After winning heat two, Goodenough said, “it was a great start I guess. We’re just going to fine tune it a little bit and then make it go 100 laps while staying up front.“

During the second heat race, Seuss’s car hit the back of Goodenough’s 01 car, but there was no harm and no foul.

“He was just telling me to get going,” said Goodenough.  “No big deal. I picked up the pace a bit. To get going a little quicker we are making a few changes. We will be better in the feature.”
TVMRS Results Change After Tech Inspection
UPDATE - On Tuesday Morning, the True Value Modified Racing Series issued the following statement -

True Value Modified Racing Series officials announced Monday night that their inspection of engine components from the first and third place finishers of the “Kayem Hot Dog 100,” Saturday night July 29 at the Monadnock Speedway, found the cylinder head from car # 27 driven by Jim Boniface to be illegal, resulting in the forfeit of points earned, and money won, from the 100 lap race. In addition, the cylinder head from # 01 of Rob Goodenough was found to be legal following the inspection. The two motor parts were impounded following the race by tour officials.

As a result, Andy Seuss, who drove the Manchester Urology Associates, Rockingham Boat # 70 to a second place finish Saturday night, will be awarded the win. He becomes the seventh different winner in 2006.  All finishers from Saturday's event will be moved up one position.

People always talk about the weather and even though it was uncomfortably hot at Monadnock Speedway (NH) and a rain shower pushed back Saturday’s night racing for the True Value Modified Racing Series by about 30 minutes, the weather was far from the biggest topic of discussion at the Kayem Hot Dog 100 race.
Instead, people were talking about the return of a former winner who has been absent this year, a night of close racing, a hard wreck from a champion and a technical inspection issue that has left the results unofficial and could potentially alter the finishing order of the race.

The evening started the normal way with three heat races. Bobby Grigas, Rob Goodenough and Jack Bateman all won their qualifiers.

“The car was tight and there was some mayhem that we had to avoid, but we did OK. The car will be good for the feature.” said Bateman after heat race three.
Jim Boniface (#27) runs with the #09 of Bobby Grigas, III  (Jim DuPont Photos)
Goodenough continued to lead the pack until leading cars got squirrelly going into turn three on lap 24 and Seuss shot to the front of the pack.

There was a red flag on lap 26 when 10 cars were involved in a major wreck.  Two-time defending TVMRS champion Kirk Alexander took the hardest hit with his #43.  Also involved were Les Hinckley, Jimmy Dolan, Les Mardanes, Sean Bodreau, Karl Fredrickson, Chris Wenzel , Bryan Shumway, Mechalides and Jimmy Kuhn (72).  Every driver was okay.  Not all the cars were though.

A video replay showed that the Alexander car was coming up through the field when Wenzel came up on the track causing Alexander to hit the front stretch wall just after the flag stand.

Cars restarted on lap 26 and there were fifty green laps of racing with Seuss now leading the way over Jim Boniface.

Boniface was in a black #27 car instead of the #51 that he had been driving.
Dauchenhausen continued to lead the pack until lap 25 when he was passed by Goodenough. During passing activity the #48 car for Dachenhausen hit the front stretch wall breaking the upper ball joint.

“The 01 was going for the lead and just stuffed us,” said Dauchenhausen.  “I just tried riding around and then the caution came out, so we did not go down a lap. When we came in we had a hard time getting it apart and then back together. When they went back green, the red flag came out.” 

The #48 car rejoined the race only to find out that they went down seven laps.

“I am just upset that they did that so early in the race. I was giving the guy the spot he did not have to come out and drill us. This is not the first time that this has happened and I am not happy about it. We are going to regroup, go to Beech Ridge and have some fun.”
...but could Andy Seuss be the eventual winner of the race?  Stay tuned.
Bruce Bachelder, Les Hinckley, Karl Fredrickson Louie Mechalides all advanced to the feature through their heat races, while Jimmy Dolan and Les Mardanes took provisional spots.

Mechalides was back to the TVMRS tour in the number 40 car, taking over from Jon McKennedy

“John McKennedy is just really busy now,” said Mechalides.  “He is running his car in a couple of tour races. I do not know how long I am in this car. I am just driving it right now. The car feels good. I have not had a lot of experience here, but every time we come here we learn a little bit more. Around lap 80 we will see where we are at.”

When the race began, Grigas and Rob Goodenough were early race leaders pulling ahead of the field of cars.  Things changed fast on lap three when Ed Dachenhausen (48) took over the lead.
Jim Boniface celebrates in victory lane....
“Maybe I just want to keep people guessing!” said Boniface.  “Bill wanted to drive his own car and that was his number. He contacted us and wanted to change his number, so we did. There was already a #27 car on Long Island, so and made a deal and got the number back. I drove the #27 for a long time in the Pro Stocks. so we are happy to be back in the #27.”

Caution four of the night occurred when Lou Mechalides tapped the 04 car of Berube on the driver’s side of the car sending it into the front stretch wall.

On the lap 83 restart, Boniface rocketed by Seuss.  At this time there were on fifteen active cars left on the track from the field of twenty-four cars that started the race.

The fifth and last caution started on lap 95 when Dale Evonsion (35) spun in turn four in front of race traffic. There were no problems so cars quickly regrouped fast and racing resumed.

Boniface held on to win and was followed across the finish line by Seuss, Goodenough, Grigas and Evonsion.

This was Boniface’s second win of 2006 at Monadnock.

“Thank you for giving me back the number 27! The car
was super. It was awesome. It was there at the end when
you needed it. It makes my jobs so much easier. The
more that we ran the car the better it got. It did not like
restarts, but once we got the tires heated up the car just
got better and better the more we ran it.”

Andy Seuss had a great finish after wrecking at Lee

“We were happy to put the #70 out front and lead a bunch
of laps here in Monadnock,” said Seuss.  “It definitely helps
us in points and we got out of the rut we seemed to be in lately. The car was free from the drop of a hat tonight. Towards the middle of the race we thought we were going to hold onto this. We just did not see the #27 rocket ship come out of no where. Jim was definitely hooked tonight. He has a lot of laps here. We are happy just to be up here in second place.” 

After starting in second place, Goodenough  finished third in the TVMRS race.

“It was a great race and I was glad to give the crew a third finish. These guys worked real hard this week. “

Finishing his first night driving the #40 car, Mechalides was all smiles with his seventh place finish.

“It was a little bit harder then I thought. The guys are pretty rough here. The car was good. We learned a lot. There have to do something about the lapped cars. It is a tough place to get around. We are going to Beech Ridge next week. The car is in one piece and the crew is all smiling!”

But those results were unofficial.  With the winner circle activities complete, the major focus of the night then turned fast to the pits. TVMS officials asked two teams, those fielding Boniface’s #27 and Goodenough #01 cars, to pull the steel heads off their cars to bring back to a machine shop for further inspection.

Close to the midnight hour, the Goodenough #01 team quickly started to work on their car to pull the head. The Boniface team on the other hand refused to break down the car and requested that the activity be delayed until Monday.  After much discussion, the #27 team agreed to pull a head off the car and gave it to officials.

Will the victory stand or will Monday’s inspection change the rundown?  Stay tuned to where we’ll have the latest news and results as they materialize.

The Mods get ready for to make some thunder at Monadnock.
...but Andy Seuss ended up winning the race after tech.