same for Savary’s father when he won at Seekonk in the past. Richard was just a little boy then but he remembered the times he went to victory lane with his father.

Savary passed Les Hinckley on lap 94 to take over second position.

“We could not have done it before because of the cautions. We tried to race clean, keep the car underneath and save the tires. We wanted to win like everyone does win but we ran out of time. We just needed more time. Everybody needed more time.
Savary, Hinkley, Alexander, Seuss and More

Second place finisher, Richard Savary had a fast car during practice.

“The night was eventful. The car worked real well. We had a fast car tonight. We found out earlier in the week that we had hurt our motor at Thompson. So we did not have a motor to come here with. So we had an SK modified motor in the car tonight. Which is a lot less horsepower then these cars normally run, but that was all we had. So we come here with it. We put a big carburetor on it and tried it. The car was there. It worked really well. It just needed to run.”
It did not appear that running an SK motor impacted Savary’s race at all.

“On long runs it ran fine and I could run with them all.  As long as there were green runs I could continue to run with them, so the power did not matter.  The restarts really killed us. We would drop back a spot on restarts and if we ran long enough I would gain it back. I could just not run with the cars with the bigger motors on the restarts did better then us.”

Track owner Mrs. Irene Venditti came down on the track to congratulate the top three finishers. She had done the
Savary is joined by Irene Vendetti after the race.
“I was hoping that Seekonk being my home track would help a little bit. I had a pretty good car in the beginning of the race and then once you get up front with the guys that are running real good it all levels off.”

Did Houlihan finish where he thought he would?

“I was hoping that we would finish four and we did. We had a fourth place car and we finished fourth. We should have been a little bit better and maybe then we would have had a shot at doing a little better. The car tightened up on entry and it started to loosen up on exits. So I drove it as fast as I could. I really did not want to get involved with any body because they are racing for points and I knew I had to be careful with that. I just wanted to bring it home in one piece and get the best finish that we could.”
Savary's #21 Modified  (Jim DuPont Photos)

Vinny Who? [whose last name is actually Annarummo], a track local favorite, started 17th and had a strong fifth place finish.
“At the end with the single file restarts it did not put me out on the outside groove where I could not run. Single file restarts was to our advantage, but the green flags were what we needed.” 

Savary felt that his car was so good at the end if there had been more laps, he could have been a contender for the win.

“They knew we were here. Just to think that we could do this with a little 355 SK motor, it says a lot about the car. The car was working well enough so I could run with them. I needed two more green laps and I would have caught the #40 car.”

Could the little motor have even been an advantage at the tight Seekonk bullring? 

“Everybody was having a problem getting loose and turning sideways, but I was able to pick up the throttle because I was low on horse power and could stay straight. It would have been exciting for the fans if the last ten laps stayed green. I believe I would have had a shot at the win.”
Jimmy Dolan (#69) races with the #21 of Richard Savary.
Will Savary be racing with the #21 next week?

“We are not sure right now. The engine builder said that we could run one race. We could have 100 lap race on the engine, but after that the motor will not take it. We do not want to hurt the motor so we have to talk to the other engine builders about the other motor. That will dictate what are going to do going forward.”


Jimmy Dolan started his #69 machine on the pole and led early at Seekonk.
“We finished 11th here after a disappointing run at Loudon,” said Seuss.  “We were fast there and then blew the motor there. The crew worked real hard to get this motor in and change the car over to the TVMRS series setup. We were up late. We did not get much practice. We only got scuff laps on the tires. Awesome effort by the whole team.”

Andy had started a charge from 10th position and was moving his way up through the pack when he pitted during the lap 33 caution.

“I knew the car could be better. I do not think that I could stay where I was.“

Andy returned to the race and picked at the back of the pack.

“It was a good race. The car was real good all day. We did not go out for the last practice. The care felt real good and drove real good. We were not too sure what was really going to happen going right out for a feature on new tires. It was good though. We just got out in front, paced ourselves. The crew kept yelling at me not to burn it up and the car was still pretty good at the end.

“As long as we run good and finish good we can just keep on racing the car. We have a couple more times we will be running this year.”


Ed Dachenhausen was satisfied with his Seekonk race.

“We did better than we did the last time! “

Ed finished in ninth position. “Finally it has been a tough
couple of weeks. We are back in the top ten. We are
happy. It is unfortunate to be running in fourth and to get
spun like that and get blamed for it again. It is like you
just can’t deal with it too much more. We are all right.
We are doing all right.”

The end of the TVMRS season is coming soon and
Dachenhausen wants to post some good results first.

“We are just trying to get a top five finish in points this year and go from there. We are just trying to close it out. We have three weeks to go.”


Andy Seuss raced in two Modified events in two days – after his NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour debut at New Hampshire, his team headed to Seekonk.
Dauchenhausen's #48 races with Dolan's #69.
“The car was awesome,” said Dolan.  “We started up front and it was going real good. We could put it where we wanted. The car was handling real good and we had a good motor.”

But not everything that is good lasts forever. 

“I guess I got pushed to the outside on the restart and burnt the rear tires a little bit,” said Dolan.  “I got a little too much stagger from then on I got passed buy a bunch of cars and I was just hanging on to the end.” 

The #69 car for Dolan remained in the top five until around lap 70 when his car started to get loose and fade.  Dolan finished the race in a strong 10th position.
“We were faster at lap 50 and then the car loosened up. We brought her home in one piece and we had a top ten. We will try to do better next week. “  


On lap 20, Kirk Alexander in the black #43 Superbeast went into the pits and never returned to the race.

“We broke a power steering line,” said Alexander.  “That
was it when we pulled it in. We were already several laps
down. I came here to win. The crew said we could get
back out. But it was no use. You do not want to play if
you do not win.”

Kirk Alexander plans to be at Lee next week.

“It will be an easy week this week. No repairs.”


Race winner Lou Mechalides has raced a lot in the
Northeast and compared Seekonk Speedway to one of the other tracks that he ran in the past.

“Probably the most that Seekonk is like is Oxford Plains Speedway (ME),” said Mechalides. “You have to run real smooth like Oxford. You can drive real fast there but if you are not smooth, the car will not last a long time.”


Rob Goodenough also had problems with his #01 ride.  He dropped out early and was credited with 18th-place.

“An upper ball joint broke on the car going down the front stretch,” said Goodenough.  “I looped it going into turn one. Not sure why or what happened. It was not a good night. We were really loose all night. We were looking for a tenth place finish but we came out about 10 positions short. We will regroup and try again next week.”
Vinnie Who? and his #12 Modified.
Hinkley is interviewed by Denise DuPont
“When you are starting mid to the back of the pack, when you get a hole you have to take it and if you have to use the car, you have to use the car. You ride around sometimes and that is where you end up.  I was not interested in riding around. I wanted to go to the front.”

After a strong charge to the front, the #06 CMR entry started to loose its strength about lap 93.

“We started up tight and I beat up the front right. Because the front right was beat, the right rear got beat up so it was tight and it did not want to turn. I was making it turn with the gas which then freed it up. Yes, we were tight and loose all at once in the later portion of the race.

“It was some good tight racing with tight close quarters. It was good Saturday night short track racing. All stuff to smile and laugh about over a beer!” 

Dick Houlihan, a local Seekonk competitor, had a great fourth place finish after starting 16th.
Goodenough's #01
“An upper ball joint broke on the car going down the front stretch,” said Goodenough.  “I looped it going into turn one. Not sure why or what happened. It was not a good night. We were really loose all night. We were looking for a tenth place finish but we came out about 10 positions short. We will regroup and try again next week.”


Third spot finish went to Les Hinckley, who was all smiles as he brought his car to victory lane.

“We started deep in the field and I tightened the car up for the race,” said Hinckley.  “We started just a little too tight. The car did not free up as much as I thought that it would. The right front got beaten up. We struggled here before, so to come home in third place is gratifying. “

Les Hinckley started the race in 12th position and made it as high as second before he was passed by Richard Savory on Lap 94.

“We had another mid-pack march to the front. So it is exciting to pass cars.  It was pretty gratifying here tonight. We struggled for a while.  We won here at Seekonk two years ago and we have struggled ever since. We went pretty good here tonight, so it was a good night. To come back and finish third after everything we are happy.”

Was it a tough ride coming up through the pack?
“I stopped to avoid and accident and I was put to the rear again. The car was pretty good, except it loosened up near the end. We are learning we will make it tighter the next time. I am happy with a top five. I am very pleased.”


August 29th at Monadnock Speedway, Lou Mechalides made his 2006 debut driving the #40 car in the TVMRS competition. He took over the wheel from Jon McKennedy who got busy during the 2006 season and starting racing a couple of Whelen Modified Tour races.

Lou won the September 16th Seekonk 100 lap TVMRS race.
“I thought that something may be up with the car but I think that we just got a junk tire. The tire was just shaking so bad I thought that we were going to just break parts driving the car. It is as though something was broken already because the wheel was shaking right out of my hand. I feel like I had a bull fight or I was at a rodeo. I was pretty worn out driving the car. The guys never gave up though. We came in and made a ton of adjustments with the car. It started to come in at the end the best that it was going to get.

“The car was shaking. At first we thought that it might just be a rough track. But we always run good here. It has never affected me that severe.“

The plans for the #70 car team are to move forward after a long weekend of bad fortune.

“We will come back here next time in October and we will be at Lee next weekend. Hopefully we will get good tires, because the car always has been good. The guys always put a good car under me. We will try and get up front.”

Houlihan's #46
Seuss ' #70
Alexander's #43.