McReynolds Wins Again, As Does Poole & Beattie

On this hot and humid night, defending Lucas Oil Bandolero Young Guns Champion Tyler Green started from the pole and looked like he might go wire-to-wire for the win. But a hard charging Brandon McReynolds looked pretty sporty in his number 8 ride, as he challenged Green for the lead all race long.
Brandon McReynolds matched his week one victory in the Bandolero Young Guns. (51 Photo)
The lone caution during the race, for the #12 car of Sam McAulay, set up what looked like may be an exciting restart between McReynolds and Green, but “Lil’ Mac” powered out to a quick three- to four-car length lead, even though he did encounter some lapped traffic near the end. McReynolds positioned himself well, setting up for the last lap as he put a lapped car between himself and Green.

As for McReynolds, the 14-year-old driver from Mooresville, NC, the win was his second of the early season.
Veteran Legends car driver Clay Hair won the Masters division race on Tuesday.  (Harold Hinson Photo)

On the initial green flag, it didn’t take long for the hard racing to begin as it was three-wide into turn one with Artie Clever coming out with the lead and Chris Morgan and Duke Furr nose-to-tail behind him.
It was not all easy for Redmond as he had to replace a motor that had gone sour on him earlier in the day,

“Thanks to an engine from Justin and Bob Campbell, who gave us one today because we blew an engine, so I got to thank them a lot because we wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for them.”

Race Results: 1. Eric Redmond; 2. Bruce Benson II; 3. Ryan Salomon; 4. Chris Morgan; 5. Kara Clarke; 6. Artie Clever; 7. Randy Spencer; 8. Dawn Eagens; 9. Jennifer Spain; 10. Benny Mingo; 11. Jason Haynes; 12. Tim Keener; 13. Marcus Limehouse; 14. Ashleigh Wilkins; 15. Robin Metdepenningen; 16. Charles Long Jr.; 17. Derrick Long; 18. Duke Furr.
Race Results: 1. Chase Pistone; 2. Chris Rogers; 3. Thomas Van Wingerden; 4. Matt Dibenedetto; 5. Mark Whitley; 6. Jesse Bunnell; 7. Derek Frohlich; 8. Tiffany Daniels; 9. Jeremy Kalina; 10. Ben Stancill; 11. Tonya Cordrey; 12. Ryan Ellis; 13. Josh Waring; 14. Todd Adams; 15. Louis Hawkins; 16. C.E. Falk III; 17. Tolliver Smith; 18. John Gottsacker; 19. Chris Eggleston; 20. Travis Pennington; 21. Tim Andrews; 22. Jeremy Colangelo; 23. Michael Van Wingerden; 24. Scott Knox; 25. Jason Reisman; 26. Beau Slocumb; 27. Alex Haase; 28. Brent Seeley. .
“Yeah I wanted to drive him clean because me and him have had it out before, but I drove him clean,” said Pistone.  “I passed him clean so nobody can say anything tonight.”

Rogers summed up his race.

“I lead about the whole thing, and the car was tight the whole race.  Right at the end, we kept having cautions and Chase got around me.  I could run right with him, I just couldn’t do nothing with him.

“We started sixteenth tonight and didn’t think we had a chance tonight.  We were just going to try to get into the top five for a good points night, but we ended up winning and the cautions helped us with the choose and everything went well.”
and Clay got past me,” said Johnson. “I wasn’t gonna cut down on him or anything, I just tried to fall back in behind him and follow him the best I could.”

Race Results: 1. Clay Hair; 2. Todd Johnson; 3. Brian Wiemer; 4. John Sossoman; 5. Tom Van Wingerden; 6. George "Cotton" Spry; 7. Jan Ingram; 8. Bobby Pence; 9. Phil Sharpe; 10. Eddie Harwell; 11. Chuck Dohm; 12. Dr. Mark Moskowitz; 13. Dennis White; 14. Chris Carlsen; 15. Bill Gardner; 16. Jeff Turner; 17. John Barilka; 18. Bill Mathers; 19. Tony Carper; 20. Terry Cochran; 21. Rick Little; 22. Randy Thornton.
Austin Hill (#24) won his first Bandolero Bandits Summer Shootout race. (Kevin Thorne Photo)

Clay Hair was the rabbit everybody would be chasing this night as he methodically worked his way from his ninth starting spot to take over the lead on lap 14 from leader Todd Johnson in the number 32 and never looked back. Hair, the 2004 Hardee’s Summer Shootout Series Legends Masters Champion, took the win in dominant fashion with a 10-car length advantage during the race.

“I got to the 32 car (Todd Johnson) and he went in just a little too deep,” said Hair.  “He opened the door and I had to take the spot. Once I got my game face on, I knew I was gonna be gone.”

Johnson drove a good clean race.

“We were just running really good lines and I got a little loose

Chase Pistone charged hard from his 14th starting spot on the grid in the 28-car field. The 20 lap race which was caution filled, saw the 66 of Chris Rogers pull out to a commanding lead in the beginning, but Pistone would methodically work his ride into the lead on lap 17 around the pole sitter Rogers without any contact.
Eric Redmond won another Summer Shootout Series race in the Bandolero Outlaws. (Kevin Thorne Photo)
The Bandolero Bandits feature was a wild one from the start, with a multi-car pileup in turn two bringing the field to a halt under a red flag for over 10 minutes after one car got upside down in a multi-car accident. 

When the race got underway, the 14 of Derrick Ramey rocketed into the lead in turn one. Corey Gordon and Max Gresham were nose-to-tail for second and third, but it would be the 711 of Gresham who would quickly move to the front of the field. The driver from Georgia would hold the lead, but a fellow Georgia driver and friend, Austin Hill, would move to Gresham’s rear bumper with 12 laps remaining and put the pressure on through lapped traffic. Hill would slip underneath in turn three to take the lead away and hold on for his first win of the season.
“It was real tough. I’d like to thank all of my competitors, especially Tyler Green.  I had to race him real tough,” said McReynolds who started fifth on the night. “I waited until I caught lapped traffic and then passed him for the win.”

Green took us through the race as he saw it, “I started on the pole and I got away from them a little bit and then Brandon caught us. We’re lacking on motor a little bit and that’s where he beat us at.”

Race Results: 1. Brandon McReynolds; 2. Tyler Green; 3. Cole Miktuk; 4. Josh Butler; 5. Matthew Stover; 6. Robbie Innella; 7. Mitchell Coble; 8. John Ellenburg; 9. Nick Hoffman; 10. Daniel Hemric; 11. Sloan Henderson; 12. Austin Dillon; 13. Trevor Farbo; 14. Amanda Harrell; 15. Rob Beasley; 16. Kendall Sellers; 17. Trevor Cauble; 18. Christopher Moore; 19. Jake Morris; 20. Ryan Rust; 21. John Stancill; 22. Bailey Freeman; 23. Kenny Brown; 24. Daniel Goins; 25. Bo Triplett; 26. Sam McAulay; 27. Jordan Coker; 28. Jordan Keaton.
But coming from the 10th starting spot in the 18-car field was Girard, PA driver Eric Redmond to pull down win number three.

“We started in back on the outside we had to fight the traffic, but we had no problem fighting through it,” said Redmond.

Using the “choose rule,” Redmond ingeniously used it to his advantage to move up spot after spot. Taking the lead around lap six, Redmond never looked back. Bruce Benson II got around Ryan Salomon for the second spot and would finish in second and third respectively.
“Man that was exciting,” said Gresham.  “I lead pretty much the whole race the last few laps there and I gave it up to my friend on accident.  It really sucks.  I really wanted to win that one. The lapped traffic just killed me.”

Hill had this to say about his first win of the season, “Yeah we had a fast car all night,  I was behind the 711 for a long time. I knew it was gonna be the white flag, so I just went and took a chance and got it.”

Race Results: 1. Austin Hill; 2. Max Gresham; 3. Gerald White, Jr.; 4. Darrell Wallace, Jr.; 5. Nicholas Stroupe; 6. Derrick Ramey; 7. Clint King; 8. Corey Morrison; 9. Corey Gordon; 10. Landon Bullock; 11. Jordan Phillips; 12. Stephen Bergh, Jr.; 13. Matt Wallace; 14. William Nelson; 15. Tommy Hill; 16. Casey LaJoie; 17. Donovan Ponder; 18. Charlie Gresham; 19. Josh Williams; 20. Ryan Blaney; 21. Matthew Linker; 22. Dillon Bassett; 23. Noah Clark; 24. Ronnie Bassett, Jr.; 25. Meghan Dillner; 26. Jacob Harrell; 27. Dax Triplett; 28. Blake Eden.
Kenneth Deese, driver of “The Big Show,” kept on rolling with his show right into victory lane again on Tuesday night in a race that saw a lot of bumpin’ and grindin’ going on.

“Yeah pretty crazy out there,” said Deese.  “I just took my time and bided my way up to the front and got lucky.” 

He got the lead on lap 11 of the 15 lap feature and lost the lead for only a moment on the final lap, but made his inside down low move stick to just beat Gene Loden’s “Salvage” entry to the stripe.  They were
followed to the checkers by third place Rusty Drye in the “Vigilante.”

On the amount of bumping, and banging going on in the CRASHCar division,n Deese had this to say, “a little bumpin’ and grindin’ but that’s racing, that’s fun. Thanks to Speed 51 for sponsoring this division I think that’s cool, thank you.”

Race Results: 1. Ken Deese; 2. Gene Loden; 3. Rusty Drye; 4. Troy Van Allen; 5. Jerry White; 6. Jeff Blackwelder; 7. Dave Hutchinson; 8. Bob Dillner; 9. Tony Springer; 10. Walter Pecora; 11. Terry Plot; 12. Pete Kenney; 13. Randy Spivey; 14. Ashley Long; 15. Kristi Springer; 16. James Crider; 17. Dale Drye; 18. Larry Henderson; 19. Brian Spivey; 20. Matt Fernandez; 21. Casey Callaway.

"The Big Show" was in Victory Lane yet again. (Harold Hinson Photo)
Early on, it looked like the Van Wingerden father, Tom, and son, Michael, would dominate the first and second spots for the night, but Kyle Beattie had something for both of them.

Tom led the early laps as Michael and Beattie fought over second spot. But Beattie had more and showed his hand on lap 13 as he rolled to the lead over the elder Van Wingerden, leaving the family to settle the score for second and third spot.

“Oh yeah, Michael was trying to pass me on the white flag lap and I told him your not going to pass your old man on the white flag lap,”said Tom.  “I know how to block.  I know how to do that, but he raced me good and clean.  He was probably a little bit faster than I was, but for an old guy, that’s some good blocking.

“I’m one of the older guys out there, so I have to do the best I can with my age.”
Beattie, who rolled to his second win of the season in  a race that had no cautions,  said, “Yeah it was good race, we went caution free this time so it was a lot of fun to get the total distance in and  I’d like to thank all the competitors for a clean race” 

Race Results: 1. Kyle Beattie; 2. Tom Van Wingerden; 3. Michael Van Wingerden; 4. Chrissy Wallace; 5. Thomas Van Wingerden; 6. David Sugg; 7. Danny Keaton; 8. Adam Welch; 9. Hunt Dyer; 10. Scott Whitaker; 11. Terry Horak; 12. Timmy Andrews; 13. Jim Fluharty; 14. Jim Gresham; 15. Jon Michael; 16. Roger Simons; 17. Eric Harrington; 18. Buddy Compton; 19. Ashleigh Wilkins.

“I was hoping on getting back to back wins again so that would help us move up in the points especially since the leader was the points leader.” said Brennan Poole of Woodlands, Texas.
Kyle Beattie (Harold Hinson Photo)
The Texan may be small in stature, but big on the throttle. Poole started ninth but worked his way towards the front to put himself into position for the lead which he would take away on lap 19 of the 20 lap feature and cruise to his second straight win.

But the battle was over second and third at the line as Andrew Carlson and Casey Dohm took up the same piece of real estate coming off of turn four to the checkers and spun out of control and out of contention for second and third.
Chase Pistone has won two of four races in the Legends Pro Division. (51 Photo)
Carlson was not pleased with the circumstances, “Man it was rough out.  There coming to the finish, the third place guy kept on running up on my door and we spun out going across the start-finish line.  It was a wild one.”

Texas was represented well as all three of the top spots taken by the boys from the Lone Star state.

Poole with the back to back wins took us through his view of the race and what it means to him to come to Lowe’s Motor Speedway and do what he has done so far, “Oh man it was real exciting you know.  We got inverted, so we started back in ninth place and missed the big wreck, came back up through the field  and did the choose coming down to the end of the laps and got the leader there with two to go and came to the finish it was just incredible, a great feeling.”

Race: Results: 1. Brennan Poole; 2. Chris Buescher; 3. James Buescher; 4. Brandon Thomson; 5. Andrew Carlsen; 6. Kyle Fowler; 7. Casey Dohm; 8. D.J. Vanderlay; 9. Justin Morton; 10. Jordan Paschal; 11. Ryan Jernigan; 12. Steven Daniels; 13. Brandon Weber; 14. Chrissy Wallace; 15. Alan Hunter; 16. Trevor Bayne; 17. Kory Blevins; 18. Darin Coker; 19. Patrick McVay; 20. Keith Breasbois; 21. Trent Newton; 22. Collier Jones; 23. Jess Mattox; 24. Travis Beam; 25. Wesley Falk; 26. Paddy Rodenbeck; 27. Kory Abbot; 28. Matt Bowers.

There was some wild action in the Legends Semi Pro division.  (51 Photo)