors and we believe instituting a “Lucky Dog” and moving the lapped cars to the rear of the field during restarts will be safer for all competitors, better for the lead lap cars and even more exciting for the fans.  We want to make this the premier Super Late Model Series in this region and will make changes when we see fit.”

Another change involves caution periods, scoring laps and how competitors do or do not lose laps.  Effective immediately, once the pace car picks up the field following a caution, scoring will be frozen and a competitor can no longer go a lap down, either on the track or in the pits.  Competitors can still go a lap down during a caution period if stopped on the track for any reason (accident or mechanical problems), but only before the pace car picks up the field.
Scoring will resume once the green flag drops.  This will also allow a competitor to pit and not lose a lap until the green flag flies again.

“This is something we decided we needed to change after the race at Hickory,” said Tom Mayberry, owner of the Pro All Stars Series.  “This will allow those who need to come into the pits and do some work on their car the ability to stay on the lead lap or not lose any additional laps in the pits if they are in for an extended period.  (Drivers will not be allowed to swap any tires to any other position on their racecars.)

“But, a competitor can still go a lap down under the caution.  If a car is stopped on the track for any reason and the caution comes out, that car will go a lap down if
JR Norris fell a lap down in the pits at Hickory, something that won't happen any more.
passed by the leader before the pace car picks up the field.  Once the pace car has the field, scoring is frozen, so any car stopped on the track or in the pits cannot go a lap down after that.”

The final rule change deals with weight distribution among the 9:1 engine combinations. 

The GM 18-degree cylinder head on the 9:1 engine will no longer be required to add an additional 25 lbs. This option will be at standard base weight of 2,850 lbs.

The GM 23-degree cylinder head on the 9-1 engine will be given a 25 lb. weight break (deduction) and require a base weight of 2,825 lbs.

PASS will continue to monitor competition and competing models to achieve an equalized parity amongst all available options in Super Late Model Racing.

For more information on the PASS South Series, contact Jeremy Troiano at DSG by calling (704) 455–2051 and be sure to visit the official website of PASS,