“We’ve only run once here with a Modified and that was a long time ago,” said Kuhn.  “I’ve run a Pro Stocks here, but only that one time in a Modified.  This is pretty good for unloading with a totally different kind of car.  We’re happy.”
Lee Victory Makes Three in a Row, But This One Wasn't Easy
On the surface, the True Value Modified Racing Series event at Lee USA Speedway (NH) had a lot in common with other recent races in that series.  For the third straight event, defending champion Kirk Alexander went to victory lane at the end following the race.  Doesn’t sound like much of a story there does it?
But this time, Alexander really needed to work for his trophy.  He started 22nd, worked his way towards the front in the first half of the race and was then sent to the rear of the field for his role in skirmish that sent Jim Boniface spinning.

“I had a run up to the outside [of the #71] and he slid up from the bottom.  He was just there and it wasn’t deliberate, it just happened.”

The incident was even more painful for Boniface.  His #71 car was very quick in practice and he won his heat race.  He took over the lead on lap 20 and appeared more than capable of winning.  However, after the spin his car wasn’t quite the same.  He ended up 11th at the finish.
“Our luck has finally started to turn around.  We got to the end without having a flat tire for once,” said Kuhn.  “Second place is good because we had the second best car.  The way that Kirk has been running, he’s tough.  We’ll take this, that’s good.  We’re very happy, we just need to find a little more to run with Kirk.”

“That’s not bad,” said Mechalides. “As long as we keep finishing like that, we’ll be in good shape.  If we can bring it home and work on it and not fix it, that’s good.”

Both Kuhn and Mechalides have plenty of laps at Lee, but not in the same type of car that they ran in this race.
This was a far cry from earlier in the race.

“Before I was sent to the rear, I was running the guys down by only using half or three-quarters throttle,” said Alexander.  “I could pick so much up in the corners that it was just a matter of time.”

Now with three wins in a row behind him, Alexander credits a few things for his success.  The first is a new chassis from Art and Ken Barry’s SPAFCO shops in Connecticut.  The other is the guys on his team.
Jimmy Kuhn (L) and Kirk Aleander (R) compare notes after the race,
After going to the back of the field, Alexander was fired up and even more hungry to win the feature, which is exactly what he managed to do.

“We really did work for this win,” said Alexander.  “That second half was all determination.  The car was loose and I didn’t make it look loose, but it was getting bad.  I just kept it smooth.  A couple of times, I caught myself getting out of shape.”

“Tonight the car was really good, but after about 60 laps it got loose and burned the right rear off it,” said Mechalides.  “I’m not used to driving these Modifieds.  You have to be really on these Modifieds.”

Alexander's victory also tightened up the point standings.  Les Hinkley still leads, but Alexander has now moved up to second after receiving no points in the opening race of the season due to a DQ.  Kuhn has also moved into the top ten despite not qualifying for the second event of the season at Monadock.  He is currently ranked eighth in the True Value Modified standings.

The True Value Modified Series will return to action this Saturday night at the Monadnock Speedway (NH).

Once again, the #43 of Kirk Alexander was the car to beat in True Value Mod racing.  His win streak now stands at three.  (51 Photos)
“These guys bust their butts,” said Alexander.  “I have everyone where they need to be on this team and they really do their jobs.”

Meanwhile, a few of the hard luck runners of 2005 managed to turn their fortunes around and finish in the top three at Lee.  Jimmy Kuhn was second and Louie Mechalides was third.
Kuhn's #72.
Alexander (R) is joined by Kuhn (M) and Mechalides (L) in victory lane.