“We had a good car; it was just a long race,” said Fleeman.  “I just tried to ride around and make sure that the car came to me.  Around lap 40, the car started working really good and we were able to pull away single file.

“Then the car seemed to get a little bit of a miss to it and then it came back to.  After that, I just used my tires up trying to catch back up to Pollard.  We gave them all we had.”

All night long, lapped traffic had an effect on the race.  Pollard’s car was fast and it didn’t take long after each restart for Pollard to catch up with the slower cars of the
Youngster Claims Win #2 at Half-Mile Track, Looks Toward World Crown
All season long, cautions have marred Georgia Asphalt Series (GAS) events at tracks all across the Southeast.  Friday’s GAS 100-lap points finale at Peach State Speedway brought a change to that standard as the race went mostly caution-free, including a green-flag run that lasted close to 70 laps.

was going to lose it.  I didn’t want to push the issue with the lapped cars because I knew what happened to Korey [Ruble] last time. (Korey had been in the lead and made contact with a lapped car and was penalized for rough driving).  The lapped cars weren’t very good about getting out of the way.”

By winning the event, he also claimed a $1,000 bonus offered from both Lanier Speedway and Peach State Speedway for the driver who had the highest combined point total in the two back-to-back events.  With his third-place finish at Lanier last weekend, Pollard claimed that victory.

“This win makes it two-in-a-row for us at Peach State,” added Pollard. “So hopefully we can come back and make it three-in-a-row and win the World Crown.  And now we have a little bit of extra money with that $1,000 bonus.”

Russell Fleeman was the only driver who had anything for Pollard all night long.  He was able to catch up with him late in the race, but at the same time that he was catching up with Pollard, he was also catching up with the lapped cars.
“Third is pretty good; the lapped cars just killed us,” said Hawkins.  “I think that we could have won if the lapped cars hadn’t gotten in our way, at least definitely finished second but the lapped cars were always there.”

The championship was also decided this past weekend, although it wasn’t too much of a race for the title.  Frederick Moore only had to attempt to start the race to claim the championship, and despite not being able to take home the win he walked away with the 2006 Georgia Asphalt Series Championship.

“We had a good car,” said Moore.  “We qualified fourth and ran third there for a while, the kept getting tighter and
The track began to cool down as qualifying got underway, and Bubba Pollard ended up being the lucky guy that started on the inside pole.  Once he started out there, he never looked back the entire race and led all the way to the checkers.

“I think it must be the new suit,” joked Pollard, who was dressed in a new red Simpson firesuit.  “We did good last week at Lanier and to come and win here is pretty cool.  We had a good car. I knew I had to get out in front of the rest of the guys on the start so that I could run my own pace.

“I thought there when we had that long green-flag run that those lapped cars were going to kill me.  I had gotten so loose that, when I went to the outside of them, I felt like I
Bubba Pollard in victory lane for the second time in a row at Peach State.  (51 Photos)
Fredrick Moore (#19) claimed the 2006 Georgia Asphalt Series Championship.
Fleeman's #98 was fast, but not fast enough to catch up to Pollard.
38-car field.  Within just a few laps, there were cars all around the track and racing go on in many different corners.

Some drivers were able to gain positions though, as the biggest movers of the race were Matt Hawkins and Richie Etheridge. 

Etheridge started the race in the 11th position and Hawkins from the 15th, and both were able to move up to the front of the pack and bring home top-fives.

“I came from 11th to fifth; that is almost as good as Matt Hawkins did,” joked fifth-place Etheridge.  “I think me and Matt are just about the only cars that really passed anybody.  It was pretty spectacular.  If we count all of the lapped cars that we ended up passing then we passed a lot of cars.

“I pulled a slick move on Matt right here in the corner.  We were all on the top and I got clear of the lapped cars so I dove down on the apron and passed like three cars and matt came on the radio and said, ‘Damn he is slick,’ but he passed me back but it was a lot of fun racing with him.”
tighter, so bad we couldn’t drive it. After the race we came and the right rear had like ten pounds of air in it, that’s what did us in.”

“We like to win championships, but we would really like to win some races, we don’t try to count points we just run as hard as we can and the points take care of themselves.”