Lane Grabs The Series Championship
Eddie Hoffman simply dominated the main event in the 40th Annual National Short Track Championships presented by Chicago International Trucks.  Hoffman led wire-to-wire without power steering to earn his win.

Hoffman grabbed the lead as Tom White waved the green flag for the 250-lap main event. 
During the caution, CRA officials sent Hoffman to the pits to check for a leak from his Lisa Thomas Salon Chevrolet.  Officials inspected the car and discovered that the power steering hose was dripping but officials felt it would not be a problem on the track.  But, it could mean a long day for Hoffman.  Hoffman was able to re-establish his top spot.

On the re-start, Jack Smith spun coming out of turn four to bring out the third caution on lap 36.

Hoffman continued to lead until the caution flew again on lap 71 when Rich Loch spun in turns one and two and collected Matt Kocourek.  Both were able to continue.  It was a scenario of caution breeding cautions as Rick Turner spun on lap 77 then Cowan spinning on lap 82.

Hoffman paced the field while being closely challenged by Van Meter and Johnson at the 100-lap mark of the 250-lap event.
Eddie Hoffman led all 250 laps for another CRA Super Series victory.  (Doug Hornickel Photos)
The caution flew on lap 117 as Rick Turner lost power and couldn't get off the track. 

Johnson Jr. tried to get on the inside of Van Meter on lap 123 for second by Van Meter was able to hold off Johnson for the spot.  Kenny Tweedy brought out another caution as he stalled on the front stretch on lap 124.

Van Meter attempted to make a pass for the lead on lap 134 but got loose coming off of turn two and fell back to sixth.  Johnson Jr. took over the second spot.  Van Meter was challenging Jeremy Miller for battling for the seventh position and the two got together in turns one
While Hoffman (#8) won the race, Jeff Lane (#11) won the championship.
The first caution flew on lap 2 when Jerry Cowan spun in turns one and two.  Jeremy Spoonmore, Mike Strupp, Jeff Way and Landon Cassill were also collected in the spin.  Spoonmore would lose a lot of laps as he broke his trailing arm.  Cassill sat on pit road having repairs done to his car and would go down many laps.

On the re-start, Hoffman would continue to lead over Eddie Van Meter and fast qualifier Brian Johnson Jr. 

Current CRA point leader Jeff Lane worked his way past Johnson for third on lap 26.  The second caution flew on lap 27 when Ricky Bilderback spun and made contact with the wall coming out of turn four.  Bilderback would be able to continue. 
and two on lap 137 to bring out another caution.  Both were sent to the rear for the incident.  Rich Loch was also involved and he was taken off on the hook.

CRA officials decided that to have the ten-minute break at lap 142 to allow the teams to change tires and re-fuel the cars for the final 108 laps of the race. 

During the break, Hoffman admitted that he has lost his power steering and his crew is working on trying to fix the problem. 

23 cars took the green flag for the last 108 laps of the 250 lap main event with Hoffman in the lead.

Johnson Jr. was looking for a way to get past Hoffman but stated during the break that he was going to be patient.

Jeremy Miller and Tony Strupp got together in turn two causing both to spin and bring out another caution.
With 30 laps to go, Rubeck challenged Lane for second on the high side but Lane was able to hold him off for the position.  The battle didn?t allow Hoffman to pull away.

The caution flew with 14 laps to go when Johnson Jr. and Jeremy Miller made contact in turns one and two causing Miller to spin.  Both were able to continue.

Hoffman would go on to hold off Lane and Rubeck to win the race, leading wire-to-wire.  Ryan Mathews and Hernly Jr. rounded out the top five.

Rockford Speedway, Rockford, IL

5TomHernly Jr.
8BrianJohnson Jr.
9TommySt. John
10EddieVan Meter
15Ricky Bilderback
26Jack Smith

Ryan Mathews (#21) races with Tom Hernly Jr. (#41) late in the race.
Smoke poured from Brian Johnson Jr.'s car on lap 163 going into turn one.  Johnson went high and fell back to fifth.  Lane took over the second spot. 

The caution flew on lap 165 when Bilderback and Chris Gabehart spun in turns three and four.  During the caution, Johnson Jr. went to the pit to replace a flat right rear tire.

On the re-start, Hoffman would pull away to a two-car length lead over Lane.

With 35 laps to go, Rubeck moved up to battle with Hoffman and Lane for the top spot.  Rubeck spent most of the race getting past Tom Hernly Jr.  Once he got him, he had to make up ten-car lengths.