Some might think with Etheridge and Whorton getting the hook, Cain was looking to move up his GAS drivers into the top three. That’s not the case, as Ruble, who was fourth in points, also got the bad news. His perhaps more costly as he would have moved to third in points had he gotten to keep his finish.   

Breaking down the race, Etheridge started from the outside of the front row.  He took the lead on lap one and never looked back.  His only real challenge came when Whorton tried to play spoiler on a pair of late-race restarts.  Stevens was third most of the day and ended up there before the post-race inspection.
Three of Original Top Five Fail Post Race Inspection 
The weather was really hot a Lanier National Speedway on Sunday.  But the tempers of three drivers in the pits might have been hotter.

Fans left the racetrack thinking that Richie Etheridge had scored his first Georgia Asphalt Series (GAS) win.  Little did they know that the man who had won each of the last two weekly events at Lanier would be disqualified for using a cambered rear end. And he was not the only one.  Second-place driver Chris Whorton and fifth-place driver (and multi-time 2006 GAS winner) Korey Ruble also had illegal rear ends.
come up empty after his win was stripped at South Georgia Motorsports Park.

“Our rules are right on our website.  It’s real easy to print off to get the car right,” added Cain.

The big benefactor in the post-race inspection hoopla was Doug Stevens, who won his third career GAS event.

“I was happy we won, but I have three of these (wins) on DQs,” said Stevens, who won two races in 2006 as the result of disqualifications.  “I want to be able to do a burnout sometimes.

“That’s what I like about him (Micky); he’s not afraid to disqualify someone.  He does a great job of keeping us on a level playing field.”
Points leader Fredrick Moore struggled most of the weekend.  The former series champion had finished all 10 events thus far this season in the top 10 prior to Lanier. A poor 27th in qualifying left Moore and his team playing catch up all day.

“We changed some springs and some shocks to accommodate for the day time weather.  We weren’t too bad, we just started way too far back in the field and it’s a tough place to pass,” said Moore.

Moore was able to salvage an 11th place finish and still maintain a solid points lead.  However with the break down of points after the DQs, Moore actually lost four points to Sanders. 
“I thought it was going to be a good day after a clean race, but when we went to check carburetors and rear ends, that when things went bad,” said GAS Series Director Micky Cain on Monday. 

“I hate to do this because I am friends with all of the drivers, but we have to be fair. It’s the job of the competitors to know the rulebook when they bring their cars to the race track.”

This is not the first time that GAS has taken a trophy away because of a DQ.  In fact, this marks the third time this season that the winner never made it across the scales with the checkered flag.  At South Alabama, Steven Davis fell victim to a failed post-race inspection.  Even back in April, Greg Motes tested the waters only to
Richie Etheridge took Victory Lane photos at Lanier, but the victory didn't last. (51 Photos)
Second-place finisher Chris Whorton was also DQed after the event.
Doug Stevens crossed the line in third, but he would later be awarded the winner's trophy.
Whorton, who hails from Boaz, Alabama, might have been out of steam from earlier in the day after he ran the 150-lap PASS South race, a race that went caution free.

“I think I am probably down to 120 pounds,” joked Whorton, before learning of his DQ.  “We would have been ok if we had run last night, but the rain threw us a curve ball.  It was fun and a challenge to run both races.”

The man who won at Lanier in March, Joey Senter, was moved up to second following the DQs.  Motes, the pole sitter for the event, ended up third with Jamie Stephens in fourth and Ronnie Sanders in fifth.  Bubba Pollard, Matt Hawkins, Tony Bennett, Taylor Satterfield and Dwayne Buggay, who came from 32nd to 10th in a 100 laps, rounded out the top-10
“You race long enough you’re going to have a bad weekend.  I guess this is our first of the year. We’ll go to Peach State we can get around there even on a bad day. I  think we will be ok.” 

The event was slowed but five cautions with no major contact. GAS will be back in action on August 19th at Peach State for a 100-lap event.   

Lanier National Speedway

1.Doug Stevens
2.Joey Senter
3.Greg Motes
4.Jamie Stephens
5.Ronnie Sanders
6.Bubba Pollard
7.Matt Hawkins
8.Tony Bennett
9.Taylor Satterfield
10.Dwayne Buggay
11.Fredrick Moore
12.Richard Johns
13.Tyler Williams
14.Chris Dilbeck
15.David Elliott
16.Russell Fleeman
17.Alan Happel
18.JR Dudley
19.Tony Clark
20.Michael Pope
21.Michael Phelps
22.Scotty Ellis
23.Kevin Stephens
24.James Nealis
25.Jimmy Garmon
26.Clay Dale
27.Ryan Lawler
28.Peter Petropoulos
DQedRichie Etheridge
DQedChris Whorton
DQedKorey Ruble