during any race, much less a major event like the World Series.

“I would like to thank everyone in the stands,” said Fornoro, over the PA system from victory lane.  “I wish that I could personally thank each and every person out there.  They pay their hard earned money and spend their time to come out to the track for a beautiful day of racing.”

Finishing behind Fornoro were Bentley Warren, Robbie Summers, Doug Didero and Bobby Magner.
Fornoro, Seitz, Berghman, Ceravelo and Palmisano All Win
The NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour might have headlined the weekend at Thompson International Speedway, but the Mods were far from the only racecars running during World Series weekend.

A total of 371 racecars ranging from Mini Stocks to Trucks to winged Supermodifieds took part in the weekend of racing and over the course of the three-day events, there were several winners crowned.  Sunday there were six divisions racing: Pro Stock, Late Model, Sunoco Modified, ISMA and NEMA Midget cars.

The fastest cars in the house put on their usual breathtaking show at Thompson.  Joe Petro in the #33 and Doug Didero in the #61 brought the field of 30 cars around the track to start the 50-lap ISMA race.

Nokie Fornoro won the race and gladly drove around the track with the checkered flag in his hand.  This was he second win this season.  His approach to racing is a simple one.

“I was hired to drive a race car,” said Fornoro. “I went racing. We have had a great year so far. I think that we are now second in points.”

Fornoro is also very appreciative of the fans in the stands
Bentley Warren's #71  (51 Photo)
It was a beautiful day for Nokie Fornoro.  (Jim DuPont Photo)

The Pro Stock (Super Late Model) 50-lap race paid $1,800 to win and a field of 30 cars started for the last race of the year at Thompson.

Todd Owen (81) and Fred Astle, Jr. (48) led the field around to start the race.  Owen pitted early and by lap 29 was back up to position three.

On lap 29, there was a serious accident on the front stretch where Scott Rutherforth (41) was jettisoned into the air as the #2 and #12 cars collided near the starters stand. The entire incident started as the #12 car mounted the wall. After the #41 car was sent in the air, it spun on its hood and hit the turn one wall very hard. The car burst into the flames as it slid across the track on its roof. Ben Dodge who was close to the incident ran and pulled Scott from the car as the fire truck and track crew rushed to the scene. .

The official finish top five finishers were Dave Bergman, Fred Astle, Jr., Todd Owen, George Bessette and Les Rose, Jr.


Mark Palmisano in the 03 car won his fourth win in a row, taking the spot as he crossed the start finish line.

This win helped Seitz in his quest for another NEMA championship, with only one race left in the season.

“Yes this was really big. All wins are big, but a win this late in the season is really great.”

Payne’s crew had to change the engine Saturday night after qualifying was completed so he started the race in nineteen position.

“Ben jumped out at the start and we had to come from the back of the pack. We were starting to catch him a little bit, and then the car overheated. Starting at the back and coming in second is not a bad weekend.”

The official final finish of the top five were Ben Seitz, Joey Payne, Randy Cabral, Greg Stoehr and BJ McDonald.
Seitz takes the chckered flag in his #17.  (Jim DuPont Photo)
“It was just so much fun,” said Warren, went asked about any retirement plans.  “Retirement?  Who knows?  When I get ready I might, but I’m having too much fun now.”

Summers had a great third place finish in the IMSA race and did a brief stay in victory lane before he went to climb into his Whelen Modified car to run another race.

“I got to race Bentley Warren, It was great,” said Summers.  “I hope I can do this again next year for sure.”

Keith Rocco (78) and Jeff Malave (6) car led the field of 34 Sunoco Modified cars to begin the 30-lap feature.

Kerry Malone was driving the # 87 car which was the renumbered #81 car. This car has been driven at Stafford by Ted Christopher and will be driven at the North South Shootout by Bobby Santos, IIII.
65-year-old Warren turned back time and competed the race as a younger driver would have completed the race in the runner-up position.

“I think that Nokie was going a bit to fast for me,” said Warren.  “We actually had a fuel problem the last few laps. I think that he would have beaten me anyways. He is an awful good driver. It was a fun race. I am having too much fun to retire.

The last time that Bentley Warren Won at Thompson was back in the 1980’s and he doesn’t plan on giving up anytime soon.

Adam Cantor (7ny) and Erica Santos (44) led a field of twenty-two NEMA midget cars around the track to start the race.   The 25-lap race was won by Ben Seitz in his #17.

Ben Seitz was a very happy winner in Victory lane.

“I have to thank my crew, the car owner, Pete Valerie, and my sponsors,” said Seitz.  “This day was coming for a while.”

Joey Payne who finished second did not gain any ground on Ben during the race.

“I could tell by the way that Steve was flagging that there was not any one pressuring me,” said Payne.  “The car was really hooked up and this motor was really good. “
Scott Rutherforth was involved in a nasty-looking Pro Stock wreck.  He was okay.  (Jim DuPont Photos)
On lap 16, Tommy Cravenho (31) and Jeff Malave (6) tangled in turn three and Cravenho hit the third turn wall very hard. He was out of the race.

The Official finish of the top five cars were: Todd Ceravelo, Jimmy Blewett, Jeff Malave, Zach Sylvester and Kerry Malone.


Off the track, award presentations were completed prior to all the racing. The Sonny Richards “King” Memorial Award was given this year to Howie and Mary Hodges.
Always working above and beyond the call of duty, the
Hodges have been photographing racing action for many years. Ron Yuhas received the award for $300 dollar Thompson Featherlite Trailer Award. The man that puts a lot of power behind the race car, Ted Christopher, won the $500 Powerade Award. Pole Award for the World Series will collect a $4,000 check at the annual awards banquet for having won NASCAR’s 2006 Bud Pole Championship for 2006. 

There were plenty of other wrecks in the race at Thompson.  (Jim DuPont Photo)
Ceravelo (#15) and Malave (#6) race wheel to wheel.   (Jim DuPont Photo)