the shop for repair, Kirk has been keeping busy. He finished 18th in the NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour race at Stafford Speedway on Friday August 11th.

The A-Team packed their car up and headed home as it lightly rained.

“It kind of sucks that we did not race. I am a little disappointed, but at least a decision has been made early and we are headed home.”


The #09 Triple G Scaffolding car of Bobby Grigas will be
starting in tenth position when the race reconvenes.

“I would have liked a good finish tonight [in the heat race]
but we are going home in one piece so I am happy about
that part,” said Grigas.”


The Seuss family, who field the #70 entry for 19-year-old
Andy Seuss,  took advantage of the early night and headed back to their RV for family birthday celebrations. Seuss took some time from the party to summarize his thoughts on the evening.

“It is unfortunate the race was cancelled,” said Seuss.  “The #70 Rockingham Boat/Manchester Urology Modified was running good.  We really had a good setup tonight. We always run well here and we were not worried about getting super fast during the day. We just worry about getting into the show.”


Rain, Rain, It Went Away; Kirk's Back, Preece Learning Quick and More

The decision was made to cancel the True Value Modified Racing Series race at Seekonk last Saturday, August 19th after a few showers moved through the area. The TVMRS cars had completed qualifying and were lined up and ready to go when the rain became a little steadier.

Cars were then covered as teams waited out the rain. The race was called just after 8:00pm.  Fans went home and race teams packed up their haulers.

Then, something surprising happened. The rain stopped.  But it was too late, the Airgas 100 at Seekonk Speedway had been already been rescheduled to Saturday, September 16th.

The Series will return in September with Jimmy Dolan starting from the pole.  Richard Savary, Louie Mechalides, Ed Dachenhausen and Jack Bateman will round out the top five starters.

After missing two races [Beech Ridge and Star] to repair damage from a wreck last month at Monadnock Speedway (NH), Kirk Alexander was back with the TVMRS pack during practice in his familiar black #43 car.

“The beast was really good out there tonight,” said Alexander.  “It was a little tight, but it was a good race car. The car is back to normal again.”

Kirk had severely damaged his car at Monadnock on July 29th when his car tangled on the front stretch with the #83 car of Chris Wenzel.   While the #43 car has been in
The #43 of Kirk Alexander's A-Team was back on track at Seekonk.  (Jim DuPont Photos)
Andy went out in the second heat race. He raced hard against Jack Bateman for most of the heat fighting for second position. 

“We are starting just out of the top 10. It could have been a lot worst then this. We finished up good. It is an unfortunate thing, but you cannot always fight Mother Nature.” 


Meanwhile, one week prior at Star Speedway, the race did get in and Jimmy walked away with a strong fourth place finish.
Jimmy Kuhn's #72
But it was far from an easy race for the Massachusetts driver.

“It was a rough night,” said Kuhn.  “No matter what you did there was something going on. Considering that we had to start from the back and go all the way up again. We did real well.”
The #70 of Andy Seuss at Seekonk
Star Speedway is a fast quarter-mile track and that also makes it interesting to wheel a powerful Modified around.

“At this track, you carry a lot of speed down the straight away and when you come to the corners you almost have to stop so that car will turn.  At most other tracks you can carry more momentum.  At this track, you have to check up to get through the corner and you lose the momentum. So everybody was just banging and booming. There was nothing you can do.”


Dwight Jarvis finished third at Star Speedway. Since Kirk
Alexander was not racing there, his crew chief Greg Felton helped Dwight out for the night.

” I had a lot of folks to help me tonight,” said Jarvis.  “We are working to try to get another championship. We came in third tonight. That is where we need to be every week. There were a lot of cars going here there and everywhere all night. TVMS always race hard together.”


A solid sixth-place finish in his first trip to Star Speedway (NH) kept Bobby Grigas, III’s season right on track.  The rookie in the True Value Modified Racing Series padded his top-10 point position and continued his racing education.
“I started to get nervous when I saw the scoreboard was at lap 88 [of 100],” said Preece.  “It started to mess me up a little bit. I pitched up a little bit and got loose. When Tony [Ricci] got by me I started to get back into my rhythm and started to catch back up a little bit, but it was not enough. It took five or six laps to get the car going on the restarts. The last restart I just could not get back into that rhythm. I just got loose. I will take what I can get.”

The back bumper of Ryan’s car was totally crushed after a
hard fought 100 laps.

“I did not think anything on my car was dented until I saw
that. There was a lot of bumping and banging but that is

Ryan has some different plans for the next couple of weeks.

“We are going to get a new car ready for Thompson for the
ROC race and we plan to go to Oswego in two weeks.”

Ryan comes from a real racing family.  His grandfather
Bobby Judkins revolutionized modified race cars in the
seventies from the Coupes to the Pintos.

“At Speedweeks in Florida and my grandfather thought
that I did pretty good. We are looking forward to go back
down there.”

Ryan Preece gets interviewed after the Star race.
“Week by week we are getting better,” said Grigas.  “I am running in the top 10.  I am now a front runner. I could not ask for more. I am just psyched.

“I am glad that I had a sixth-place finish. I had fifth there, but I bobbled and lost my spot. The front end was all bent up, so to run that well was a miracle. I want to thank my sponsors: Northeast Builders, Maximum Fuel and Northeast Racecar.  Brad LaFontaine came up to be my crew chief for the day. I could not be here without him. It was not the best setup but it was good enough to keep it rolling. I am psyched about it.  We had a solid sixth.”

Grigas now heads to his hometrack, Seekonk Speedway, for Saturday night’s TVMRS event there.  The 100-lap show is part of a night of racing scheduled to start at 6pm.


Ryan Preece was the youngest driver in the Star race.  The teenager drove a great race at Star and finished in the runner-up position.
Bobby Grigas
The #09 of Bobby Grigas, III at Seekonk