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1. It was tough to stay dry in the mornng at Lonesome Pine.
2. A swamped frontstretch at Lonsesome's amazing that later on that day they raced!
3. Jimmy Spencer Jr doesn't need an umbrella.
4. Larry Barrett's (#04) reflection from a wet infield.
5. Benny Gordon (left) talks with AJ Frank.
6. Danny Sammon's #97 coming out of turn-two.
7. Tim Bainey in his racecar.
8. Jeff Agnew (#73) at speed.
9. Virginia driver Jeff Oakley's #13 through a wheel..
10. Eric Sartin (#30) and Joe Harrison (#57) battle at Lonesome Pine
11. A pair of wet BFG's dry out after the rain.
12. A crew member uses his driver Woody Howards pit sign as a mask.
13. A Mike Laughlin crew member watches practice.
14. SPEED Channel's Doug Rice interviews Danny O'Quinn
15. Joel Kauffman climbs out the winner of the Food City 250.