After that race, Civalli bumped winner Ted Christopher on the cool down lap, reportedly sped through the pit area and then refused to report to the tech area after crossing the line in the second position.

Hardie was the early leader of the 40-lap feature, pulling away to a huge margin over second place early on until the handling went away on his #7 car.

“We had a really good car for the first half to three-quarters of the race,” said Hardie.  “Then we picked up a little bit of a push.  That beat us up a little bit.  But we’ll take a third and come back next week.”
Modified Tour Regulars Shut Out of Top Three Finishers
One week ago, as part of the Spring Sizzler at Stafford Motor Speedway (CT), the SK Modifieds seemed to have magnets in them, attracting each car to another one.  There were so many wrecks, beating-and-banging incidents and restart logjams, that the SK feature seemed more like a demolition derby where the winner was the last guy running, not the quickest one with the best moves.  It was an ugly race - pure and simple
But, what a difference a week makes.  Friday night at Stafford, a 20-car field of SKs took to the track and except for two incidents in the 40-lap race, everyone raced hard and clean.  There were close battles for the lead, but without any bump-and-runs or post-race fireworks.  Lloyd Agor was the guy who stood in victory lane at the end of the night, but second- and third-places finishers Frank Ruocco and Willie Hardie were happy after the race as well.  Nobody got disqualified or had a war of words after the race.

So what was different this week?

“I don’t know if there is any one thing, on any given night certain things happen and it doesn’t take a lot with these
We got talked to again tonight and maybe that got through to some of the people,” said Agor.  “Nobody can win the race on the first lap or the fifth lap.  They told people that if they were diving down on the bottom for the restarts, they would get penalized.  Maybe we can have some decent green flag racing every week now.”

“I think that it was because of one car that wasn’t in the mix,” said Hardie, referring to the fact that James Civalli was not at the track this week after being placed on indefinite suspension after his antics in last week’s race.

Next up, it was Ruocco’s turn out front.  He took over the top spot on lap 24.

“I didn’t enjoy getting passed, but sometime that happens,” said Hardie.

Ruocco had the lead for the next seven laps before it was his turn to get passed.

“We got just a little bit tight with about 12 to go, Lloyd is a good driver and he just got under me.  I put a little more brake in the car and it got a little bit better, so we were racing at the end.”
Agor's #22
cars to get together,” said second-place finisher Ruocco. “Everybody was patient out there.”

“I think that the biggest problem last week was the Tour rubber on the track,” said Jeff Malave.  “We didn’t practice Saturday and went right out there.  We had no heat races.  Everybody set their cars up really free on Saturday to get a good transponder time because we knew that is how we were going to start the race.  Everyone was stuck in that mode with their cars free and the Tour rubber on the track made the cars more free and after that it was like ‘forget about it’, they were just twitching all over the place.”
“That was real good racing,” said Agor.  “He did what he needed to do and we did what we needed to do and tonight we got it in there [victory lane].”

Hardie held on for third.  The Modified Tour drivers in the race didn’t fare so well.  Christopher was fourth, Malave was fifth, Eric Bernt finished eighth, Donny Lia was 10th after getting caught up in an early wreck and Doug Coby had problems and finished 17th.

As it turned out, the Friday night card at Stafford ended up being one of the few races in the Northeast to be run
Lloyd Agor ended the night in victory lane after a good clean feature race.  (51 Photos)
Agor held on for the victory, which was especially sweet since he was one of the victim from last week’s wreckfest.

“I knew that we had an awesome racecar last week, we just bent it up on lap six.  We still came back to finish third with a bound up sway bar.  We had the lead for awhile then, we just couldn’t hold it.”

Agor was also happy to have a good and clean battle with Ruocco at the end.  It was a big change between the war or words that Christopher and Civalli had the week before.
It was a chilly New England night for the fans at Stafford.
this past weekend.  Rain washed out the PASS, ACT and True Value Modified Series events in Northern New England, as well as all of the Saturday and Sunday weekly shows in the region.

Last week, there were a ton of wrecks like this.  This week, only two cars dropped out from crash damage.