driver and that’s exactly what the #00 team did.  For that, Szegedy is thankful.

“You see these cars that have been around for a long time and you always wonder what it would be like to drive them,” said Szegedy.  “A lot of good guys have driven the #00 over the years.  Driving it gives me another experience.  I had never driven a Troyer car before.  This is new to me.  It’s all a learning experience and I think if we stay out of trouble, we’ll have a good finish.”

The 2005 season has been a strange one for Szegedy.  He ran third for the Boehler Racing Team in April’s Spring Sizzler at Stafford Motor Speedway and has been out of the driver’s seat since then.  It’s the first time since he was kid when he hasn’t been racing something all summer long.

“Since ’83, I’ve never been out of the car this long except for the off season,” said Szegedy.  “It’s been five months since I’ve been in a car.”

Does that time away mean that Szegedy is rusty?  Don’t bet on it.

“Right away in practice, I was ready to go,” said Szegedy who qualified 13th.


The on-track activity for the Whelen Made in America 300 kicked off on Friday afternoon with a 90-minute practice session.
Hossfeld Paces Qualifying, Szegedy Gets a Ride and More

When it came to qualifying for the Whelen Made in America 300, the usual suspects were the ones to beat.  Donny Lia and Tony Hirschman were in the top five.  John Blewett, III and Doug Coby continued their hot streaks by being near the top of the speed charts.  They took the fifth and sixth quickest laps. 

But nobody could beat the lap of 18.940 seconds at 99.979 miles per hour that Chuck Hossfeld laid down early in qualifying.

“It’s pretty exciting,” said Hossfeld.  “It was pretty stressful watching the cars go out.  We went out third and normally going out early is a bad thing, but tonight it worked out.  I have a really good car and knew that we were a contender for the pole.  I’m glad that it worked out.”

Eric Beers was just a click off in second with a lap of 19.059 seconds.

As of Martinsville, another name can be added to that list – Todd Szegedy.

The 2003 NASCAR Modified champion moved to North Carolina in the off season to try and further his racing career.  He has been working in the shock department of Robert Yates Racing since then and networking to find a ride in the NASCAR Busch Series or NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series.

So when the Modifieds ventured south of the Mason-Dixon line, it was only natural to call up Szegedy as a
There were 46 cars that showed up for the race.  The teams of the NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour had the most entries.  There were 28 Northern boys including the #98 car fielded by Jamie Tomaino’s team for his son Jamie, Jr., who actually lives down south and works for Bill Davis Racing. 

The NASCAR Whelen Southern Modified Tour had 15 teams show up including the top 14 in the current point standings.  Three Race of Champions Modified teams towed to Martinsville – Anthony Sesley, Richie Coy and Daren Scherer.
Eddie Flemke, Jr. goes for a spin in turn three.  (Mary Hodge Photo)

“We had a good racecar in practice and we never really got a chance to get a good run,” said Beers.  “I think that we had the pole winning car and I overdrove it the second lap.  It stuck so good the first lap that I went after it the second lap.  I got into turn one a little high and skated up the track more.  I got into the throttle too early and killed myself in turn three and four trying to make it all back.”

Neither Hossfeld or Beers will start where they qualified though.  After the qualifying redraw, Ted Christopher will start up front.

“I didn’t know that this would be a redraw race,” said Hossfeld.  “It’s kind of a drag to win the pole and maybe lose it like that.” 

Things didn’t turn out too bad for Hossfeld though.  Moments after being interviewed, he drew the outside pole for the race.  He’ll be followed to the green flag by Coby, Beers and Eddie Flemke.


Joe Brady’s race team has seen a few different drivers run their equipment so far in 2005.  Ted Christopher won the Florida Speedweeks title for the team in February and since then Mike Stefanik, Todd Cravenho and John Blewett, III have driven the #00.
The #50 of Chuck Hossfeld.  (51 Photo)
The most notable no-shows for the race were Dick Houlihan (20th in Modified Tour points), Andy Seuss of the True Value Modified Racing Series (who planned to enter the Martinsville race before a TVMRS event at Canaan Fair Speedway (NH) was added to their schedule for Sunday), Justin Gaydosh and Mike Molleur. 

Zach Sylvester was the quickest in practice just a click ahead of Chuck Hossfeld.  Junior Miller was the fastest of the Southern guys turning the fourth best lap while the brothers Christopher showed well with Mike and Ted turning the third and fifth best laps respectively.

Eddie Flemke spun in practice, but did not hit anything or damage his #10 car.

MARTINSVILLE, Va. – Bud Pole Qualifying results for Saturday’s Made in America Whelen 300 NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour race at Martinsville Speedway showing car number, driver, hometown, make of car and average speed in miles per hour.

1. (50)Chuck Hossfeld, Buffalo N.Y., Ford, 99.979

2. (3)Eric Beers, Northampton Pa., Chevrolet, 99.355

3. (48)Tony Hirschman, Northampton Pa., Chevrolet, 99.266

4. (18)Donny Lia, Jericho N.Y., Chevrolet,99.266

5. (66)John Blewett, III, Howell N.J., Chevrolet, 99.224

6. (77)Doug Coby, Milford Conn., Pontiac, 99.100

7. (13)Ted Christopher, Plainville Conn., Chevrolet, 98.888

8. (10)Eddie Flemke, Southington Conn., Chevrolet, 98.769

9. (15)Zach Sylvester, Lebanaon Conn., Chevrolet, 98.743

10. (79)Mike Christopher, Plainville Conn., Pontiac, 98.718

11. (01)Rick Fuller, Auburn Mass., Pontiac, 98.712

12. (23)Brian Loftin, Lexington N.C., Chevrolet, 98.651

13. (00)Todd Szegedy, Ridgefield Conn., Chevrolet, 98.497

14. (4)Jerry Marquis, Broad Brook Conn., Dodge,98.400

15. (99)Jamie Tomaino, Howell N.J., Chevrolet, 98.333

16. (58)Kevin Goodale, Riverhead N.Y., Chevrolet,98.328

17. (69)Junior Miller, Pine Hall N.C., Dodge, 98.231

18. (06)Steve Whitt, Forked River N.J., Dodge, 98.089

19. (41)Jay Hedgecock, High Point N.C., Dodge, 98.002

20. (54)Dave Etheridge, Portland Conn., Chevrolet, 97.860

21. (83)Tim Brown, Cana Va., Chevrolet, 97.855

22. (44)Reggie Ruggierro, Rocky Hill Conn., Chevrolet, 97.820

23. (57)Jay Foley, Stuart Va., Chevrolet, 97.643

24. (60)Michael Clifton, Walkertown N.C., Chevrolet, 97.583

25. (16)Mike Stefanik, Coventry R.I., Chevrolet, 97.518

26. (09)Anthony Sesley, Matawan N.J., Chevrolet, 97.518

27. (90)Renee Dupuis, Glastonbury Conn., Chevrolet, 97.297

28. (81)Brian Pack, Walkertown N.C., Chevrolet, 97.272

29. (89)Brian Cranmer, Howell N.J., Chevrolet, 97.083

30. (2)Gregg Shivers, Rocky Point N.Y., 96.949

31. (51)Kevin Konopka, Meriden Conn., Dodge, 96.775

32. (07)Frank Fleming, Mt Airy N.C., Pontiac, 96.657

33. (70)Danny Knoll, Buffalo N.Y., Chevrolet, 96.563

34. (0)Daren Scherer, Binghamton N.Y., Chevrolet, 96.371

35. (98)Jamie Tomaino, Jr., Howell N.J., Chevrolet, 96.347

36. (5)Randy Butner, Pfafftown N.C., Chevrolet, 96.283

37. (28)Tyler Haydt, Kunkletown Pa., Chevrolet, 96.259

38. (88)Richard Coy, Ringwood N.J., Chevrolet, 96.078

39. (33)Wade Cole, Riverton Conn., Chevrolet, 95.951

40. (14)Bobby Hutchens, Lexington N.C., Chevrolet, 95.801

41. (31)Gene Pack, N. Myrtle Beach S.C., Chevrolet, 95.738

42. (87)Alex Hoag, Hornell N.Y., Chevrolet, 95.733

43. (47)Jimmy Storace, Kingston N.H., Chevrolet,94.340

44. (9)Jake Marosz, Middletown Conn., Chevrolet, 94.232

45. (04)Kevin Powell, Winston Salem N.C., Ford, 93.594

46. (1)Burt Myers, Walnut Grove N.C., Chevrolet, No speed

Szegedy in the #00.  (51 Photo)