“It was like sitting on 50 degrees of banking.  They were afraid that the car would tip over if I just got out of the window.”

Meanwhile, on the frontstretch Bobby Grigas, III made contact with the back of Ed Dachenhausen #48 when the red flag came out.
Kuhn, Hinckley, Ricci and More

Just 16 laps into the True Value Modified Racing Series event at Lee USA Speedway, all hell broke loose.

A few cars got together exiting turn two and the middle of the pack bunched up right behind the mess.  Another few cars made contact when the resulting red flag came out and when all was said and done, 11 cars were involved in the incident.  Everyone was okay, but not all of the racecars were.

The most spectacular sight was that of Andy Seuss’ #70 actually sitting on top of Sean Bodreau’s car in the pileup.

“I got stuck on top of Sean Bodreau,” said Seuss.  “I don’t really know what happened.  All of a sudden, I was clear and then I got turned.  I was squaring my bumper up to him and then I got turned again and went right up on top of him.  It was a little bit scary there because I didn’t know if he was okay.  I’m glad to see that nobody got hurt.
Andy Seuss and the #70 team go to work.
“The car had been overheating all day and I just looked down at my gauges for a second while we were under caution,” said Grigas.  “The red flag came out and when I looked up it was too late and I got into the back of the #48 car.”

Several cars were eliminated on the spot, but Grigas and Seuss made repairs and got back out, albeit several laps behind the leaders.  Both drivers ran competitively though upon their returns.

“We were running with the leaders and we had the car all messed up,” said Grigas.  “The A-Frame was loose, my don’t even know what kind of spring that we had in it and
The "Big One" on the backstretch at Lee.  (Jamie Williams Photos)
the toe was all messed up.  I just drove it.”

“The car was just excellent,” said Seuss.  “We had no nose, bent tie-rods, I don’t know where the toe was at and the spindles were bent all we still probably passed more cars than anybody.  I hate it for my guys, they did an excellent job.  They changed the radiator and one tie-rod end.  The other one was bent too, but it was close enough.”


Jimmy Kuhn came just a few feet short of beating Kirk Alexander for the victory at Lee, but that was okay with him.  The Massachusetts driver had his best run at Lee in a Modified and also cemented his third-place position in the standings.
“We’re happy,” said Kuhn.  “Real happy.  Every time that we come back here, we seem to be even better than before.”

As the season sits at its halfway point, Kuhn is beginning to look at the standings.

“It’s still kind of early, but we are starting to.  We’ll see what happens when the weeks go on.  Nights like this don’t hurt on it the points, so we’ll just keep plugging along.  It’s a good thing.”

Kuhn won’t have points on his mind Wednesday night at Seekonk Speedway though.  That is when the
Les Hinckley's #06
$10,000-to-win non-points Modified Madness show takes place at his home track.

“We’re going to do that Wednesday show and a win there would be nice,” said Kuhn.  “
”$10,000 would be nice too.  That would go a long way.”


Les Hinckley is a huge Boston Red Sox fan.  The team’s logos have graced his cars for the past few seasons and his helmet is even painted up like a baseball.
Jimmy Kuhn's #72
So when Hinckley turned his luck around with a third-place finish at Lee and the Sox won on the same night, led by pitcher Jon Lester, Hinckley declared the evening a win/win situation.
“It is a good night,” said Hinckley.  “Aside from wanting to win [myself], as long as the Sox won, that makes up for a little bit of it.  They told me that Lester pitched a one hitter, so that’s good for his confidence.  He needed some confidence and we needed some too.  So it was a good night for everybody.”

Mechanical problems have dropped Hinckley out of the last few races, even though he led laps in both events.
“The past few races, Canaan and here, we were leading and dropped out with mechanical problems.  Both times, it was the power steering racks and that was brand new.  So you start to look to turn things around.  Certainly, coming from 15th to third and having to use the car to get there helped.  It was strong at the end and we were taking a peek on the outside at the leaders.  I thought that I had a chance at it.  It’s definitely something to build upon.  We’ve struggled here in the past and the last two times here, we’re run well.  There are a lot of smiles here in the trailer tonight.”


The last time that the True Value Modified Racing Series went to Lee, Tony Ricci came away as the winner.  Per TVMRS rules, the young driver started in the back for this race being the most recent winner.  His night this time around didn’t get much better than that either.
Tony Ricci limps around with a damaged LR tire.
by me on the start and then I’d have to get around them again.  It was getting kind of rough and I didn’t want to wreck it.


Jon McKennedy recorded another top five finish at Lee
this time out, but fourth place just wasn’t what he was
hoping for either.

“At the end there, I thought that I had a shot to get
[winner] Kirk [Alexander] there, but I got loose,” said
McKennedy.  “I think that everyone in the top four were
all loose, so it was just a matter of where the lapped
traffic was and how that played out.  It was just too loose.
  But what are you going to do?

“I thought that we had a good shot to win.  With 30 laps
down, I was riding around right with them.  But apparently,
they were riding around too.”

McKennedy (#40) chases the #72 of Jimmy Kuhn.
“Around lap 28, someone got into the back of me and that knocked the tire off the wheel.  I went back out and rode around to the next caution,” said Ricci.  “I went three or four laps with an old tire.  It already had 100 laps on it, so it had no grip.  I asked my guys if the other one could hold air.  It looked like it did, so they put that back on.  It must have had a slow leak or something though because I had an inch too much stagger at the end of the race.  The more and more I’d drive it, it would get better.  But as soon as the caution would come out, I’d be back to what it was.

“I was just riding around with some of those guys in the back.  Some of those guys are pretty scary.  They’d get