and took some lead out.  That’s basically all that we did.”

Spencer led from lap 44 to the finish.

“The car was pretty good.  I kept looking in the mirror to see if anyone was coming and we seemed to be holding our own.  I was riding and trying not to burn up our equipment early.  At the end, I let it all hang out.”
After Williams dropped back, Spencer successfully kept the Outlaw-bodied #2 of Charlie Colby at bay.  With 36 laps to go, Williams gave up a top five position to pit and try to engineer a fix to his shock problem. 

He restarted at the tail end of the field and appeared to have found something.  When the green flag flew, Williams started passing a car per lap on average.  He got back into the top-20, then the top-15 and finally the top-10, but in the end could only make it back to eighth-place on a long green run.

“We made a few changes, but there was only so much that we could do to fix that problem,” said Williams.  “I pretty much knew that our chances of winning were out the window, but I thought that we could get a top three finish.  If we had a caution, that might have happened, but the long green didn’t help us.”
Oxford LM Regular Wins Against Some Wild Competition
There was sure a mixed bag of machinery that made up the starting field for Saturday’s PASS Outlaw Late Model 100 at Beech Ridge Motor Speedway (ME).
Meanwhile, a new challenger appeared in Spencer’s mirror.  Teenager Derek Ramstrom ran a steady pace all race long with his #35 machine.  As the rest of the field dropped off in the speed department, Ranstrom’s car stayed the same and towards the end of the race he was catching Spencer.

“On the last caution, they told me that the #35 was quick,” said Spencer.  “They told me to protect the bottom, that is all that I had to do.  I said okay and did it.”
the first five laps, the left front shock blew,” said Williams.  “It’s unfortunate, but things like that happen.”

“The #47 was strong at the beginning,” said Spencer.  “I didn’t know if I could beat him.  I got by him and then he got by me.  It was a pretty good race.  He would have been there if something hadn’t happened to him.”
But winning wasn’t as easy as it looked.  There were a few young guns who Spencer needed to beat to take home the biggest trophy.

PASS North regular Corey Williams held the early lead with his back-up Super Late Model and a two-barrel engine, but a shock problem on his #47 surfaced early.

“The Outlaw race was pretty much ours to loose and in
The undercard to the 300-lap PASS North Super Late Model event featured the point runners in two divisions of PASS Outlaw racing against several invaders.  The rulebook allowed several combinations to compete on a level playing field and there were true outlaw bodies with sloped roofs and anteater-noses going wheel to wheel with PASS North Super Late Models, ACT-type Late Models and even a few Camaros.

But in the end, no combination could out perform Dennis Spencer, Jr.’s #8 fresh from the weekly Late Model division at Oxford Plains Speedway.  It only took a few minor changes to make the #8, which is powered by a Crazy Horse racing engine and not the ZZ4 Crate Engine that is being phased into the class, not only legal but super-competitive.

“We did a few things to it,” said Spencer.  “We have to run Koni shocks on the Late Model, so we got some Penskes for this race from Caesar [Morgan of R2 Technologies].  We put tires on it and we could run 57% left side and 2,700 pounds, so we changed the balance
Corey Williams (#47) and Derek Ramstrom (#35) both were strong competition for Dennis Spencer, Jr.'s #8 car.  Spencer was the top dog after 100 green flag laps though.  (Norm Marx Photos)
“The car went good the whole race,” said Ramstrom.  “My car stayed consistent.  It was good.   I didn’t think that I was going to catch him [in 100 laps].  Maybe if something happened to him, but it probably would have taken another 20 laps to get to his bumper and three more to get by him.  If it was that much longer, I probably could have got it done.”

In the 100 allotted green flag laps, it could be done though.  Spencer took the victory, worth $2,000, and enjoyed the day enough to consider coming out for more PASS Outlaw events.

“I think that my car owner wants to race these now rather than Late Models,” said Spencer.  “We’re kind of undecided on what to do next year.  We have two cars.  We’re going to race some Outlaw races and some ACT races.  We’ll definitely be at the [TD Banknorth Oxford] 250.”
Dennis Spencer enjoys his victory.  (Jamie Williams Photo)
The #2 of Charlie Colby and the #87 of Chuck Colby sported some wild bodywork.  (Norm Marx Photo)
Finishing behind Spencer and Ramstrom were Charlie Colby, Chuck Colby and Joe Decker.

Winner Dennis Spencer (C) is joined by runner-up Derek Ramstrom (Left) and third-place finisher Charlie Colby (R).  (Norm Marx Photo)