what the Nextel Cup and the Busch drivers have to do every weekend.  I don’t care if it’s in a go-kart or a Nextel Cup car, a lap is a lap and every lap counts when you’re trying to get the job done.

“I’ve had a lot of seat time under me so far this year.  We’re in fifth in the Pro Cup points and second in the points in the Modifieds.  Unfortunately I can’t run all the races here but hopefully we can still hold on and finish in the top-10 in points even if I have to miss some shows. 

Foley jumped to the lead at the drop of the green flag while Miller had to come up from the fifth starting spot.  The battle between Chuck Hossfeld and Jason Myers was where the show really was before LW began to put on his clinic.

The caution flag flew for the third and final time on lap 80 with Foley being chased by Hossfeld and Myers who were side-by-side when the caution came out.  

Miller Nearly Laps Entire SMT Field at Motor Mile
When a driver’s confidence needs a boost, all that he can do is get as many laps as possible, and that’s exactly what LW Miller’s season is all about in 2006.  It’s not that Miller ever questioned his abilities, but when it’s time to lay all your cards on the table and show that you’ve got what it takes to succeed in the racing game nothing beats running well, especially in two competitive series in the same weekend. 
Saying that Miller “hauled butt” at Motor Mile would be an understatement.  He took the lead from Jay Foley at the halfway lap and in the remaining 100 proceeded to lap all but the top-five cars on the racetrack. 

Such a dominating performance was exactly the kind of run that Miller was hoping for after not racing on the SMT at all in 2005.

“With all the guys from the North that come down here and Junior Miller running the way he has lately, this is a heck of a series all of the sudden.  I laid out of the series last year and it’s taken a couple races to catch up to the competition but I think I’ve finally got it figured out now.

That’s exactly what LW Miller was able to do on Saturday and Sunday, with a little help from Mother Nature, of course. 

Rain forced the postponement of the NASCAR Whelen Southern Modified Tour race at Motor Mile Speedway to Sunday, allowing Miller to follow up his solid seventh-place finish in the USAR Hooters Pro Cup Northern Division race at Lonesome Pine Speedway (VA) with a convincing victory in the fourth race of the SMT season on Sunday afternoon at Motor Mile.

“We were supposed to run the ASA (Modified) race over at Friendship (Motor Speedway) today but because they cancelled this race to today, Friendship canceled their show,” said Miller.

“It just shows that God was looking out for us by having it rain on Saturday here so that we could go out and have two good runs like this especially today in the Modified.  We had a good run over at Lonesome Pine last night and we hauled butt over here to run this one and then we hauled butt on the racetrack.”
“Once we got to racing I rode for about 50 laps and those guys behind me kept falling back.  I just picked the guys off ahead of me one at a time until I got up to the lead.  Once I got out front it was easy because I could run my own line.  That car never wiggled for 200 laps.  I’ve never had a car like that in my whole life.”

Making Miller’s performance in the final 100 laps at Motor Mile even more astounding was that he was doing all this just 24 hours after competing in the tough Northern Pro Cup Series and battling to a top-10 finish.

“I got more laps this weekend than a lot of drivers get in a full season.  I ran over 600 laps between last night and tonight in practice, qualifying and the races.  Now I know

Miller's #36 was running in a class of its own.
LW Miller stands proud in Motor Mile's
Victory Lane.  (51 Photos)
Hossfeld (#19) restarted to the inside of Jason Myers' black #4 behind Jay Foley, forcing Hossfeld's black flag.
supposed to be ahead of and let the officials sort it out.  I was on the inside of the #4 when the caution light came out and I know that I was ahead of him.”

“I just don’t get why they couldn’t keep the caution out for another lap and sort it out.  I was expecting the flagman to at least show one of us where to go but he never did.  The officials are saying that they told me with one lap to go that I needed to be behind the #4 car but that message never got relayed to me.   Once I figured out that they were going green I tried to get behind the #4 car but there was no room for me.  What was I supposed to do, shove my way in between him and LW and cause a huge wreck?  It’s just very frustrating.”

Even though Myers was not penalized, he was just as upset about the entire situation because being on the outside lane in a single-file restart was a disadvantage until he could get back in line.

Under caution the two remained two-wide, waiting for the officials to sort out who should be ahead of whom.  On lap 84, the green flag flew with all cars single file, with the exception of Hossfeld and Myers.  Foley checked out to the lead, while Hossfeld got the black flag just two laps later for not being in line behind Myers when the green flag flew.

The circumstances and the penalty left the Ransomville, NY-native Hossfeld fuming after the race.

“I thought I got by the #4 car (Myers),” said Hossfeld.  “The officials always say in drivers’ meetings clear as day that if you have a discrepancy on where you’re supposed to restart then pull up next to the guy you think you’re
LW Miller
“We’re running second and third and I can’t understand why they can’t run just one more lap under caution to sort out who’s supposed to be where,” said Myers, echoing the same sentiment as Hossfeld.  “I feel like I was the one who got penalized because I was on the outside and there was a guy trying to get around me on a restart.  NASCAR’s been doing this long enough to know what’s going on.”

Only 10 laps after the Hossfeld-Myers squabble, the spotlight went to LW Miller.  Miller smoked by Foley to the lead and checked out.  He had built up a half-lap lead on lap-150 and put everyone but the top-five down a lap before the finish of the race.

“When the spotter told me that we were about a quarter-lap away from the second-place car with about 15 laps to go I thought maybe we’d have a chance at it, but when Junior Miller started to break a motor and started slipping and siding around in front of me I just stayed where I was and went on to the checkers,” said LW Miller.

The second and third place finishers, Foley and Myers, were astonished with the way Miller ran in the last half of the race.

“I race with LW all the time and I have no problem finishing second to him,” said Foley.  “I take him down every once and a while and I like racing with him and I think he likes racing with me too.”

“He just had a good car and a good rhythm out there tonight and he never really had to deal with anybody,” said Myers.

Besides Miller, Foley and Myers, the fourth and fifth place finishers Brian Pack and Junior Miller were the only ones on the lead lap at the finish.  Junior Miller’s fifth place finish kept him in the point lead, 54 markers up on the unrelated LW Miller.