One Championship Clinched, Others Up In The Air

Everything seemed to go Michael Van Wingerden’s way on Tuesday night as he dominated the field in the caution free Legends Pro Series race.  Van Wingerden was a man on a mission as he wasted no time making his way to the front pack and took the lead from Brent Seeley by lap two.  Seeley did all he could to try to chase down the high-flying Van Wingerden but came up short at the end.        
The Legends Pro victory was just the start of a great night for Michael Van Wingerden (#23).  (Harold Hinston Photos)
“All of our bad luck came to an end tonight,” said Van Wingerden.  “We had everything go our way tonight.  I just want to thank Brent for running a clean race tonight.  He ran me clean in the corners unlike the No. 99 (Chase Pistone), who has not run me clean the whole season.  Maybe the No. 99 can look at No. 5 car and learn something from him.  It was good race for us and I hope to get another win next week.”  

Seeley finished up the night in second as he did all he could to run down Van Wingerden at the end.

“It was a little bit rough, especially in the beginning, but once we got spread out we were alright,” said Seeley.  “I thought we had something for the No. 23 but we were
Michael Van Wingerden won the Thunder Roadster feature, as his brother Thomas clinched the championship.
“I didn’t want to wreck him,” said Hair.  “I was going to shove him out of the way but I didn’t get the bite that I needed in the corner.  I should have shoved him a lap or two earlier.  I had a good time and it was good race.”
Results: 1. 1. George "Cotton" Spry; 2. Clay Hair; 3. Ryan Weimer; 4. John Barilka; 5. Phil Sharpe; 6. Sam McCullough; 7. Jan Ingram; 8. Dennis White; 9. John Wachter; 10. Todd Johnson; 11. Chuck Dohm; 12. Tom Van Wingerden; 13. Bobby Pence; 14. Chris Carlsen; 15. Jeff Turner; 16. Bill Gardner; 17. Terry Scherz; 18. Carlos Moore; 19. Eddie Harwell; 20. Tim Lightfoot; 21. Dave Winston; 22. Tony Carper; 23. Bill Mathers; 24. Terry Cochran; 25. Randy Thornton; 26. John Sossoman; 27. Dr. Mark Moskowitz; 28. Bill Field.


It was an action-packed night of racing in the Legends Semi-Pro division.  Kyle Fowler showed he had the right stuff as he worked his way from the fourth-starting spot to the front as he took the lead on lap-nine.  Fowler never looked back as it was smooth sailing to victory lane.  Although Fowler made it look easy, it took him some time to get his car’s chassis set up the way he wanted.  

“We had to work on it a good bit tonight with chassis set ups,” said Fowler.  “Once we did, I was really happy with the car once we got it going.  I hope to be back in victory lane next week.”

It was a pretty wild night for Jordan Anderson, as he led some of the race early on, but would finished up his night in second.

“It was a pretty crazy race especially at the start.  The No. 1 and the No. 131 car got together,” said Anderson.  “I took the lead than the No. 131 comes out of no wear and gets in front me.  I just want to thank the No. 14 for running me clean.  It was a good point’s night for us and brought her home in second place.  Two second places in two weeks.”       
Results: 1. Kyle Fowler; 2. Jordan Anderson; 3. James Buescher; 4. Chris Buescher; 5. Kory Abbot; 6. Casey Dohm; 7. Andrew Carlsen; 8. Brennan Poole; 9. Drew Denham; 10. Jordan Paschal; 11. Chrissy Wallace; 12. Patrick McVay; 13. Trevor Bayne; 14. Matt Bowers; 15. Brandon Weber; 16. Jess Mattox; 17. Darin Coker; 18. Josh Sell; 19. Kory Blevins; 20. Travis Bare; 21. Jessie Johnson; 22. Corey LaJoie; 23. Phillip Gill; 24. Charles Wimbish; 25. Levon Kitchens; 26. Paddy Rodenbeck; 27. Jake Crum; 28. Bryan Silas.

Although it was good night for young Brandon McReynolds, it was the track conditions during the race that had him a little upset at the end.

“I don’t know why the track crew didn’t clean up the track for us,” said McReynolds.  “We were running our guts out, burning up out on the track, and the least they could have done is clean up the track a little bit.  It was awesome points night for us.  Hopefully we can come back next week and have another solid run.”   
Results: 1. Tyler Green; 2. Brandon McReynolds; 3. Mitchell Coble; 4. J.R. Allen; 5. John Ellenburg; 6. Josh Butler; 7. Ryan Glenski; 8. Cole Miktuk; 9. Austin Dillon; 10. Robby Innella; 11. Amanda Harrell; 12. Jake Morris; 13. Kenny Brown; 14. Sloan Henderson; 15. Bailey Freeman; 16. Daniel Goins; 17. Kendall Sellers; 18. William Cunningham; 19. John Stancill; 20. Zac kittle; 21. Ty Dillon; 22. Clay Winters; 23. Rob Beasley; 24. Sam McAulay; 25. Nick Hoffman; 26. Christopher Moore; 27. Daniel Hemric; 28. Matthew Stover.

With numerous cautions flags flying, the Young Guns’ race seemed like it would never end.  Tyler Green survived the night though, as he took the checkered flag and earned his fourth win of the season.  Green made his move on lap eight for the lead and never looked back.  The issue at the end of the race was tack conditions, as many of the drivers complained about the amount of dirt that was kicked up on the track during the race.   

“It was more like a dirt track out there tonight,” said Green.   “Those couple of laps, the dirt just piled up two to three inches, but once it got cleared off, it was alright.”    
“It was a tough run,” said Thomas.  “I had to fast cars in front of me.  I needed a caution but I am glade to see my brother win.  He has had some bad luck lately. 

“It’s just great to win the championship like this.  This is my first one I have won out here and I hope that I can do the same next year. It’s just great racing all season long.”

Results: 1. Michael Van Wingerden; 2. Ryan Zeck; 3. Thomas Van Wingerden; 4. Kyle Beattie; 5. Roger Simons; 6. Chrissy Wallace; 7. Danny Keaton; 8. Adam Welch; 9. Tom Van Wingerden; 10. Eric Harrington; 11. Jim Gresham; 12. Jon Michael; 13. Hunt Dyer.

It was an exciting night for both Van Wingerden brothers as Michael picked up his second win of the night and his second win of the season in the Thunder Roadsters.  Michael was tough man to catch, as he took the lead by lap two of the race.  Van Wingerden did have to fend off a hard-charging Ryan Zeck and the end to capture the win.       

“They levigated the small track this week like they did to the big track and on that restart I went to the outside and there was just a ton of grip on the track,” said Van Wingerden.  “I was able to dive into turn one and get a big jump on them.  I am proud of my brother.  He finished third and clinched the championship and I don’t think he even has to start next if he didn’t want to.  I am going to try to make it three wins next week.” 

Ryan Zeck worked his way from the seventh starting spot to finished up the night in second.

Thomas Van Wingeren came from the back to finish up the night with an impressive third-place and clinched his first division title.  Thomas did all he could but couldn’t catch Ryan Zeck and his brother Michael at the end but came up short.  
running with the No. 18 car and he was giving us a run for our money.  The No. 23 got away from me a little more than I would have like him to but if we could have stayed on him I think we could have gotten him.”

Beau Slocum would round out the top-three.

Results: 1. Michael Van Wingerden; 2. Brent Seeley; 3. Bo Slocumb; 4. Chase Pistone; 5. Jason Reisman; 6. Tolliver Smith; 7. Alex Haas; 8. Ben Stancill; 9. Jessie Bunnell; 10. Louis Hawkins; 11. Chris Eggleston; 12. Tiffany Daniels; 13. Jeremy Colangelo; 14. Jeremy Kalina; 15. Mark Whitley; 16. Thomas Van Wingerden; 17. Tony Wachter; 18. Todd Adams; 19. Daniel Moskowitz; 20. John Gottsacker. 

The Legends Masters Division had the fans on the edge of their seats Tuesday night.  As George "Cotton" Spry took the lead from the drop of the green flag, but Spry’s win didn’t come easy as Clay Hair was on Spry’s tail for most of the race.  The two put on a great show as they went nose to tail for most of the race.         

“I had a black flag for so long I took it off the car and started to run better,” said Spry.   “I think that flag put a jinx on me the whole season.”   

Hair finished up second, but kicked himself for not moving Spry out of the way earlier in the race.

The Badolero Young Guns had a wild race with cars spinning and crashing everywhere.
Cotton Spry (#16) led Clay Hair (#29) for the entire Legends Masters Division race.
happened with that big wreck that got Wallace was ‘someone got into somebody and the results will be on TV this November.  That was a wild one but we survived and got second.

Nicholas Stroupe found himself with a third place finish

Results: 1. Austin Hill; 2. Clint King; 3. Nicholas Stroupe; 4. Jordan Phillips; 5. Stephen Bergh Jr.; 6. Ronnie Bassett Jr.; 7. Tommy Hill; 8. Max Gresham; 9. Bodie Bellinger; 10. Corey Gordon; 11. Tyler Hill; 12. Matt Wallace; 13. Andre Prescott; 14. Blake Eden; 15. William Nelson; 16. Will Baker; 17. Gerald White Jr. 18. Casey LaJoie; 19. Darrell Wallace Jr.; 20. Landon Bullock; 21. Josh Williams; 22. Derrick Ramey; 23. Dillon Bassett; 24. Robert Poole; 25. Ryan Blaney; 26. Brock Newsom; 27. Sammy Jasper; 28. Dax Triplett.

Austin Hill used patience to win the Bandits race as he survived a wild and crazy race.  Darrell Wallace Jr looked like he was on his way to another victory when he got caught up in a multi-car wreck, opening the door for Hill, who waiting for the right time to make his move for the lead.  Hill capitalized on the opportunity and fended off Clint King to seal the win with two laps to go.           

“They all just started piling up and I knew there were not a lot of laps left,” said Hill.  “I got around the wreck and the caution came out.  On the restart, I tried to stay on the bottom and I blocked him and got the win.  I was watching Wallace because they were getting sideways.  I knew there was going to be a wreck sooner or later.  I just held back and waited.  When the wreck came out, I was like now I have got it.”   

King came from the fifth starting spot to earn himself a second-place finish on the night. 

“It was crazy, but we came out with a great car and came away with a good run on double points night,” said King.  “As to what
Austin Hill
It was another wild and crazy 15-lap finale for the CRASHCars that saw Gene Loden captures his very first win in Crash Car competition.  Speedway officials threw an extra wrinkle into the mix allowing the car that rolled second under the checkered flag to claim the victory. After three cars slowed in an effort to take second place, officials had to review digital video to determine the winner.  Loden got the call in his No. 8 Salvage machine as the perennial dirt-track winner notched his first asphalt victory.

“Its jut been some tight racing lately,” said Loden.  “Everybody has been doing a good job in keeping things a little cleaner.  We are able to beat and bang but it’s not getting to dangerous anymore.  It was great night.”


It had been awhile since Kyle Beattie had ran in the Bandolero Outlaw division, but it didn’t take him very long to find his way to
victory lane.  After starting in the fourth spot, Beattie didn’t waste any time making his way to the front of the pack as he took the lead by lap five and never looked back.  

“That was the first time I have run in the Bandoleros in probably two years or more,” said Beattie   “We work on a lot of Bandolero’s and take care of a lot of guy’s cars.  One of our customers ran their car at Bowman Gray last week and got into a wreck and messed up his knee.  He offered me a chance to run his car.  I came out tonight and was able to give them a good run and I appreciate the opportunity.”

Tim Keener looked strong early on in the race, as he led from the start, but the handling of his car went away and he was able to salvage a second-place finish. 

“I drove the wheels off it,” said Keener.  “It was nice to get congratulated from the rest of the guys after the race.  I just am tickled to death to finish in the top-three and I hope to get a win next week.” 

Results. 1. Kyle Beattie; 2. Tim Keener; 3. Eric Redmond; 4. Jason Haynes; 5. Dawn Eagens; 6. Randy Spencer; 7. Chris Morgan; 8. Artie Clever; 9. Ryan Jernigan; 10. Jennifer Spain; 11. Robin Metdepenningen; 12. Benny Mingo; 13. Kara Clarke; 14. Tyler Winters; 15. Ryan Salomon; 16. Charles Long Jr.; 17. Charles Long Sr.

Gene Loden was just a little happy after his CRASHCar win.