“It’s like you have to protect yourself,” said Teddy about holding off Hossfeld for the race-ending shootout.  “I tried not to do anything stupid, so he was right with me there. 

“The guy behind you really has the advantage because he has nothing to lose except for watching where you make a mistake.  But if you make a mistake, he isn’t going to just drive right by you.”

But Hossfeld did try several times to try and drive by TC in the final stages. Some well timed cautions kept the Hossfeld and others at bay. When under green TC, the veteran Mod master, used up just enough real-estate to halt Chucky’s charge.
Wide Smiles amidst Claims of Wide Cars from Competitors
Last year NASCAR debuted its new Whelen Southern Modified Tour.  Many within the southern Mod ranks wondered if it was going to work. The inaugural race at Caraway Speedway (NC) saw 21 Mods take the green, Burt Myers take the pole and northern invader Teddy Christopher take the checkered flag.
“I could have pressured Teddy more, but you know what would have happened?  He would have wound up 29th and we would have wound up 30th together.”

But it wasn’t just Hossfeld that addressed the defensive driving during the 150-lap event.  Third-place finisher Burt Myers, who made a lot of side-by-side contact with Ted Christopher when relinquishing the lead, was critical of how the Northern duo protected their turf on his home turf.

“I had a couple of good opportunities and jumped up alongside of the 79 (Hossfeld) and Teddy one time and they like to use a lot of racetrack,” said the always outspoken Myers.  “They didn’t do anything probably that I wouldn’t have done.
Well, it looks like the Tour has worked.  This year a very healthy 29 cars showed up at Caraway.  But as some things change, others stay the same.  Once again, the pole was captured by North Carolina’s Burt Myers and it was Connecticut’s Teddy Christopher in victory lane again to open the Southern Mod Tour season.

Last year TC had some fun in describing his win as a northern invader:  “It’s almost like I rode into town on a horse, took the money, and rode out.  In one sense it’s sort of like that, but I don’t like to brag.  I’m here to do a job and that’s win the race.”

TC was a lot more low-key about his accomplishment this year but was still satisfied with the outcome.

“It’s great.  Ever since the first race, we’ve had success down here,” said Teddy.  “I almost won with Joe (car owner Joe Brady) the first time we came down here a few years ago.  We’ve done good except for the Myers boys; they always like to beat up on me.  I just run good down here at Caraway.  I guess it doesn’t matter what car, I just run good down at this place.”
Ted Christopher climbs from the Brady Bunch #00 victorious at Caraway Speedway. (51 Photos)
Burt Myers may not have been happy with third, but he was happy to be the top southern driver at Caraway.
Hossfeld was fast in his new #79 ride.
Christopher stole the lead from Burt Myers midway through the race and set the pace for the remainder of the event.  But it wasn’t an easy road to the win for TC.  He had fellow northern ace Chuck Hossfeld making his debut in the Roger Hill-owned #79 breathing down his neck.  As if that weren’t enough to handle, behind Hossfeld was a hungry Burt Myers and the defending series champ and King of the Southern Mods, Junior Miller.  To boot, TC had to hold off all three drivers on a green-white-checker finish.
What did TC have to say about Myers claims: “Oh well.”

“He turned me on the front sraightaway,” said TC, of passing Myers for the lead.  “It was weird because I never even touched him.  I just dove underneath him and he just turned left and was smashing into me.  I guess the Myers guy don’t like me passing him.”

TC did get around Myers, did hold off a few hard chargers, and did take home the money and the trophy.  But the veteran still appreciates anytime he can get in a racecar, north or south, and win.

“I just look at every race as a race and I try to win,” said
TC poses with the winner's hardware.
“Yeah he did.  I did what I could and got up on the outside of him a couple of times,” said Hossfeld.  “It depends on which end of the spectrum you are on.  If you are on the inside, you have to run the guy up a little bit especially when he’s got a good run.  You can’t fault him for that.  Nine guys out of ten are going to do that.  We had a good run and we probably could have gotten around him if he didn’t do that, but hey, everyone wants to win; it’s just that simple.
“It’s a respect level there that they need to be careful of or they’re going to cross it and step on some toes.  There is no reason that they need to come down here and make it out like they are trying to be heroes.  I love racing with them, but I am not going to be shoved up the racetrack many times.”
Teddy.  “I don’t downplay anyone here on this series.  They have a lot of talented drivers and good equipment down here.  It’s just another race for me, though, and I am fortunate to come down here and win.”

Spoken like a true racer.

Caraway 150 Southern Mod Tour Opener

1.   Ted Christopher
2.   Chuck Hossfeld
3.   Burt Myers
4.   Junior Miller
5.   Jamie Tomaino
6.   Brian Pack
7.   Michael Clifton 
8.   Tim Brown
9.   Jay Hedgecock
10. Bobby Hutchens
11. Brad Robbins
12. Josh Nichols
13. Brian Loftin
14. Earl Baker
15. Brian King
16. John Smith
17. Johnathon Brown
18. Jason Myers
19. L.W. Miller
20. Frank Fleming
21. Gene Pack
22. Andy Seuss
23. Jay Mize
24. Brian Crammer
25. Johnny Sutton
26. Kevin Eckerich
27. Lee Jeffreys