Shop Where Plenty of Modifieds Have Been Born Burns
When it comes to a modified race, whether it is one of the NASCAR Whelen Tours, True Value Modified Racing Series or RoC Tour, seeing a Troyer racecar in the field is about as likely as walking to a busy street corner and seeing a Chevy or a Ford.

Inclement weather conditions resulted in extensive power outages in the area.  A power surge in an electrical riser outside of the building sent sparks into the second floor of the building.  Materials in the storage area ignited, spreading the fire throughout the facility ultimately engulfing the majority of the building.

“We have had hard times before and we have fought our way back,” said Troyer President Billy Colton in the statement.  “We will do the same this time.  Because of loyal and supportive customers and dedicated employees we will be back as strong as ever. We are not going anywhere.”

Among the drivers on the NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour who use Troyer cars are Tony Hirschman, Jerry Marquis, Donny Lia, Zack Sylvester, Mike Stefanik, Gregg Shivers, Jamie Tomaino, Matt Hirschman, Wayne Anderson and Jimmy Blewett.
Unfortunately, the place where those cars are born, the Troyer facility in Rochester, New York, was the site of a major fire on Friday night.  Nobody was in the building at the time and despite the severity of the fire, there was only one injury.  A portion of the ceiling collapsed when a support gave way during the blaze and one firefighter was treated and released due to injuries from that.

According to a statement issued by Troyer, the fire broke out at approximately 10:30 PM and Monroe County Fire Department was on the scene soon after. Investigators have determined that the cause of the blaze was accidental.
The staff and management of Troyer, Inc. are committed to maintaining business as usual.  Company founder Maynard Troyer has begun searching for a temporary location so that chassis building will continue on schedule.  A remote office has already been set up with computers and telephones.

“We are going to be able to get back in the building on Monday,” said office manager Kris Weigel.  “We will see what can be saved. We will salvage as much equipment as possible and go forward.” 
Troyer Modifieds, like Donny Lia's shown here, are common in the pit area.  (51 Photos)
Troyer, Inc. anticipates component and parts deliveries to be delayed by a week or two but maintains that the fire will not dramatically affect the chassis building schedule.

“We are aware that this will have an affect on our production schedule in the short term,” continued Colton, “but we have a dedicated staff at Troyer Race Cars that will go above and beyond to get us on track.”

Competitors are not worried about any delays, instead they are thankful that the fire was not worse.
“I’ve spoken to them,” said Lia.  “I called when I heard the news and said that we would help out in any way that we could.  It’s really unfortunate what happened, but it’s good that it happened when nobody was in the building.

“It looked pretty bad, but it sounds like they have it under control and that they have been able to salvage a lot.  Hopefully, it won’t be long before they move into a new place, temporarily or permanently, and start building new cars again.”

Tony Hirschman (#48) and his son Matt (#59) both race Troyers and they also sell them at their Pennsylvania shop.