See What the Busch East and Modified Tour Competitors Had to Say
NASCAR Busch East Series Banquet:

“I don’t race for money.  I race for trophies and I’ll get to bring a few of those home tonight.” – Brian Hoar
“This is quite an honor.  Everyone out there has done something to help me this year.” – Charles Lewandoski accepting the Driver Achievement Award

“I really don’t have a speech.  I’m speechless and I know that there are some of you out there right now asking how could she be?” – Cheryl Plowman while accepting the fourth annual Bunk Sampson Memorial Award

“I remember at the banquet during my rookie season when Bryan Wall won this and he called it the ‘worst qualifier award.” – Brian Hoar
Charles Lewandoski (R) accepts his award  (Howie Hodge Photo)
“All of these awards are in odd amounts.  I’m not sure if someone might have picked them up on eBay.” – Mike Joy in announcing the $5,022 Bud Pole Award

“I’m told that the odd numbers are because of your favorite uncle – Uncle Sam.” – Mike Joy a short while later, after finding out that the odd amounts is because of tax planning
“I haven’t been this shocked in a long time.  I was voted as the Most Popular Driver once at Riverside Park and that put me on the floor.  Wow.” – Scott Bouley in accepting the Sportsmanship Award

“Andy [Santerre] has been a big help to me.  He’s getting a little bit older, so he’s somewhere in between being like a brother and a father to me.  Sue [Santerre] is definitely like a sister to me.” – Charles Lewandoski
“”When I first met Charles [Lewandoski], he was an eight-year-old kid racing a quarter midget.  Back then, he had the phone numbers for all of the NASCAR sponsor reps and was trying to convince the guys at DuPont to stop wasting their money on some guy named [Jeff] Gordon and sponsor him instead.” – Mike Joy

“I’m usually not short on words, but I don’t know what to say.” – Matt Kobyluck, who set an unofficial record for longest speech at a Busch North banquet in 2002, on winning the Most Popular Driver Award

“Matt Kobyluck was supposed to bring me up a Busch Beer up here at the podium and make this easier.” – Mike Olsen

"My English is not well, but there are a few words that I'll try to say....I love being here!" - Mexican Ruben Pardo, who recieved the 2006 BES Rookie of the Year Award

“Last year, I came up here and said that the most memorable experience that I had last year was getting to race with Andy Santerre and Ryan Moore for the win at Dover.  I said that it was my favorite track and that it was a forgiving place.  This year, I wrecked three cars in seven laps there so I now have a very different opinion.” – Sean Caisse

“I can either dig around for a script or stand up here and tap dance until the prompter comes back up.  That’s your choice.” – Mike Joy, who paused during a teleprompter malfunction

“I’m really 21 today,” – Bryon Chew, whose 35th birthday was the same night as the banquet

“The concept of class has been defined as grace when faced with adversity.  All season long, this team stayed in the top 15 of the standing with only one car and one engine.  That slipped away from them in the last race of the year, but they still define class.” – Mike Joy in awarding the Sportsmanship Award to Scott Bouley and his team
Matt Kobyluck was nearly speechless when he won the Most Popular Driver Award.
NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour Banquet:

“If you win any more of these, we’ll have to start making NASCAR Champion toe rings.” – NASCAR’s George Silbermann to nine-time NASCAR Touring champion Mike Stefanik

“We learned a lot together this year as a team that should help us in 2007.  That is if I can get through Florida [Speedweeks] without Eddie firing me again.” – Ted Christopher referring to car owner Eddie Whelan.  The driver and owner pairing split up and got back together after the season finale at Stafford

“Carrying on the Flemke name means more to me than anything in the world.” – Eddie Flemke in reference to his father, Modified Legend Ed Flemke, Sr.
Mike Olsen was expecting a cold brew from a competitor of his to be waiting up on the stage.
“There is nobody is racing with more class than the Boehler family.” – Bob Kehley in accepting the Len Boehler Car Owner Award

“Thanks to the NASCAR officials for taking the time to explain to me all of the rules that I must have misinterpreted.” – Championship winning crew chief, Stan “Sly” Szaban

“He’s our very own Muck-O-Chuck.” – Mike Joy in presenting the Smiley Waterman Memorial Award to NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour Media Coordinator Mark Mockovak

“I’m not making a speech…but I love this series.” – Mark Mockovak
“He was going to make a speech, but he needs to write a press release about it first.” – Mike Joy on Mark Mockovak

“Some of us like to time trial.  Will there be an award next year for the most heat race wins?”  - Tony Hirschman on accepting the Bud Pole Award.  Certain races in 2007 will use a flash format featuring heat races

“I have no idea what I’m doing up here.” – Eddie Flemke
“Are you sure it is only 450?  What about rainouts?  I know that I’ve been across the George Washington Bridge over 500 times towing a racecar.” – Jamie Tomaino in accepting the NASCAR Dedication Award for having 450 consecutive Mod Tour starts

“There are probably 600 people in this room tonight and each one of you have probably touched our hearts in some way or another.  Tony Hirschman’s speeches would be nothing if I took to time to thank everyone who has helped me.” – Eddie Flemke

“I’m pretty certain that I’m the only driver here who got to celebrate his first victory twice and at two different tracks.” – James Civali, who appeared to win at NHIS in July but was awarded second-place after a review of the scoring.  He would come back later in the season to win at Stafford

“I started at Stafford fearing Jack Arute, I left there with him as my friend.” – Mike Joy in remembering his former boss Jack Arute, Sr., who passed away in 2006

Jamie Tomaino and his wife Cheryl accept the Dedication Award.
Mike Stefanik now has nine NASCAR Championship rings in his poesession.