to take what you can.  [Car Owner] Curt [Chase] and the crew worked so hard today, they changed a lot of things and it was a little reward to get a top five form that.”

Coby noticed that there was some heads up driving by all of the Mod squad at Seekonk.

“We all worked together,” said Coby.  “Nobody was barreling into the back bumper of my car.  I didn’t get into the back of [Sylvester] Zach at all, [Jerry] Marquis didn’t get in me at all and that made our lane go forward.  Last year, the guys up front caused all the wrecks and we were all piling into that and it was awful.  This year, the guys in the back trying to stay on the lead lap were the ones wrecking and that’s better.”


Donny Lia got spun in the middle stages of the race at Seekonk, but came back to finish 10th.  It was a solid comeback, but Lia doesn’t think that the result would have been much better even if he didn’t go for a backwards ride. 

“That was all that we were going to get out of this thing tonight,” said Lia.  We were just too tight.  We thought that the track was going to do one thing and it didn’t.  I think that we had a 10th-place car, so the spin didn’t really kill us.  We misjudged the track, but the good news is that we came back through and finished 10th.


At Stafford and New Hampshire, Doug Coby led laps and faded a little bit at the end.  The race at Seekonk was very different for him.  This time, Coby started in the middle of the pack and made steady progress, finishing the event in fifth.
“I had a good ------- points day going and somebody ------ that up.  So someday, somebody else is going to get that back from me.”

But who would that be?  Both Hirschman and Marquis were quick to point out that they didn’t do anything on purpose to send Christopher for a ride.

“That all happened one car in front of me,” said Hirschman.  “The #13 [Christopher] started giving up.  The #00 [John Blewett, III] went by him on the outside.  The #4 [Jerry Marquis] was looking outside and got into the back of him and spun him.  I was right there and saw what happened.  I went right around it.” 

“I was on the outside of him [Christopher] and I went into the turn,” said Marquis.  “It looked to me that he came up into me a little bit.  He hit my left front and I swung the car out and he was gone.  I don’t know if anyone helped him at the same time.  I was at his right rear tire and on the outside when he spun.  He had started to go around when I got him.  I might have helped him once he got out of shape, but I didn’t spin him.”   


On the other hand, when Matt Hirschman got bumped from John Blewett, III, there were no angry words or pointing fingers.  There was just disappointment on Hirschman’s part and regret from Blewett.  The two drivers were battling for the runner-up spot when the incident occurred.

“We were up to second and feeling pretty good about the car,” said Hirschman.  “It was definitely a top five car.  It might have been a top three car.  John Blewett got behind me and he might have been a little faster.  The outside was there for him, but he decided that he wanted to drive through me and not around me.  He gave me such a shot that it sent me sideways through the infield.”

“It was totally my fault,” said Blewett of the incident.  “I was too impatient.  I didn’t know what lap it was and I was trying to get up there.  He gave me the outside and I couldn’t get all the way by him.  I went inside and I thought that I was far enough ahead, but he came down.  That’s racing and I don’t expect him to give me the spot.  I just wasn’t far enough in there.  It was totally my fault and I don’t make excuses.  It had nothing to do with close or tight racing.  It was just my fault.”


The incident with Blewett was just the start of a bad day for Matt Hirschman.  The young driver looked like he might be able to pull off his first NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour victory in only his third start.  But a string of incidents during the race kept that from happening.

“I saved it and came back out midpack [after the Blewett incident], but after that we got bounced around a little more,” said Hirschman.  “We ended up spinning again and losing a lap.  We’re not racing for points, so we decided that it would be better to park it and move on.  It’s kind of disappointing.  We were up to second and I nosed ahead of Eric Beers for the lead and then we got dumped.”

The young driver isn’t hanging his head too low though.

“I try to take the good with the bad.  I’m disappointed that we had a top five car and ended up parking it, but I know that we were here and everyone else knows that.  I’m happy with the way that the guys are preparing the car.  In three races, we were capable of three top tens and tonight a top five.  I have no complaints about that.  I just wish John would have been a little more patient.”


While one Hirschman had trouble during the night, the other one in the field made some major forward progress over the course of 150 laps.  Tony Hirschman finished fourth in the race after starting much further back than that.

Another driver who had been on a roll lately is John Blewett, III.  After being forced to sit out most of the season due to non-racing related surgery, Blewett has come back and aligned himself with the #00 team.  The team was very quick at Beech Ridge before having a flat tire and then they went out to finish second at Seekonk.
TC Not Happy, Marquis Has Luck Turn Around, Blewett Gets Boost and More

Ted Christopher continues to lead the NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour point standings, but it’s a good thing that he’s not a NASCAR Nextel Cup driver after what happened in the race at Seekonk Speedway.

TC got spun on the frontstretch late in the race and faded to a finish of 17th.  After the event, he was mad enough to let loose in an interview that surely would have cost him a large number of points if it came during a NASCAR television or radio broadcast.  Dale Earnhardt, Jr. got fined 25 points last year for saying shit on TV and there’s no telling what TC’s F-bombs would have cost him in points had they come in a similar siuation.
“I don’t know what happened,” said Christopher.  “Some ------------ dumped me.  I don’t know if it was the #4 [Jerry Marquis] or the #48 {Tony Hirschman].  I ain’t looking in the mirror [when I race].  All that I know is that I had a good racecar and I ended up getting ------- dumped for no reason.  If they want to play that game, I can play that game too.”

And when it comes to remembering the incident, TC isn’t going to worry about points being on the line if given the chance to retaliate.

Racing is a fickle game.  You can have great runs that are ended by a case of bad luck.  Jerry Marquis knows that after an early season run of misfortune that put him and his Mystic Missile team in a hole.  Lately, things have turned out for Marquis.  He won at Beech Ridge and finished fourth at Seekonk to continue a streak of top 10 finishes.

“We’re on the right track and heading in the right direction,” said Marquis.  “I’m happy for the guys.  I’m glad that we finally got the things rolling in the right direction.  We gained a few points tonight, but I’m not worried about that now.  After three nil finishes, it’s going to be tough to catch the guys up front.  If things go our way, maybe we might be hunting for the championship.  But I’m just going from race to race and racing hard right now.  These guys are happier than hell and I’m glad.”
“13th to fourth, that’ pretty good,” Said Hirschman.  “The car is good except for needing a front bumper.  We’ve got one more short track with Riverhead.  I’m happy with the top fives and top 10s.  I think just like last week, if we had started on the pole than we could have won tonight.  The car was good enough.  It was fun racing tonight and there was a lot of side-by-side racing out there.”

After enduing bad luck early in the season, Hirschman is now third in points within striking distance of the #13 team of Ted Christopher and #50 team of Chuck Hossfeld.
The #13 of Ted Christopher.  (Howie Hodge Photo)
We got up front from the back and we stayed up front,’ said Coby.  “I don’t want to say that we struggled during the day.  We weren’t great, but I realized that we had a car that would be good in traffic.  It was very stable and not too loose.  We made some changes and loosened it up a little bit too much for the feature.  That’s why I rode where I was when I got to fifth.  I wasn’t very good on the outside, so I made sure that I was on the inside for every restart.

“We stayed out of trouble and avoided the wrecks.  We were in the right place at the right time and that’s a whole lot of what racing is about.  I will take a fifth place finish and put another mark in the top five column.  You’ve got
Blewett had a hard time knowing when to make his final moves at Seekonk since the track lacks any kind of a scoreboard or lap counter.

“It would be nice if they had a scoreboard here so I could tell what lap it was.  You get to second and you hate like hell to pull out of line.  I didn’t want to lose too many spots trying to win, but I wanted to win.”

Blewett isn’t sure what his future plans with the #00 are, be he does know that they include racing this weekend at Riverhead Raceway (NY).

“I’ll be in it at Riverhead and then we’ll play it by year.”

Riverhead is a place that Blewett knows very well.  He also knows it’s not an easy place to go and race at.

“It’s tough there.  It’s tough to qualify and if you make one mistake or slip up a little bit, you’re loading up and going home.  You have to bring your A game there too.”
“This is two weeks in a row that we could have won the race.  That’s a nice feeling,” said Blewett.  “It is good for the guys.  They needed that and I kind of needed it too.  You always have doubts when you haven’t been racing.  It’s not that you can’t think you can do it, but there’s always a doubt in your mind.  So it’s nice to come out and run two weeks in a row strong.  The guys did a good job and the car is very well prepared.  They’ve done everything that I asked them to with the car to make it to my liking.”
John Blewett's #00.  (Howie Hodge Photo)
Jerry Marquis helps to push the #4 car.  (51 Photo)
Coby (#77) races with longtime friend Eric Berndt.  (#64).  (Howie Hodge Photo)
The #48 of Tony Hirschman.  (Howie Hopdge Photo)