Sophomore Campaign Showed Lots of Promise for Young New Jersey Driver
The 2005 season started out with all kinds of promise for Ryan Seaman.  The young New Jersey driver was fresh off his first top-10 finish in Busch North competition, a 10th-place run to close the regular season at Dover in 2004 and was named as the tour’s Rookie of the Year.  Statically speaking, 2005 was a much better year for the sophomore driver.  Seaman added another three top-10 finishes to his resume and he collected his first career top five. 
Seaman's #06 car. (Tom Gallo/NASCAR Touring Photos)
All of this happened in a season where Seaman went through a change of crew chiefs.  Most drivers would be happy with that kind of a season.

But Seaman is a racer, not merely a driver.  He was still hoping for more out of 2005.

“My main goal was to finish in the top 10 and we finished in 11th by two points,” said Seaman.  “I would rather have lost by a thousand points than just two points.”

“We thought that we were going to be a lot stronger than we were,” said Seaman.  “ We made some big changes

last winter.  We hired a full-time crew chief in Greg Schaefer and we hit it off pretty decent in the beginning, but things were starting to fall apart later in the season.  Greg is a great shop guy and he did a great job getting the cars ready for the season, but we just didn’t mesh at the track later in the season; after Oxford, we parted ways.”
That is when Seaman’s team reunited with the man who was responsible for much of Martin Truex, Jr.’s success in Busch North racing.  Seaman and Brian Cramner had worked together briefly in 2004 and got back together towards the end of ’05.  The results were nearly instant.

“We’ve got Kevin Cramer to come back,” said Seaman.  “He came up to help us and in the first two weeks that he was there, we ran in the top five at New Hampshire and then went to Dover where we qualified third and finished fourth.  It was a big improvement for my team.  It really made us feel good.”

What also made the team feel good was their record of consistency in 2005.

“The biggest accomplishment for us this year is that the guys never gave up.  We had no DNFs and I think that there were only two races where we didn’t finish on the lead lap.  That was pretty huge in only my second year in the series. 

The arrival of Cramner bodes well for 2006 when the Busch North Series transitions into the new NASCAR Busch East Series.
Ryan Seaman meets a few fans.
“It looks like he’s going to help us next year also,” said Seaman.  “That will be really good for us.”

Unfortunately, Seaman isn’t sure how much of the schedule he will be able to run because of limited resources.