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1.  The #69 Hemi Cuda team gets ready to send Tommy Cloce out on the track.

2.  Here’s a look at old and new on the Tour with veteran Charlie Pasteryak’s #5 parked next to rookie Tyler Haydt’s #28 Don King-owned car.

3.   Zach Sylvester checks on the progress of his car.

4.   Donny Lia takes a moment before a strapping into his car.

5.   Ted Christopher’s #13 was actually idle for awhile on Thursday.  TC gets plenty of seat time, so every run had its purpose.

6.   Chris Kopec’s #16 has a new look for 2005.

7.  Roy Seidell’s #27 car honors the Massachusetts Air Guard 104th.

8.  Mike Stefanik and the #00 Brady Bunch car have been on the Tour for years, but it’s their first season together.

9.  The Brady Bunch hauler is a unique big rig.

10.  Howard Brody turns wrenches on his #96, which is a new car.

11.  Ted Christopher takes a moment to debrief

12.  Tyler Haydt gets advice from Eddie Flemke.

13.  Donny Lia (L) and Darrin Stevens (R) compare notes.

14.  The pink flamingo in Chris Kopec’s pit is ready for spring.

15.  Kevin Goodale works under the hood of his #58 ride.