and Pullen 300 at Beech Ridge, Mike Rowe, has also confirmed to that he will be racing at Hickory with his #24 SP2 Motorsports team.

Several other PASS drivers are expected to enter the event as well. will have all of the latest news as it develops.


Ok, stop us if you’ve heard this Busch North/Busch East story before.  A promising young driver with a record of winning in Late Models gets taken under Barney McRae’s wing at Motion Racing.  The plans at the start of the season are for the first events of the year but if things go well a full season is possible.  If all goes well a Rookie of the Year award is the big picture goal.
That is what happened in 2005 when Sean Caisse joined up with the #5 team and won that Rookie of the Year title.  It also could be the same script for 2006 at Motion Racing.  Caisse has switched rides to the #44 Andy Santerre Motorsports/Grizco Racing entry and North Carolina hotshoe John Freeman has stepped into the mix as the newly announced driver of the #5 car owned by McRae.

The 19-year-old driver has committed to running the first six events of the season with the intention of completed the full schedule if a few pieces can be put together that will allow that to happen.
51's NORTHERN EXPOSURE by Mike Twist
A Northerner Goes South, A Southerner Comes North and More
The 20-year-old Williams thinks that the Southern Tour, and all of the buzz that it is creating in the short track world, will be a good place for a young driver like him to make a name for themselves.

“We want to get down South and do some of these bigger races,” said Williams.  “I want to get my name out there.  I know that we can compete with those guys.  We’ve got just as good of equipment as anyone else.  It’s going to be crucial for us to go down there, have no problems with the car and keep it running for the whole 150 laps.  We’ll wait and go on the last 50 laps and do our best to get a good finish.”

Last season’s winner of the TD Banknorth 250 at Oxford
The number is the same, but Corey Williams will have a new look to his PASS machine this year.  (Williams Family Photo)

Count Corey Williams as one of the PASS drivers who will head to North Carolina for the opening race of the PASS Southern Modified Tour, the Easter Bunny 150, on April 15th.

“That is definitely going to be an exciting event down there,” said the young driver. “We’re looking forward to going down there and have been prepared all winter.  We’re excited to be heading down there and we’ll see what happens.”
The NASCAR Busch East Series starts off their season on June 12th at Greenville-Pickens Speedway.


It’s tough to be a racetrack near the big city.  When Lee USA Speedway opened up decades ago, that wasn’t a problem.  The track was located along the side of Route 125 in rural New Hampshire and livestock, and the nearby nudist colony, didn’t complain about the noise of a racetrack.

Since then though, the suburbs of Boston have moved North with city dwellers expecting to escape the noise of the big city for the quiet of country living.  Not all of them are race fans either, which has left the track in a situation where they are limited in how they can operate by the town fathers.
In addition to the rain dates, the town’s residents also approved beer sales at the speedway.
“We will have a controlled area for beer sales, our plan is to try it and see how it works out. I have been asked many times to consider it, the town has okayed it, the final approval has to come from the state.”

The racing season at Lee USA Speedway kicks off on May 7th.

John Freeman will be the new driver of the #5 in Busch East.  (Justin St. Louis/51 Photo)
However, recent proceedings have resulted in the Town of Lee relaxing a few requirement for the track to remain a successful business.

After losing 12 race dates to rain in 2005, Track manager Peter Watson asked Lee residents at town meeting to support his request to change an ordinance in place for over 15 years and allow rain dates for any scheduled race program cancelled because of inclement weather for the upcoming season.

“We can’t control what mother nature does so each date scheduled will have a rain date and the plan is if we lose a Friday night show at Lee we will run a twilight program on Sunday of that weekend ” said Watson.  “We are looking at a probable 4 P.M. start on Sunday afternoons but we’ll officially announce our plans in the near future.”
There were a dozen rainouts at Lee last year, including a Busch North race that never could be made up on a sunny day.  (51 Photo)