Mod Pilot Missed a Race, But Is Still Top Five in Points
Eric Beers has definitely known a few ups and downs in his racing career over the past year.  The Pennsylvania driver started racing Late Models at age 16 and has spent his career driving just about anything that he could get a ride in at just about any track where he could race.  He’s seen action on the RoC Tour and on the NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour.  He’s won the Race of Champions at Oswego.  He’s won at Florida Speedweeks.  In 2002, he finished as the runner-up to Todd Szegedy for the Rookie of the Year title on the NASCAR Modified Tour.
Most of all, Beers is a nice guy who is respected and liked by his fellow competitors.  Therefore, when he was named as the new driver of the legendary Boehler Racing Enterprises’ #3 car in the off-season, there weren’t very many people in the pit area who weren’t happy for him.    Beers finally had the chance in his career to consistently run up front in one of the best rides on the Tour.

The future looked bright, but that all was in jeopardy when Beers crashed hard on lap 53 of The Icebreaker at Thompson.  In the first race of the season, Beers suffered multiple injuries and the first part of his potentially breakthrough season was now in doubt.  How long would Beers be on the sidelines after his crash?
How far would his recovery set back his goals for the year?  Those questions hung in the air in the Modified pit.

Amazingly, the crash had minimal effects.  Beers had to sit out the second race of the season at Stafford Motor Speedway, but Szegedy kept his seat warm with a third-place finish.  Beers was back in the car for the third event of the season and showed that he was more than ready to race.  He finished second at Riverhead and hasn’t looked back since.
Beers won his first career NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour race at Seekonk in July and has been very consistent all season.  Despite missing a race, he currently sits fifth in the point standings.  Since he has come back from his wreck, Beers has only finished outside the top 10 once in 14 starts.

Even Eric Beers is surprised with the success that he has had this summer.  He never dreamed when he was recovering that a top five point finish was even possible.

“No, I was just hoping to get into the top 15 and maybe the top 10 if we were lucky,” said Beers.  Everything is
Part of the bond that Beers shares with his car owners is the fact that they were all raised around racecars.

“They grew up the same way that I did.  The racecars have been out in the garage behind the house my whole life and that’s what they’ve been around too.  .  We came home from school and went outside to help on the racecar.  We’d go to school the next day and do that again.  Then on Saturday, we would go to the track.  We couldn’t wait for Saturday to just go to the racetrack.  They didn’t just get into this deal and neither did I.  I’ve been around this since they were born and they have too.”
coming together now.   If you took out the Stafford race, we would probably be third.  I’m definitely happy.  I’m just trying to keep this car up front where it belongs.”

It takes a good chassis, a powerful engine and the right set-up to run up front on the Modified Tour.  It also takes good people on your team.  Actually, it’s more important to have the right people who can work well together.  That is exactly what Beers has found with the #3 team.

“It’s just a great bunch of people,” said Beers.  “ We have a great time all of the time.  Finishing up front makes us happy.”
Beers suffered multiple injuries in this Thompson wreck.  It wasn't how he wanted to start the season.
Eric Beers right at home in his Modified.
Beers has put 'Ole Blue out in the lead pack countless times this season.  (Howie Hodge Photo)
That common upbringing has helped Beers and the Boehler family become more than just driver and car owner.

“They are down to earth and that’s pretty much the same way that I was brought up.  They aren’t just my car owners.  They are an extended family to me.”