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1 - A heavy rain storm on Thursday afternoon put the frontstretch at the Magic Mile under water.
2 - Donny Lia crew member Geoff Harbach plays in the rain.
3 - And there was lightning too!
4 - High winds sent this Chevrolet golf cart for a wild ride.
5 - A racing jack sits submerged while a bag of chips floats by.
6 - #99 crew member Trey Tomaino goes for a tumble - with a little help from Donny Lia's spotter, Brian Crowley..
7 - Wade Cole's tent looked like a child's toy after the storm.
8 - Here's one way to get out to pit road.
9 - A tower from the Chevrolet display fell right between two Corvettes, but neither the street or racing version was hurt.
10 - The storm at its greatest.
11 - Between the storm, there was practice.
12 - Mike Olsen's #61 goes out for practice under a blue sky and past a few puddles.
13 - Ted Christopher is ready to get up on the wheel of his Busch North machine.
14 - Eric Beers' #3 on the track.
15 - Jimmy Blewitt is ready to go.

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